Samsung Event

The title just about says it all, folks. Samsung will be unveiling a new Android device (let's assume phone) in New York City on Nov. 8. And if any of the rumors we've heard swirling around are true, this could be a darn good one. Nothing definite yet, but the words dual-core, Google experience and otherwise mind-blowing have been used. (Or, yes, it could be the Verizon Samsung Continuum.) Of course, we'll be there. Stay tuned, folks.

Update: Yeah, so we're all in agreement that we're probably going to see the Samsung Continuum at the event. And, oh -- look at that. We've already got video of it, as well as a hands-on preview.


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Samsung unveiling new Android device in New York City on Nov. 8


I've heard rumors that Samsung has hired the esteemed Dr. Emmett Brown and this Galaxy S2 will come standard with a 1.21 gigawatt battery!!

Woo Hoo!!

I am thinking Continuum is the best bet here. Duel Core would be nice, but I think we are still 3-6months away from a duel core you can actually hold in your hand... Just in time for my 1 year upgrade from my Droid X.

Does that image suggest something stock market related to anyone?

To me it suggests a little bit of phones and music and apps and video pasted on something designed predominantly geared for trading.

Could it be because NY 10036 is the zip code for Times Square and if I remember correctly don't they have a stock ticker on one of the buildings there.

I don't see how this matters, seeing as how webOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2 are going to be available on Verizon on November 11th. Wouldn't everybody just wait for that, seeing as how webOS is leaps and bounds beyond any version of Android?

The only advantage Android has over webOS is their broad selection of devices and apps. Functionally, webOS craps all over the dated, clunky feel of Android.

Wasn't there going to be a Galaxy device that was basically a smartphone without the phone part (like the iPod Touch)? Maybe this is it?

Were it not for the phone icon I would guess that this is the YP-MB2 or the full version of the "Galaxy Player", as opposed to the version that has had the video circulating around on youtube lately (The Galaxy Player 50).

If it is the Continuum, then big whoop. A 2.1 phone? Smaller screen slab. Regular CPU and specs. Yawn. About the only thing interesting is the separate display at the bottom... and that isn't all that exciting either.

if its samsung then you know it will have 2.1 with the promise of froyo that will never see the light of day....ill wait for HTC to come out with something better and better supported.