Samsung Intercept

Looks like somebody sold a Sprint Samsung Intercept just a tad early at Best Buy Mobile for $100. It appears to share the same horizontal sliding keyboard as the upcoming Galaxy S line, though the guts of the thing definitely are the lower end, with with a 3.2-megapixel camera, none of that 1GHz Hummingbird processor stuff, and the graphics processing power that comes with it. But regardless, this should be a pretty solid lower-end Android smartphone when it's available in a week. Check out the video after the break. Thanks, DocWllk!

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Sprint Samsung Intercept called onto the carpet for an early video hands-on


O Sammy u sure r trying ill give u tht :) but the only thing imo that makes your devices appealing is tht super amoled screen which I would die to have on my incredible :(

thats not this phone. This is the Intercept, which replaces the Moment, The Epic has the SuperAMOLED screen. This is just an entry level Android phone with no additional $10/month premium fee.

Sprint sucks! They release an inferior phone which we don't have to pay $10 for. If I don't have the discount like I do now, I wouldn't stay with sprint.

Yes, its inferior, thus no $10 fee. Nothing shocking there. What about this makes you say Sprint sucks? If you want a high end device comparable to the EVO, wait for the Epic, and pay the fee for it.

not really sure why this is coming out, its basically the original moment hardware in a different package. i had the original moment and was going to hold out for this but with the evo. glad i did, this a disappointment.

I love how people don't realize not everyone wants a super phone. Why not take over the feature phone industry for the people who don't want 4 inch superamoled 1gz stuff?

I agree. Plus this doesn't cost the extra $10/m.

Similarly people claim you shouldn't get the Incredible because the X is coming. I don't like the didn't screens.

I have a few friends that only want flip phones that do text and no camera. Though they have had trouble with the no camera thing so they have that now.

Yeah, not for me, but this is probably my wife's next phone, replacing her aging Centro.

She's never going to watch video or play games on a phone. She wants a physical keyboard, a small form factor, the ability to send email and SMS, and browse the web. This phone will do all that with a better keyboard and bigger screen than her Centro.

The funny thing is, she actually could watch video on this, but yes, I agree.
My mom has been eying my Hero for what it can do (she got a BlackBerry 8330, less than a year ago, no matter how much I tried talking her out of it, she was like, "Its only $50 and I can teach your dad how to use it"). I showed her the Epic 4G, and she started drooling, but I know it would never be practical for her and spending the extra $10/month for no 4G service is dumb for her. I see her either inheriting my Hero, or I'll just buy this phone for her when upgrade comes in August.

Looks like a lower end Android phone, most likely for a younger market that doesn't necessarily need a really powerful smartphone, but still wants the email, social networking and such on their phone.

I think this and the MyTouch Slide will fit those looking for a Sidekick-like device, without spending a ton of money on the hardware or the plans from their respective cariers. And they both still do more than a Sidekick could.

A nice phone that can run smooth, do it's thing and not use touchwiz sounds good to me. The epic is just too big, costs too much.

UPDATE: It DOES have touchwhiz 3, booo.

We are paying $70 a month plus tax and still get crappy phone? The 4" screen + should be an option for 4G.

The $70 you are paying on sprint is the best value in wireless service available from any of the big 4 carriers. Quit crying about how you can't get a premium device unless you pay the premium fee. (which will still total less than you spend on a similar high end phone on any other network)

It's pretty simple:

Too cheap/unwilling/unable to pay the $10 premium data charge? Get a good 3G device. Will it have the same specs/features as the top-end units? No. But it will keep you at the monthly charge you want.

Too cheap? You think it's cheap to pay $80 plus tax? Why don't you pay for me then? Just give me your credit card number and I'll take care of my bill and yours. I can't believe you guys allow $10 to your bill. It should be $10 to the whole family plan.

No one is making you get this phone. The Epic is coming out. I'll probably get this phone for my son who doesn't want or need the Evo or Epic.

I'm getting the Epic so don't really care for the Intercept, however, it is good to see Sprint getting more Android phones in their market

Not in the mood to deal with another Samsung Moment (Intercept). The Moment I have is already dissapointing with its 800MHz processor. I've had the phone for seven months now and... xp it sucks. Still waiting for the Epic 4G to come out -.- .

I still sadly have the original Instinct and I'm about ready to upgrade(well past it, but just getting to the point of it). Anyone able to confirm if it's AMOLED/SuperAMOLED or not, also I've heard both that this is vanilla android and TouchWiz. Any ideas on what's true?

Sounds like some ppl are apt to complain no matter how much others rationalize the situation. Personally, this would be perfect for my daughter who'll be mostly text'g and socializing. I'd be more concerned with pre-teen breakage with an Evo or Epic (first phone fell into a puddle & drowned) The Intercept's screen is okay for a vid or two and a camera that's adequate for snapping her friends. Basically, functional and less worrisome. That'll do Pig, that'll do.

Sprint is bringing in the Intercept to satisfy the cost/feature person. It replaces the Moment which is already outdated. People like a new look even if the features are the same as the older Samsung Moment, but I'm sure its improved over the Moment.

Sprint is by far the least expensive major cellular provider. Those who complain about the extra $10 for 4G service should look to another carrier. Just GO. Go and be happy to pay even more for just 3G service. Otherwise, buck up and stop whining.

Again, if you don't like the Sprint phones or service fees, just LEAVE. It's as simple as that.

well, this is a nice phone..... for a girl. other then that i'll stick to my moto droid, droid incredible, and droid x.....yuppp ( real phones )

i think this is exactly the same as the original Moment, if thats true, then ill be pissed if the Intercept gets Froyo, cuz that means the Moment can have it also (but no one wants to make it). idc tho, HTC HERO, here i come!

Phil's quote"It appears to share the same horizontal sliding keyboard as the upcoming Galaxy S line"

This is incorrect- look at pics of the Epic- the keyboard is arranged differently (location of the arrow keys) and the Epic keys extend ABOVE the spaces between the phone. Similar perhaps- but they are NOT sharing the same keyboard.