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Following on from the BBC iPlayer app launched on Android a few months ago, the Beeb has today released an official BBC News application for users of Android 1.6 and above in the UK. The app displays BBC News stories from various categories in a tiled arrangement similar to the iPlayer app, and allows users to scroll left and right through each category to see more stories, just like popular news reader Pulse. There's also the option to add and remove categories depending on your interests, and watch live broadcasts from the BBC News Channel.

Join us after the break for the Market link and QR code. The BBC News app is available for free, but right now is restricted to UK users only.


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Official BBC News Android app now available


There is a BBC News app that I have been using for awhile - I didn't know it wasn't the official app, but it works excellently.

It's called BBC News and the developer is Jim Blackler.

The writer of this article is from the UK, I think. Time to change the headline to:
Official BBC News Android app now available(Sorry Yanks)

Stinks not to get it here in the US, but you guys get screwed over with all the media DRM issues in the market, so it is impossible for me to be bitter.

Just use google news, and problem solved.

Seriously, why bog you phone or tablet down with a custom news app for each news source. Do you use a different web browser for each web site? There are a Dozen news Aggregators on the market. No need for a custom one for each source.

Look up any major newspaper in the market. They all have an app. Every big city TV station too. So, one App for each of the major stations you watch plus one for your favorite newspaper, then another set for your old College town, and one more set for back home. You are up to something like 9 apps now.

I agree, but I don't think you are understanding my motivation. I do use an application to manage all news and rss sources, yet I like to also have one app of my favorite news source for native photos and videos.

News and rss aps are great, but you still have to deal with third party URL handling, which means flash image and videos too. "Tap to see the whole story" gets old after awhile.

I have tried CNN and the others, but I have always preferred BBC. I would love that to be my one independent news app to drill into after channel surfing my news/rss feed app.

Thanks for the link. Love the BBC and their news reporting. Nicevto get an outside the US view on world news. Plus, no Honeycomb support yet either. Maybe we will get both at the same time.

It's times like these I get a better understanding of how non-Statesers (or, not American if you like) feel when US only stuff comes out.

I want my Doctor Who fix! Let me see the BBC iplayer app... please? Pretty? Is it so bad that I want to read your excellent news articles?

I've been wanting a BBC News app for a very long time. Very sad it's not available in the United States. Thanks Mom and Dad.