Samsung-AT&T event

What's this? A special announcement from Samsung and AT&T? Whatever could it be? A slim possibility is an AT&T 3G version of the Nexus S. But it's unlikely we'd see an event just for that. A better bet is that we'll finally see the Infuse 4G, that monster 4.5-inch Android 2.2, 1.2GHz device announced way back at CES in early January. Or, it could be something entirely different, altogether. Only one way to find out, of course.


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Samsung and AT&T having a little get-together this week


After AT&T started suing Samsung over the Galaxy S and Tab devices mimicking the user interface designs of the iPhone and iPad, Samsung decided to settle out of court by selling the entire company to AT&T-Mobile. At the event, the new joint mega-company will unveil their greatest offering, the Galaxy I(phone)

The Infuse 4G is an anomaly to me. Why would they want to push that when they should be getting and pushing the Samsung Galaxy S2, an arguably better phone.

Naw, att will be all "we're announcing that we're finally letting our android customers install non market apps! Look at us, see how much we love our customers?"

(works better if you imagine it in a redneck, Elmer fudd type of voice)

It's 100% the Infuse, but I'm sure everyone knows that. Hell the image in the invitation is the wallpaper on the Infuse images of late.

The Infuse is like the Droid Charge - nice screen, 4G...and nothing else special.

Is it any better than the Atrix? Plus the 4.5 in screen seems like pushing it!

My bet is on the Infuse as well. I'll be picking one up as soon as available. Sleek, all that screen, and SuperAMOLED Plus which by all accounts I've seen is an incredible tech bringing together the great colors/contrast and crisp text/images due to the pentile arragement being ditched and so increased subpixels, etc.

Everything I've seen says Super AMOLED Plus. If not, then the Galaxy S II will be my next phone (it may be anyway; considering my options between larger screen or dual core processor).

The Infuse is a very nice phone...but it's not the Galaxy S2, which IS their flagship phone. It's like inventing the car but having a press conference for a horse. They're pumping up their "not as good as the Galaxy S2" Infuse.

Why, Samsung and AT&T? We already know about the good stuff. Why not give it to us?

Exactly. Imma pass on the Infuse and wait for the GS2. I seriously been waiting for that phone since that first tweet and the crappy photoshop picture that was leaked last year.

the AT&T twitter account replied to someone mentioning the Infuse 4G a day or two ago, so im assuming thats what the announcement is.

I hope Im wrong but it might be the Nexus S or the infuse. Want it to to be the GS2 with working gps... :-)