New technology will intelligently distribute tasks to the right cores for the job

Samsung announced today that in the coming months it will be releasing Exynos 5 Octa processors that will be able to simultaneously and intelligently use all eight cores at once. Samsung has been making use of eight-core Exynos processors in certain variants of its phones for some time now, but up until this point it hasn't been truly using all eight cores simultaneously. These first versions used either four high-power cores for intense tasks or four low-power cores for basic functions.

At some point Q4 2013, Samsung will start using its new "Heterogeneous Multi-Processing" (or HMP) technology to take advantage of all eight cores in the processor at once. With this technology, the system will be able to intelligently assign some processes on the "big" cores while others stay on the "little" cores to offer the best combination of performance and power savings for the task at hand.

To help represent what it is doing with HMP Samsung has made a funny little promotional video, which you can find after the break.

Source: Samsung

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AliffXL says:

This processor + 64-bit architecture = mind blown

artlu629 says:

Nice! But will excess heating be an issue?

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Halofury says:

Phones burn hot enough already of you ask me

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alexlam24 says:

Probably not. Its just 1 main core and 7 other low power cores. Think cell processor unit.

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Dreadcthulhu says:

That is incorrect; Samsung's octa-core uses 4 fast but power consuming A15 cores & 4 low power A7 cores. This HMP will help keep heat down by assigning low priority threads to the A7 cores, but anything that gets all those A15 cores running full blast will make things a bit toasty, but the same is true of any other processor design of similar ability.

Liked the video. :)

Enjoy the 10 minute battery life with that.

Johnny Z says:

Haha no, more processors in /most/ cases means less processor use, and more battery life, tho most battery usage is actually attributed to the display.

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Sancho75 says:

Isn't this what the Moto X does already with it's X8 processor!! Samsung playing catch up!?

Amir47 says:

Except moto X is 4 GPU and 4 CPU cores. This all CPU

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Johnny Z says:

So if you wanna include GPU cores it's more than 8. Motomarketing!

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tr-1 says:

I don't believe Moto is marketing it as an 8-core phone.
They are marketing (and marketing is a strong word since they don't really mention it in ads) it as an 8X system, which is just a fancy name for their clever way of managing voice commands and environment sensing.

Johnny Z says:

Exactly. X8. Motomarketing! Just like "Retina display"

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tr-1 says:

No. Not even close.
Please read up on Moto X

Droid_Evo_8 says:

Would be nice if this becomes available on the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Morten Lund says:

That is one stupid video to explain the idea..

mohit9206 says:

I believe the MotoX is still the best phone to buy as it provides a great user experience rather than sheer horsepower.No need for 8 cores.

Amir47 says:


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Johnny Z says:

Haha, thanks, I needed a laugh... haha....whew

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NoNexus says:

Samsung be HMPin'

Johnny Z says:

Does everyone know what day it is?

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alexlam24 says:

Not Wednesday in the states.

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someguy01234 says:

Touchwiz will still lag though.

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Why would it? It doesn't lag on my Note 2 (quad core).

adriank403 says:


Probably with a 3Ghz 16 core chip and 5Gb of RAM the S6 Touchwiz will finally... lag less.

My s600 S4 Touchwiz lagged from the first day and some apps still take almost a full second to open. I don't really complain about 0.3 of a second difference but honestly with the power of a 3 year old PC a mobile OS should run so buttery smooth that when you hold the device too tightly it shoots out of your hands like a wet bar of soap.

Hopefully this new processor doesn't simply mask software inefficiency but compliments a more snappy Kit-kat OS. I hate to bring up Apple on a day like today but they often have half the specs of Samsung devices and twice the butter in their OS. I know it's not entirely up to Samsung for the OS but Touchwiz IS their responsibility. With the amount of profits posted last quarter Samsung could afford to work a little harder on their main UI window that people use very often instead of some long distance frown-detecting sensor (Air-frown if you please) that might be used in common situations like when eating ribs while sad and desperately needing to convey a frowny face in their message.

I love my s4 though. 0.3 second delay and all.

sk3litor says:

So this means a new device?

Craig King says:

I really like the idea of something like this with android running a mini Server.

Think of it like this. Take this CPU put it in something the size of the OUYA with Gig/E and a few USB3.0 ports. Get a USB3.0 Enclosure for a few HDD. Run Android 4.3 with some Server software apps. There aren't that many apps that would be needed.

Allot of potential there for us Home Server folks.

I have thought of trying to implement some of this on my OUYA but have had a few issues getting large USB drives to work.

kmeck518 says:

sucks that we'll never see this in the states

dorelse says:

So...will it use all 8 cores during regular usage, or only when the special Benchmark code is activated?

clrdust says:

Hope someone can build a battery to work along with this processor. With current batteries the phone wont stay on too long

Gearu says:

This is pointless, what people want is for the phone to not use processors unless it's neccessary, so we can have 2 big cores and 3 small ones working etc. (cell migration or was that dynamic cell migration)

Eventually they will do it but I don't see the point in wasting time and money by choosing to do it the wrong way first.

alexlam24 says:

Cell processor.

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deadlock4400 says:

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the cool post.

the real fact is Exynos 5 Octa is still under construction. hope samsung will make this end asap and launch the the perfect and final version asap with LTE.

Thanks in advance

calvin35 says:

Until Samsung decides that it wants to stop intentionally slowing down Touchwiz none of this matters. Samsung obviously knows how to build a phone that is every bit as fast as the One or the G Pro but they chose not to and instead sell features and specs. This is something they do for all their products from refrigerators to cell phones. Company wide they know that the best way to sell any product is to sell "new features".

alexlam24 says:

So essentially what Sony did with their cell processor unit in the PS3

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theysay says:

I wonder how will Motorola's 8X will response to samsung

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