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Military researchers are toying with the idea of using Google Glass on the battlefield. The U.S. Air Force’s Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge research group has been testing two pairs of Glass for search and rescue missions, communicating with ground forces, and targeting enemy bogeys.

The group cites the maximum visibility and low power demands of Glass as some of the eyewear’s more attractive attributes. As you might imagine, the prototyping these guys are doing involve some pretty significant changes to Android, though it’s worth noting that Google has no official relationship with the Air Force.

Let’s be fair. For most of us, Glass is an interesting novelty with a lot of potential. There are many use cases, industrial and otherwise, where hands-free access to detailed, real-time information can be of real practical use, and military’s just one of them. What other industries can you see Google Glass playing a pivotal role?

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US Air Force testing Google Glass, building battlefield Android apps


That's the third article with Glass.

And people were desperate to say this product will fail. Just like with cellphones in the 90s. Lol.

Not unless it is used correctly of course.

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I just had an idea. I want to see Google Hat.
I hate wearing glasses, the feel on my face drives me nuts. But mount a Glass like screen to the underside of the bill of a ball cap, or something that can mount to the bill... It would look less obtrusive or silly when out and about.
Damn, I really want this to be a thing now.

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Google glass has limitless uses for soldiers on the battlefield. I wrote about this before, especially for real time actions and intelligence. Sucks being on the field having to describe over coms to your platoon leaders what's going on and waiting for them to guestimate your next actions or whether or not your situation requires the request you are asking permissions for. This is what "land warrior" was meant to do and they have been working on since the 1990's and just last year was finally started in real battlefield use in Afghanistan. It has cameras on your helmet and and rifle and can be seen over a secure coms to our leaders. even at $1500 a pair it's alot cheaper than the individual land warrior cam suits. They started off at a million a suit back in the 1990's, then allegedly was down to 250,000, then down to 50K per individual. Also landwarrior is an additional 20 lbs of basically gps equipment to carry along with standard gear and ammo. This would also beat having to carry a rugged laptop in the field as well because of how bulky it is.

Totally agree. Huge load plan advantage with the light weight Glass. I can see some of the hurdles being utilizing a rugged secure network with it (maybe something generated by JNN), and just general elemental and EMP ruggedized-a-tion of the equipment. Could really be useful with sharing squad UAV (Raven) feed.

Anything that needs data interpretation while doing something is likely to be improved by Google Glass.

Even in stores, imagine if an employee had the entire store's catalog at their disposal by just wearing Google Glass. It's a breakthrough.

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When you mentioned "store", I envisioned being able to search, and then being given directions to the exact shelf placement of whatever product one was there to purchase. Imagine walking into any store, and not having to find an available employee.

What Battlefield?? If anyone still thinks future wars will be fought with boots on the ground theyve got another thing coming. Itll be all lasers, rail guns, and super sonic nuclear stealth drones. Oh and dont forget the autonomous unmanned experimental space shuttle that has been in space for like a year now doing "tests".

Duh, obviously, that's how the government REALLY destroyed the World Trade Center.


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As a veteran of two wars and a history hobbyist I know this; combat will always come down to one person standing on a piece of ground and denying freedom of movement in that piece of ground to another. There will always be "boots on the ground".

The use cases are nearly infinite. Unfortunately, so are the privacy concerns and abuse cases. I don't own any tin foil hats but that's what Google's really going to have to overcome for Glass to reach the masses. I would expect that the military etc. has been testing if not using similar technology for quite a while now.

This is awesome. Being an Army vet and a Mobile Development student, I really want to see what can happen when the military doesn't use 10 year old hardware. Even if it is the Air Force....... Lol

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I can see it used in the Navy while working on a aircraft. get the current wiring diagram or testing procedures in stead of having to go to the office and look it up. Also get help from someone else while trouble shooting problems. It would work in many industries and field. Technology is great and Google Glass will make a huge difference in how we work and play. I can imagine where it can help in the medical field, a doctor can assist several RN's and give direction on the fly. Way to go Google, keep those ideas flowing.

This. Being an AT on F-18's this would be an invaluable asset. But it would be deemed too expensive for everyday maintenance. Finding the schematic for what you are working would be a breeze. Barcodes on the systems you maintain, you would only have to simply scan it and voila, That particular system and any other closely related system trouble shooting tree and schematics brought up at an instant.

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I was an AE in the 60-82's and retired in 1982, so our technology was 30 plus years behind yours. AT system are a lot less cumbersome the what we had on the old A7's. In a rag outfit with 30 aircraft and five versions the electrical circuits are very different between side number.

Wow. Much respect to you sir!!! They have made them a little easier to swap boxes on, but chasing wires is still a pain with some of the hair brain designs in the f-18C but its on its last leg, legacies are being phased out with the super hornet and the f-35. The current system that has been roughly implemented is terrible. They tried to take all the pubs and turn them into a database called IETMS. Some things do not pull up correctly or do not have an ipb. Only thing left is the 500 pubs. If the navy ever gets there watered down version this would cut man hours considerably when researching for a solution or figuring out a solution for the wiring problem.

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I got to chase wires on F-8's, RF-8G photo, C-118's & C-131's & C-130, A-7A-E & A7B two seat trainers, and last cruse aboard CVA-60 USS Saratoga with the ships COD-60 C1A twin engine recip. We used aviation fuel, so what we came aboard with was what we had to get to land. We had volumes of paper pubs to look up circuits. We did not get to swap boxes very easy until the A-7 came out with an avionics bay. Thank you for your service.

I think Google should start building android powered soldiers and bypass the glasses.

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I like what @mwara244 had to say about Glass and the Military. I also see Glass being a huge deal in the medical field.I love the thought of Glass but can not find any reason in myday to day life to own a pair. Love hearing how others are using it though.

As an AF Rescue operator, I would love anything that would build my situational awareness & that of my crew members. Just a simple compass heading is great! Add in, the "Rescuee" is there, "bad guys" have been spotted there & there, time-over-target info and the ability for everyone to share that data would be priceless!
But will I see if before I retire?? Doubtful...the data bus in the current helo's is analogous to a 5 1/2" floppy! :( No way would Google Glass be able to interface with that antiquated level of technology.
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Buddy of mine pointed out:
USAF Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge


Missed the mark? No. The K in Knowledge is silent, giving the word start a N sound.


Mind. Blown.

I'm assuming the military services like Android because it can be tinkered with. Does Apple have any inroads in this area?

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Always thought glass would be most useful for military , police and emergency services. People for whom active information gathering and sharing would be priceless

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