Samsung GPS Restore

It's hardly a secret that the Galaxy S Android smartphones have had some, erm, problems when it comes to GPS location. For some of us, things have worked just fine. But far too many have had problems -- from slow to no GPS functionality. We've installed new ROMs. We've hacked our way to fixes. Now Samsung has released an app to undo anything we might have messed up in the process. GPSRestore does just what it says -- fixes any fixins' you might have fouled up.

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Samsung releases 'GPS Restore' app for Vibrant, Captivate -- does it work?


GPS works great on my Fascinate! When I first got the phone it took forever to load/find my location and it wasn't very accurate. After the mini update they pushed it, it's worked great ever since.

the epic has completely different GPS hardware, in fact a different chip from a different company, and the drivers are also very different.

Moreover its GPS problems are completely different as well.

A great smokescreen and something to keep our mind off the fact that Froyo still hasn't been released for these phones yet. Lets focus attention and resources on Froyo first!

It's already been confirmed that it isn't Samsung, but the carriers. UK already has a 2.2 update, my T-Mobile rep tells me the Vibrant will get it next month, however no one will believe me due to the fact that there have already been about 50 people state random release dates.

But, it took this long to get it to the carriers. There was a post that said it was now in the hands of the carriers. They should have sent Froyo the the carriers months ago and we would have got it by now.

The bloody update hasn't been released because it WILL NOT FIX the GPS. If they released it now it would create an uproar and those Million Tablets Samsung wants to sell this holiday season would be a lot harder to swallow. That would cut into Samsung and the Carriers profits. There were Droid phones that were released around the same time that have Froyo now, so does Verizon just hate its Galaxy phones and love its Droids? Come on folks wake up. Someone ought to suggest this collusion to the FTC.

I installed the restore and the results are: Settings Restored: Done ; Getting location: GPS Started: Done, Position fix: FAIL :-( Please move to open sky and try again. I have tried many times. This is the worst settings ever! I guess Samsung believes WE are responsible for the broken GPS by playing around with the device! If it wasn't broke, we wouldn't try to fix it! All I can tell is this resets back to the original broken way. Don't waste your time!

I hope you are right. But, then they should have released the restore and "Fix" all in the same day. All I know is that now the GPS doesn't work at all. I will have to go back into the settings and set it back to where it kind of worked. I can't explain how Mad I am with this issue.

i guess they just want to make sure it stays broken. downloaded, restored, failed. (standing outside of my car)

Can we just get something... anything that works?

They need this for every Samsung Android phone. I was going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and my phone was searching for GPS signal the whole way there.

So it's not a software problem. Samsung just makes fcuked up GPS's.

I am surprised that I am getting locks on satellites instantly now. I have my Captivate next to my Tab and the accuracy is around 50ft on this un-beautiful day on the gulf coast. I picked up my Captivate day one and had problems with GPS and I am in shock right now.

Drive around and see if you get the same results. When I modified my Captivate with the workaround fix, it locks on fast. But, when I drive, it looses me. So, the question is: What is the difference between phones of the same model and carrier? Why does it work on one phone and not another? It just doesn't make sense?

question: does this work if you're rooted or flashing a rom? anyone want to speculate on what's the hold up with 2.2?

I tried to fix that by doing a factory reset, that didn't help. So, I returned it to at&t. That was about 3 months ago. The new phone no longer does that. But, the GPS is still screwed up.

Tried running the gpsrestore app four times outside in my yard... and every time it failed... all while an HTC Incredible in my other hand showed that 10 to 12 satellites were in view. A network trace shows that the fix uses for the SUPL server... which does not respond to the connection attempts so the device is not able to use AGPS to get a faster lock.

So what is this "app" supposed to do? I changed the supl server to google a few days after buying the Captivate and for me the GPS now works great. 15-20 sec consistent locks and accurate when moving-why should I mess with this thing that restores the settings?

I can't even get the market to find the app to try it. Does anyone have a link to the direct apk. Market blows.

GPS on my Fascinate was great! Almost instant lock and very accurate. Recently, however, after I flashed JT's Super Clean ROM, I am having problems with GPS locking in. Sometimes it does not lock at all until I fire up GPS test app (even that takes a long time sometimes) ... and sometimes even that does not work and I have to reboot the device. BTW I am still on DI01. I am still an android noob and I haven't got the guts to go for DJ05 yet.

I'm glad I have no desire to test this app. I don't have to -- because my GPS locks instantly now that I'm running Cognition.

There's absolutely no reason to suffer through stock Samsung firmware anymore. If Samsung refuses to support Froyo, there are plenty of great developers who will.

Send DesignGears a beer for his work, and give up on Samsung's rotten product support.

Is that for the Captivate? Does it have any problems with Wifi or Bluetooth? I see that it has problems with the battery stats? Is it fixed? Are there any problems that we should be aware of if we decide to flash this rom?

Checked my GPS settings before running it and after and it didn't change a thing even though the app completed successfully. And I didn't notice any difference in performance. Captivate...rooted but stock ROM.

I ran it and it wouldn't run when I was behind glass at work but then I re-ran it out in my car and it installed just fine. Tested it using Navigation for a bunch of different stores I was going to. Worked great, locked in a few seconds every time and never dropped me while driving. I am shocked as I was expecting this to be another classic Captivate disappointment.

Whoever is holding that phone in the picture appears to have a pretty kick a$$ house near the beach. You may want to block/blur the GPS coordinates. :'P

I'm a Captivate user who is experiencing GPS issues. I ran the program and it did absolutely nothing to improve my GPS performance. Google Nav. still shows me driving in the ocean, or in the middle of a block, or on the wrong street, or running stoplights, when I have come to a complete stop. GPSRestore does NOTHING!

Captivate user that had GPS issues. Ran the program and now locks in instantly while driving, etc. Navigation program works properly as do all the tests. GPSRestore worked for me!

I checked all my GPS settings that I had modified and noted them before I tried this, ran it, it finished successfully, went back and checked the settings…nothing changed, so exactly what was this suppose to do.

Now I took it out on a drive today and I was getting a lock in about 10 secs, but it would loose it on occasion but came back, but I don’t think it is any different than the performance I was getting before.

i cant find this application in the android market! can anyone help me?? its really sucks when u are looking yourself in a wrong location.

I struggled with trying to get a lock for days. Sometimes I would get one, sometimes not. I decided not to go with the 2.2v (Froyo) after discussing it with my dealer. I downloaded Samsung's GPS Restore with great anticipation. Nothing happened. I found the proper keypad entry to enter the LBS test Mode for v2.1. *#*#3214789650#*#*
Once in the test mode use the following settings:

Application Settings
Session Type: Tracking
Test Mode: S/W Test
Operation Mode: MS Based
Start Mode: Hot start
Dynamic accuracy: ON
Accuracy: 40
GPS Logging: OFF

SUPL/CP Settings
Server FQDN Type: Custom Config
Server Port: 7276
SUPL Secure Socket: OFF

This is the only way I was able to resolve this. If you want to restore the factory settings use GSP restore from Samsung. I had an immediate lock (2 seconds). Good luck.