Ativ Q tablet

Samsung today in London announced the ATIV Q tablet, sporting Windows and Android in a single platform. It's a dual-boot OS device that brings Windows 8 alongside the best of Android.

But the high-res display is just half of what makes this an intriguing device.

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The ATIV Q is a bit of a double hybrid in that it's got a keyboard tucked until that 13.3 QHD+ display, with its 3200x1800 pixels. It's a mere .54 inches thick and weighs 2.8 pounds. The "display" swivels up and off of the keyboard, and can be positioned at various angles for different uses.

It's running an Intel Haswell CPU, with up to 9 hours of battery life, Samsung says. It also integrates the S Pen stylus, but it isn't entirely clear how it will integrate with both operating systems.

It's got one-button switching between Android and Windows, and you can even pin Android apps to the Windows start screen.


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Samsung ATIV Q puts Windows and Android on a single tablet


What's the inside hardware? Can Android users dual boot Windows in their current devices now?

No because most android devices have a arm prosseser but windows needs a x86 or a x64 prosseser to run and you would need to root your phone to duel boot windows so no not that many android devices can do that

This would be useful for me in a limited capacity. I love Android, and want Android for my daily driver use for tablets and phones. However, I run photo booths at events which can be attended or automated or a combination of both etc.. In order to automate everything from the tethered capture, to the software for printing and the printing itself, I require a Windows or Mac OS. I currently use Windows, and being able to setup a windows based touch screen that people can simply touch a button to start the booth would be great. Then simply use it as a normal Android tablet when that's not being done.


I'm usually not one to fall for tricks and gimmicks, but I can already think of a few situations that have happened to me recently that could put this dual boot tablet to good use.

The only question I have is HOW LONG does it take to switch from one OS to the other?

Ideally, I'd like to push a button and it'd instantly switch over as if it was switching between apps.

If you watched the reveal of it. They demonstrated it, it seamlessly went from full windows 8 into Android in a second, just like opening an app

Further, you can pin android apps right into windows, so the switch is seamless.

And the windows is not that lame RT version, but rather the full desktop wintel version. So any windows app will run one it.

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro, (yeah, I know, way too expensive) and I'm pretty impressed with it. Its nice hardware. I even run VMWARE on my Surface Pro (x86_64), and I run Linux inside of VMware.

I still find myself reaching for my Android Tablet (A700) for most casual web use.

It must be Windows 8 not Windows RT. RT's hardware is determined by Microsoft therefore I doubt they'll allow it to dual boot with Android.

This is what I need to know too! This thing is drool worthy if it's Windows 8 Pro. Just another "toy" if it's just RT.

Love it, The best of both worlds. So many things you need the Windows Computer to do and you still have your Android for hacking. I want one, hope the specs are killer. This could be my new Tablet. I have an iPad and it is time to step up for a machine with killer specs.

It has an hdmi and usb 3.0 port in the stand part and apparently the cup is there too which helps dissipate heat better.

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how about a smartphone that runs both Android and Windows Mobile?

better yet....

get back to me when Samsung "invents" a new tablet
that runs both iOS and Android at the same time!!!

FlyingBackwards, you may be right! (Even though you might have been joking!)

I hope that Samsung further explains as to why they came up with the ATIV concept. I'm interested. If they're successful with this, then perhaps they will produce an ATIV smartphone. Two widely used operating systems that people are familiar with and love, packed into a single device, could really grow on people! It seems to make sense (that) there could be a market for this. Time will tell...

Need to see the full spec's and what it has for connectivity. If this bad boy comes with 3G/4G/LTE I simply must have one! Good bye laptop, hello all in one device. This just might be my dream tablet!

I'm surprised both Google and MS signed off on this Frankenstein concept.

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Why would either of them get a vote?

As long as Samsung's check cashed when paying for Windows 8, Microsoft wouldn't care, and Android is open source and Samsung is a member in good standing of the Android alliance.

I'm with you cjb44. Most of the "office" apps are good for viewing, but only OK for editing, and horrible for creating new docs, spreadsheets, or PowerPoints.


integrated keyboard + S-Pen = WINNER!!!!

Let's see, It can run android apps, especially those designed for tablets. THis is a huge bonus because the Android market for apps is far superior that Microsoft's offering.

Furthermore, I can use MS OneNote for my school note taking and MS Word to type and edit my papers on the go!!! Essentially, I have a tablet with the full functionality of a PC AND can run Android and Android apps seemlessly. ALL I NEED TO KNOW NOW IS TWO THINGS:



I'm loving the concept of the ATIV! If I was looking for my next computer, laptop, or tablet it could be this. Definitely seems to have the best of both worlds with Windows and with Android! I really like the option to have both operating systems in one device!

Regarding in the article how the S-pen will work with windows, considering the S-Pen is basically the same type of (wacom) pen that have been used on convertible laptops for years (samsung just used the s-pen name), it should work automatically for windows. In fact, I've purchased a convertible laptop pen as a spare for my note 10.1 because removing the built-in pen is a PITA when it's in a case. :) It actually has more functionality then the s-pen on android, so the drivers must just be standard android wacom drivers as well even though the s-pen doesn't make use of all the functionality of a wacom pen.

I think this is a fantastic device and drool worthy! I want one. Best of both worlds. Decent size screen. Decent battery life. I am struggling to find whats not to like?

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If only they had an arm processor to run android rather than on a vm of windows 8 then battery life using Android would be phenomenal.

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Warning: This doesn't appear to be a dual boot. It appears to be an X86 compile of Android just running in a virtual machine.

You can already do this with Bluestacks and such. When I tried X86 Android under VirtualBox, it left a lot to be desired with application compatibility, although I know that is improving.

Replace the MS-Windows with a Linux distro and then I would be interested (but I am certainly not a typical customer).