Samsung KNOX

Launch reportedly pushed back to July, expected to ship pre-installed on select devices

According to sources of The New York Times, Samsung's latest BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security software, called KNOX, has had its launched delayed. The software suite, which was expected to ship in early Q2 2013 coinciding with availability of the Galaxy S4, provides users and enterprises with secure solutions to separate user and company data, applications, and network traffic. The launch of the KNOX software has reportedly been pushed back to at least July, due to more internal and carrier testing time is needed before it can be made available.

Going forward after the software is officially available, it is expected to ship on select Samsung devices right out of the box. Samsung has seen an opportunity to grow its footprint in the enterprise since the launch of the Galaxy S3, first with SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) and now continuing to full BYOD solutions like KNOX. It's surely working to get this software out there as fast as possible.

Source: NYT


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Samsung KNOX security suite for Galaxy S4 reportedly delayed


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yeah this security system will add and create another new stage for Samsung S4. other smartphone companies have to come or cross this stage also. very interesting and competitive work done by Samsung.

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This is the part I like. I've long wondered why Google didn't specifically add something to the OS to begin with.

"due to more internal and carrier testing"

Carrier testing, that's funny. Like the carriers really test it. If they did why do the users discover so many issues after release?

The same reason user discover issues with new cars after years of testing. You can't simulate every issue that may arise no matter how much you try...ask Boeing.