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Check the schedules and set your YouView box to record with this handy Android app

YouView TV customers in the UK now have their very own Android app to download that gives them a couple of great features to add to their overall TV watching experience. The new app gives full 7-day listings for the 70 or so channels offered by YouView, and by connecting the app to your box you can also take full advantage of the remote record feature. Remote record requests need to be submitted around 15 minutes ahead of time, but when you're out of the house it's a fantastic feature to have at hand. 

The YouView app can be connected to your box five times, so you and your family members can all take advantage. Grab it from the Google Play Store now. 

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Not available in the UNITED STATES?

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AZwldcats says:

Isn't Youview only available in the UK?

rumanuu76 says:

Yep its a UK service that supports free view and on demand services. Not sure how good it is but I think it's one of only 2 decent alternatives to Sky.

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rbess1965 says:

You're SOL if you own a Moto Razr.
This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

It's not the first android TV guide and remote record. In Belgium we have "TV partout " which allows Belgacom (Belgian ISP) users to watch tv / view their tv guide and record tv shows remotely. It's been out since honeycomb. (They charge for the use which is kinda lame but otherwise it's pretty decent)