Project Tango goes out of this world

Project Tango may not have been conceived in a galaxy far, far away, but on July 11 with the aid of NASA, Google's 3D sensing phone will be sent into space. The 3D sensing phones will be the brains that control and power NASA's Synchronized Position Hold, Enage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites, or SPHERES, robots aboard the International Space Station.

Image credit: Reuters

Thanks to Project Tango's sensing capabilities with a motion-tracking camera as well as an IR sensor, NASA's SPHERES robots will be able to create a 3D map and navigate around space with precision accuracy. SPHERES will be able to perform tasks on their own in situations where it would be too dangerous for astronauts to conduct these activities or maneuvers.

Google is also partnering with LG in creating a Project Tango tablet and it hopes that consumers will be able to purchase Project Tango as early as next year.

Source: NASA via Reuters; image credit: Reuters


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NASA to blast Google 3D sensing Project Tango phones into space


This is pretty sweet. Love the fact that a lot of developers from different companies and different backgrounds got on board and helped out with the project.

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Nasa and The Euro space agency has already launched Nexus Phones into space. HTC One and Nexus S i think. One of them was to listen for any kind of noise whatsoever to see if sound at any frequency can be heard and received.

See, this is what I love about Google. They are so innovative and cool. You don't here about NASA sending a iPhone into space, or Apple Glass, or Apple Self Driving Cars, or other cool things Google is doing.

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That's cause Apple hasn't announced they invented all this stuff yet, as they will eventually, loll.

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Cause google is totally going to rule the world like skynet.. maybe someday the power will be too much for them, but for now. They are doing too fantastic and having too much fun to be greedy, and that. I can live with. The idea of Google overtaking government s is a little out there and farfetched but time will tell (;

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