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A quick heads up, folks, that you should now (or very, very shortly) have the latest version of Google Play Services on your phone. This is the thing that lets other things do things on your phone — and all without needing a full-on system update, so it's kind of important. 

And as was mentioned earlier this month, this update opens up the Google Cast SDK, which allows apps to easily stream from your device to the TV. There's also an improved Google Drive API, and more. 

You don't have to do anything to get this latest version — just sit back and it'll come to you automatically if it hasn't already. And for those whose patience may have been lacking, the earlier version that pushed out should be overwritten by this one, so all's good.

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You should now have Google Play Services 4.2, so cast all the things!


Actually, it really isn't clear how to get it. Yes, the article says it should come automatically, but then how come so many people seem to have it already, and some of us don't? It doesn't totally make sense

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If you don't have it already, it'll come... What exactly doesn't make sense about that?

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It's automatic and should be on your phone by now.

For some reason MO gets all the updates last in the staged roll out for Google apps and updates, so if I have it usually everyone else already has it .

From what I've noticed in forums. There are some people who ultimately refuse to do anything on their own and have to be told explicitly how to do something.

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I've got the latest version, and I tried the all cast app, the video and pictures and music on my phone but can't stream the cast screen function is this not part of the update.

What about rooted phones running custom roms with added in GAPPS? Will there be an apk somewhere soon? Anyone know?

Oh my goodness are you a l3et haxxor with all the roms and are just a unique little butterfly?

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Check your voice mail Phill , one part of the social contract is the person leaving the voice mail and the person then receiving is required to check that mail if this breaks down the world will Decend into anarchy.

Check your mail lol

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Lol sorry I watch to much big bang and seeing that voice mail I had to roughly quote Sheldon quite apt though phil.

Check your mail lol :-P

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Yup you got it dude lol I'm a big bang fanatic just so dam good and very well written, but Phil must be more of a two and a half men kinda guy lol

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Yep got it, didn't it used to be pushed through the play store. I remember when play services was 1st introduced at the beginning I would get notification to update it through the play store

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Been had it since the apk release to get rid of that Google play services have stopped unexpectedly message every time i turn on my phone or tablet back in 4.1.2 Services.

I really hope this solves the Wireless Network location service constant battery drain. I've got a few apps that use that instead of GPS services and won't pick up my location.

4.1 didn't solve the battery drain from 2 weeks ago. Hopefully this will do it. :-/

Yes! But Lord, I cannot figure out playlists and photostreams and libraries and galleries to save my life.

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I have the same veresion but mine ends -036 not -038

I speculate that this could be because...

it's a specific version for UK/Europe,

it's for a 1080p screen,

it's for a snapdragon 800 processor

? any other ideas?

Is it possible to revert back to the previous version. The update is killing my battery with constant wakelocks. Besides my screen its the #1 app thats using my battery. My Nexus 5 used to sleep like a baby before the update.

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