Samsung Verizon LTE Android phone

When it rains LTE devices, it pours, apparently. Above is what purportedly is a Samsung LTE device on Verizon. Gizmodo's tipster notes that it's running Touchwiz atop Android 2.2.1, and that Bing is nowhere to be found.  There's also a front-facing camera, which would be a first for Verizon.

Yes, folks. LTE phones are coming. Soon. Simmer down -- CES will be upon us all too soon. [Gizmodo]


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Verizon Samsung LTE device outed, sporting front-facing camera


And now I can say u said so remember that model number from a few weeks ago SCH-510. That is for this phone SCH-500 is the facisnate and SCH-400is the continuum

screw Samsung too. i feel sorry for those who went w/samsung, no OS updates, and broken gps systems. and when they finally roll out the OS updates they pull it back cause its bricking phones..

go w/HTC if you want a great phone AND great support.

Really thinking the best android experience is on google phones. Hope they release a CDMA version of the Nexus S.

Samsung made me a big fan of theirs with the Nexus S. But really? Froyo? Touchwiz doesn't help much either. And while I thought the Nexus S felt sexy and elegant, this phone is probably a step down from that. Meanwhile, the Droid Incredible HD looks beautiful.

So, still looking at the Droid Incredible HD for when my upgrade is available.

Actually, they have fixed the GPS issue quite well. All it took was new drivers for the radio & gps.

(DJ05 unofficial update for the Fascinate, Official 2.2 update for all)

If they can fix there GPS problems that are notorious with their Galaxy and update there phones on time then I'm all in.

Verizon is on a roll made me happy I waited now let's get some in the consumers hands and ill be happy

It all begins again. The critics said Android had cooled down in sales. I'd say that might be because the train of new superphones had stopped. Everybody's working to get their 4G and dual core models out the door. When these things start dropping expect the first half of 2010 to happen all over again.

If you look close enough, there is a black strip of tape on the top right. What is it possibly blocking out? hmmm...

New Verizon LTE phone....
May or may not be a Droid series....
Bing has been banished....


PS- Dear Verizon, keep this up. If we want bing we can download it ourselves thankyaveramuch. Just no more pre-installing MS foundation search and stuff on a GOOGLE device.
Verizon Customers Everywhere

Microsoft has their own line of smartphones now. If Bing is so great why allow it to be used on the competition's devices.Make Bing a Windows Phone-only feature. I'm sure people will be more than happy to switch over from their iPhones,Droids,or BBs once they realize that's the only way to have Bing.