With all the hubbub around photo sharing services on Facebook, it only seems natural that someone would make an app that lets you not only snap pictures and add totally hipster effects to them, but also go through any album you can access, and edit those pictures directly from your phone (even if you didn't take them). That someone (or group of someones) would be Weaver Mobile, and their app, PhotoBox!

PhotoBox! is sort of an anomaly to me, simply because I'm not sure I understand the practical application. In short, you can go through anyone's pictures, choose one, and edit it. There's pretty standard options like crop and auto-color and such, and then there's some absolutely off-the-wall ones, like putting goofy borders around things, drawing with your finger (stylus style), and even adding typed text.

In my video review (below the break), I went pretty crazy with it, creating something so tacky and hideous, there's nary a chance it'll get a single 'Like' once it was posted, but that's not quite my issue with it, either. In short, I just don't understand why such an app exists.

Sure, it lets you edit photos. It does that pretty well, too. Definitely a strike against it for looking like a straight iPhone port, but hey, what can you do? (Well, I guess you could follow Android design guidelines.) But other than that? It feels like it takes all of Instagram's hipsterness, leaves out the social aspect completely, and says, "Ta-da! Behold, now you can sepia tone photos that you took before ​Instagram existed!"

Maybe it's just me. Instagram is lost on me, Pinterest is lost on me, maybe I'm just getting old. For this reviewer, though, while I can certainly say this app is functional, I must also tack on that I don't see a lot of real-world use for it.

Oh, and get off my lawn.

PhotoBox! is free in the Google Play Store. We've got video and download links after the break.


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PhotoBox! [Android App Review]


How'd you get the Gmail shortcut as one of your on-screen buttons? Is that something you can do with any rooted device, or does it take a specific ROM?

Yeah, that's the one. Anyone got any ideas? Only thing I've seen like it so far is AOKP ROM, but if there's another solution, I'd love to know. I prefer to stick with Cyanogen.

meh.. maybe I'm just getting old too but I see no point.. already have other apps that can do this that aren't blatant ports from iOS..

*Lights a flaming bag of dog crap on front stoop*

Actually I do agree. I don't see the point of instagram's social functions. My photo sharing only involves sharing to actual people I know and choose, not to everyone. I could care less if 50k strangers "like" my photo. Anyway, the effects and filters are cool but there are a ton of apps that do this, this is nothing special at all. And many will do that to any photo on your phone, not just the one you take with their camera. I have about 6 or 7 on my phone and use them very rarely. Living in Korea I discovered Cymera and that's my favorite one, but honestly it's not that much different than the rest...