Google TV and Logitech Revue

Google TV hit with high expectations, it's yet to really disrupt the television experience the way many had hoped. Maybe it's the content providers dragging their feet, or that Android applications haven't yet been set free on the devices. But no matter the cause, Google TV's a good idea that's aging quickly.

So where's it stand for you? Are you rocking the Logitech Revue (seen above) or Sony Internet TV? Are you waiting for the next generation? Or did you stay away, thinking it's all DOA anyway? Cast your vote, then sound off in the comments.


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Poll: How's Google TV working out?


Theres nothing on GoogleTV that I can't do with something I already have. Now, add the ability to replace my DVR so I can buy rather than lease at outrageous Comcast rates. Then we'll talk.

Agreed. I hope Google can work something out with these networks so I can get all the content I want but not have such an outrageous bill.

I personally have loved it so far but I got mine for free or else I would have waited for the next generation. But the netflix app is the best one I have seen. I have used: Computer/Wii/Xbox360 and none of them work as well a GTV.

Also spent the whole NCAA Mens BBall Trny watching games on it from Personally I have loved it and I use it everyday.

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Google TV is pretty "Meh"... All these conferences passing by and not a PEEP. The fact that all the online Network Sites Blocked the Browser makes it Dead in the water.

Right now I'm thinking about getting a Roku Box.

I picked "I use it everyday" because I have it, why would I disconnect it? With a Dish DVR its actually semi-useful. The one killer use is the Android remote, great party trick to control TV with Nook, NexusOne, etc... A distant second would be the keyboard remote for finding stuff to record. Other than it's just another Netflix box.

The occasional ANR on the "TV Activity" is fun.

I bought it knowing that it wasn't going to be a computer replacement, or a DVR replacement.

That being said, I wanted something that could do what my XBMC AppleTV box does now. That is to occasionally play one of my backed up mkv files. And be silent and unobtrusive about it.

The Revue does all of that just fine for me. Additionally, I love the way that the search will change channels for you if you've programmed your devices within the system. I watch youtube videos referenced on TV just by hitting the search icon and typing what I'm looking for. I've been watching plenty of stuff on Amazon's VOD service (free for me since I'm a Prime member), and my wife watches streaming live TV from her home country.

Is the Revue the be-all and end-all of television? No.

I do however think that if you don't expect it to dramatically change your life, then it really does fill a nice niche in your entertainment options. And once the market does open up, I'm sure we'll see better media player options start to emerge, as well as a better overall experience as 3rd party devs start to fill in the cracks that Logitech and Google missed.

I bought it for 250 at best buy. So far it has been great, but the network blocks are just ridiculous. If the networks wouldn't be blocking it then it would be so much better. It's a shame really, google needs to do so mething about that because its a function that I would really use ALOT and im sure everyone else would too if we could. Also hurry up and bring the market to the device. That would solve many issues...

I already have a Roku, and Xbox Live and between the two there really isn't much Google TV can bring to the table at that price point that appeals to me. Now if it were offered at a more attractive price closer to the Roku's and Apple TV's out there and I might be willing to give it a shot because I have no doubt that it's better at what it does than it's competition... but not for 3x the cost...

I'm a Google fan, but I can't see it being worth it right now. Here are my main reasons for not purchasing:

1. Too expensive. For $300 I'd expect to get a DVR. Google TV is basically a TIVO without storage, but a better UI and browser. I don't want ANOTHER box under my TV (Revue). And the TVs that have Google TV built in have dinosaur 60hz technology and are hundred of dollars more expensive than 120hz sets.

2. Insecure future. That fact that the networks have cut access to Google TV is illegal in my opinion. But Google hasn't done anything about it. They should decide whether they are going to sue or make a deal.

3. Gadget overload. At first I liked the idea of the Web on my TV, with the picture in picture in feature. But with nice Honeycomb tablets coming out... that will allow me to browse the web on my couch, watch TV, and take my tablet anywhere I want and tether it to my Nexus One. I love gadgets, but you have to pick and choose.

I may wait to the Revue hits the bargain bin.

Bought the Sony 32 inch for the bedroom. Unfortunately, I have Comcast, so obviously the experience is not what I'd hoped for. I have a TiVo box on my main TV. Thought about getting another TiVo, but that defeats the purpose.

Spent a week with Comcast's stock HD box and sent it back. Opted for over the air signal with its built-in tuner which works great (network HD looks amazing, much better than Comcast's compressed HD).

Somewhat got around Comcast (HBO is blocked, but everything else seems okay) by auto transferring shows from the TiVo to my computer and then converting them to MP4 files then streaming them to the Google TV. Not quite a second DVR but it works well enough - the wife and I are always a day or two behind on or shows anyway. Streams video nicely - much better than the PS3 - so in addition to the TV shows, I can access the movies on my external HD.

Also agree with jjenson - my favorite implementation of Netflix out there. I also liked that it can control the Blu-ray player via HDMI - a nice touch. All in all, I like it - I'm hoping it will get an update, the app store, maybe Hulu... there's a lot of potential.

Would I buy it again... if I wasn't already in the market for a 32 inch TV, no, I probably would have passed on it; it does a lot of what my PS3, Wii and TiVo can do already. However, its a really nice (if kinda pricey) bedroom TV.

We went OTA+Revue and we love it. Netflix simply rocks and it's definitely the best TV internet browser I have seen. We use it daily. If Google doesn't make a deal or sue the the networks soon, I'll just spend the $30/year for the service that streams video over DLNA, I tested it on the free trial and it worked great.

I was lucky enough to receive one for free. For this price, it's great. I use the Netflix and the DNLA media streamer all the time. I was using my modded Wii to watch stuff on, but not so much anymore. The rest of the 'spotlight' channels I could do without as they seem like half baked HTML 5 sites that stations like CNN threw up in a night.

I did have an issue with it crashing on my Linksys DIR-655 802.11n wireless router, but they recently pushed out a patch and it's working great.

Pandora, web browsing, etc. is OK. Would would be great is they released the ANDROID MARKET! That would actually make it quite cool. Still waiting though... Also, I don't pay for any TV, so I rely on this for a lot of my entertainment.

The idea is cool, but so far, as limited as it is, apple TV is what I would buy. Google TV has a LOT of work to do.

1. I use my nexus one rather than the keyboard or xoom - the thumb does everything with the googeltv app
2. the picture within a picture is much better for watching tv and surfing the web
3. I cannot find the search for the picture app - I had Picasa all set up for tag searches by year, school, family, christmas, combinations of people etc. But now I cannot seem to access Picasa for these searches to show on my big screen TV. I hope the Picasa app pops up shortly so I can access my Picasa tags.
4. a lot more fun to use the new honeycomb and a lot easier.