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Putting some Android 4.3 devices to sleep while using Netflix causes freezing

Android Central forums member WwonderLlama has posted about problems he is having using his new Chromecast to watch Netflix:

I just updated my Nexus 4 to [Android] 4.3 via the OTA. That afternoon, I got my Chromecast in the mail. After playing with it for a while, I've found that if I start casting something from my Nexus 4 and lock the screen (just clicking the power button), after a few seconds, the Chromecast audio will stutter and then my Nexus 4 will be hard-locked. I can't get it back without doing a hard reset.

He is not alone, as many people -- specifically those with the Nexus 4 or 2013 Nexus 7 -- are having freezing issues when using Netflix on Android 4.3. Once the app is opened, sleeping the display will lock the device up, forcing a reboot by holding the power button.

Considering the emphasis Google put on Netflix to promote the recently released Chromecast, Google has taken specific interest in finding a solution. Googler Dan Morrill posted on Reddit that "we have top men working on it now." Until these top men send out an update, be sure to keep those Nexus 4 and new Nexus 7 screens on when watching Netflix on Chromecast.

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Google working with Netflix to solve Android 4.3 lock up problem


In before "Mine doesn't lock up."

For the record, mine doesn't. Tried to make it lock up the other night while talking to Phil about the problem.


Strangely, mine does not lock up when using it at my house, but it does when using it at my girlfriend's house.

I have no idea what that means, but it's interesting.

Just received my Chromecast last night, and my Nexus 4 does lockup. Major bug, but one that will get fixed.

The Chromecast itself is easily a replacement for my roku, and I already love it.

If I understand correctly, making the device sleep with Netflix at the forefront causes a crash? What happens if you use Netflix to tell the Chromecast to play, then exit the Netflix app on your phone/tablet? One of the unique features of the Chromecast is that it is NOT streaming from your device: rather, your device simply points your Chromecast to the web address of the content you want to watch, then streams it under its own power. So, you don't have to keep Netflix on while the Chromecast is playing. So, if you return to your homescreen after your movie starts, then power down the screen, does that avoid the lockup?

Mine did.
That's why it has locked up yesterday, when I was watching Netflix.
I was worried, my Nexus 4 arrived on Saturday.

Ditto, my N7 2013 has been used constantly on my Chromecast + Netflix for the last two days. Well glad to see fixes rolling out quickly.

My Nexus 7 w/ 4.3 is fine, my Nexus 4 w/ 4.3 locks up and I had to remove the Netflix app until it's fixed. Same with the rest of the families Nexus 4's and Nexus 7's (OK).

My new Nexus 7 works perfectly fine with Netflix and Chromecast but my Nexus 4 does not. It's very strange...

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 7

It would probably be fixed by now if they put women on it.

Nothing gets in the way of my lady and her Grey's Anatomy.

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I tried Netflix on Chromecast with my N4 today and it worked fine. I have noticed at least once a day since i updated to 4.3 my phone shuts itself off.

Good to hear they're working on it. I'd love to be able to use Netflix on my Nexus 4 again. At least it works perfectly on my new Nexus 7!

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well it doesn't work properly on my Nexus 7 mark 1 after the Android 4.3 upgrade:
Volume is locked at about 1/3 up the slider.
No subtitles.
then freezing / locking up.

It was fine before the upgrade.

All in all - complete dross.

"we have top men working on it now."

This is what they told Indy at the end of Raiders. Hope Google follows through better than Uncle Sam did...

My new Nexus 7 has been having a similar issue with Netflix. A couple of times now the app would be unresponsive to my taps on the giant play button that shows in the middle of a program when you're on the main screen. The info button in the bottom right corner works fine thought. To fix it I have to press Home then Multitask and swipe Netflix off so it loads up fresh instead of resuming.

I've noticed that issue on all my past Android devices. The Netflix app has always been a bit buggy.

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That's been like that for some time. If I pause a movie to go do something else and the screen locks, I pretty much shut down Netflix to get it working again. The weird thing is the movie I was just watching and paused doesn't show up in the "Continue Watching" section but a few movies I have finished watching do. The Netflix app is terrible and could be much better if they put some effort into it and got some design people behind it.

It is, but it's an indication of the general quality of the Netflix Andoid app - which I think is poor: unresponsive and buggy. Although not unusable, it's not pleasurable.
In fact each time I use it I feel something is going to go wrong.

Hey Netflix and Google, can you also take a look at why my new nexus 7 isn't streaming at 1080p quality?? Please! I've seen someone else also say that Netflix streaming was low quality on their new nexus 7!

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I don't even have to Chromecast stuff... On my Nexus 4 if I open the Netflix app and just let the screen time out and go black the phone can't wake up. Have to force reboot it. As long as I'm don't open Netflix no problems.

So, instead of letting your screen time out with the Netflix app up, have you tried returning to the home screen first, then letting the screen time out? what about returning home and then blacking out the screen manually? any difference?

No problems with my new n7!! Been streaming on my chromecast since I recieved it yesterday and it's been working flawlessly! Great job Google! By the way im also loving my screen on my new n7!

I had an 800+ mile road trip today that a hard lock during my sleep, was chromecasting before bed, kept the alarms from sounding for.

At least I know why it happened, I was worried it was the 4.3 update making my phone unreliable.

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Odd the combination seems to be Only Netflix and Only Nexus devices.

I watched a Google Movie last night as well as a couple hours of Youtube, mostly with my tablet asleep. Also with my phone.

No problems with either. HTC One S and Acer A700 tablet.

It was working for me beautifully for me on my Nexus 7 until 2 days ago. Then I started getting the same locking issue.
Interesting enough, I got a similar problem with the Showtime Anytime app. It was giving me a 10200(?) error or something similar. To solve that problem I cleared the cache and did a force close on the app. I tried it again and it works great now.
The same trick does not work with Netflix so it must be something more serious.

Unboxed my new Nexus 7 32G last night, and have been on the phone with Google and Netflix for many hours since. Netflix won't Start, no matter what we try. This one might be going home...