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You're following us all on Google+, right?


Now that I have the whole name BS thing behind me (Was in review for over a month because I had a last name of .. they apparently let it slide since NO ONE knows my real name or last name.) I can actually start using G+ more.

Love Google plus. Need more of my friends to make the switch. They need to enable the search function on mobile like they have on the desktop. Also need messenger to work accross mobile and desktop, just like gtalk.

I love your site, but I refuse to use Google's "identity service," as Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt dubbed it.

I'm over on Diaspora. When Android Central establishes a presence there, call me. :)

*shakes head* Welcome to the Mac effect. Apple is creating a generation of users who couldn't work out how something functions if their life depended on it. Keeps me in business though.

G+ is no harder then Facebook. Hell the UI is easier, cleaner, and you don't have to go hunting under a dozen layers of menus.

The simple fact is Google plus is blogging, IMing, e-mailing all rolled into one. All you have to do is select how you want to post it to define which it is.

Wow, hadn't realized how much of a sausage fest it was over here. You guys need to find a Georgia like TiPb did. If nothing else she'll make the place smell better.

Sorry but Google+ is more complicated, less accessible and overall worse than all the changes to Facebook combined together. It's called Google Minus for all I care.

I'm currently not on Google+ due to the fact that I was suspended by those idiots at Google/Google+ because I don't have a real name according to them.

As if Uncle John is a real name.
I'm suspended since a couple of months because my name is in conflict with their naming convention or something.

I had Phil in my circles in the first week I could use Google+. Since I'm in control of my privacy and not Google or Google+ I guess I'm not on Google+ as an active member for as long as Google or Google+ sees fit to keep me suspended.

Added all of ya.... and tripled the people in my circles by doing so. Yep, I'm new to G+ and few people I know are adopting it yet. Oh well... I'm on there. Add me if ya want. Andrew's the name. I'll warn you though... I don't post much. (Mostly made a G+ account just to check it out, and waiting to see if it becomes mainstream or not)