Samsung Fascinate maintenance release

The Verizon Samsung Fascinate is set to get another maintenance update over the next few weeks -- no, it's not Froyo -- and we got a sneak peak at an early version. GPS has been targeted, and it's looking better in early testing. Signal strength has been addressed. Also, the backlight settings are a little better, which helps the capacitive buttons stay lit longer. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I walk through them in the video after the break.


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Sneak peek at an upcoming Samsung Fascinate update


Please can we have this for the Captivate!?!

Every Cap owner I know grouses about how the buttons disappear way too soon.

Any word on the Captivate? I have updated my phone to Froyo a few months and the GPS is better but, not while you drive. I would go back to 2.1 to get it fixed.

Just an FYI this updated version of the Market is not compatible with AppBrain's Fast Web Installer (as previously posted today).

Does this update fix the headphone jack bug for phone calls? For instance, when I'm listening to Pandora through the aux jack and I get a phone call in my truck, when I answer the call the other person can not hear me unless I pull the headphone jack out.


It's not a bug, it's a feature. Seriously though, the (sw i presume) is designed to shut off the internal microphone and speaker when it detects a headset plugged in to the jack. This is done with the best intentions (allows use of a wired mic without worrying about the internal mic picking up ambient noise) but obviously there are some failings with it (ie, it thinks a standard TRS plug is the same as a TRRS plug, so even if you are just pluggin in a stero aux cable, headset, ext speakers, etc it still thinks there's a mic attached). The solution is rather simple, just purchase one of the several inexpensive TRS to TRRS adapters that include a mic from amazon (all $10 or less) and you will not only be able to use your radio to listen to pandora, but also use the radio for the speakers for the phone :D. See the Fascinate forum for more discussions on this topic.

agreed i love the dj05 update. eversince i flashed it the other day. it made me love my fascinate again xD did anyone else get the upgrade ;) xD

Well, hopefully CWM will release an unsigned version of this update soon for all us debinged folks (OTA doesn't like to work when you've made changes to the preinstalled files)

Lol... someone said that is might skip froyo and go straight to gingerbread... you will be lucky if you ever get gingerbread for your samsung... since froyo isn't even in sight for you guys... samsung sucks.

Thanks for the review Cory. It's good to know about the email font fix when sending emails. I hate how the font looks on emails that I send out and have been searching everywhere for a fix or a way to change it with no success. Waiting for the update patiently. Thanks!

Simbany1, I tested this pretty thoroughly before I made the video and it seemed to be fixed, but I was told by both Phil and Jerry that in some of the emails I sent them it was still small and odd looking. I'm not sure why it's selectively happening nor do I know why it's doing this, but it appears to still be "broken". Sorry for the false hope on that one.

I'm new to Droids so please excuse any dumb questions. I just got the Samsung I500 thru Verizon. I have a 30 day window to switch to Motorola Driod X if I choose. Given the software issues, support, etc - am I better off with the Fascinate or should I go to Droid X? Or, are they both equally good phones and I should just leave well enogh alone. Thanks