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The smartwatch or smartband is apparently old hat to a company called MOTA, which announced today an upcoming product called the MOTA SmartRing, which it says will provide mobile app notifications on a device that can fit on a finger.

The SmartRing can offer alerts for text messages, incoming calls, calendar alerts and more. MOTA says:

"Users decide for themselves exactly who they want to talk with and which events they wish to be updated about. The SmartRing displays notifications in text form, with users able scroll through words at the speed they wish. The SmartRing provides maximum discretion over notifications, letting the wearer enable and disable audible and tactile alerts."

The SmartRing will have an Android and iPhone app that will link smartphones to the ring, so it will work with services such as Facebook and Twitter. The MOTA SmartRing is supposed to be released in North America sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014 but pricing has yet to be announced. MOTA will show off the SmartRing at this week's IFA event in Berlin.

What is your current opinion on the MOTA SmartRing?

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MOTA SmartRing promises to offer Android app alerts on your finger


We have become so addicted to instant communication that now even our rings have to have notifications? SMH.

I like just the same notification badge that would be on my status bar. I choose to read or not. This paired with say a custom vibrate for contacts would be really useful.

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I would say No as well, but others may find it useful. Say someone who has their cell phone tucked away in their purse or bag for convenience but is waiting for that important message to come through. I see some good uses for this.

Come on, this is getting out of hand. If all this ring does is receive notifications then some people need to get slapped with a ball point hammer.

alright then,

Come on, this is getting out of hand. If all this ring does is receive notifications then some people need to get slapped with a ball peen hammer.

First time I have ever seen someone get corrected(which was legit), taken it in stride & quietly made the correction. You get the win for today.

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I hope all this crap, this stuff and smart watches are just a fad like 3D TV that goes away.

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Only for dating social apps. Then your special parts will know when a match is nearby before you do. LOL

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Well, if a dude is lacking in that AHEM department. He can get this MOTA smartring and wear it in the way you described. Not sure what his notifications will be but I do know they won't be calls or texts from women asking for another date.

I don't think this is ridiculous at all. I, for one, have no interest in a smart watch even though I keep my phone tucked away inconveniently. My work tends to destroy watches. However, I could see a ring working and letting me know if I actually need to dig my phone out. This could help me catch all those calls and text messages I keep missing if it is done correctly. I would also assume it would be less expensive than a smart watch, which would be a huge advantage. Color me interested.

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I take care of disabled adults for a living, I can just imagine what would happen to my smart watch one of those times my client decides to explode his colostomy as I'm emptying it... I guess they're water proof huh, but are they $hit proof?

Damn, people here are so quick to judge. Just because YOU don't want it, doesn't mean nobody does. None of you would probably want an iPhone either, and yet it sells very well. Let companies like this try new stuff, who knows, it may be a success.

Completely agree! I probably wouldn't buy it but I think it's a great idea. People need to quit hating on new gadgets like closed minded 80 year olds.

I don't think many 80 year olds read AC, but those who DO have great ideas. Android devices are often based on the technology they invented.
This smart ring idea may work, but it's the lack of imagination I see in recent wearables that concerns me. Why ape the aviation style watches of the 1940-60s? Fresh thinking please.

Awesome AC.

So true. Everyone thought smartphones were overkill when they first emerged. How many times did i hear something like "I just need my phone to make calls" priceless. Now....everyone and their mother has one. Perhaps in 3 years everyone will have a smartring. Who knows

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I like the idea. It would be useful in meetings, where bringing out our phones is not. Plus, I never feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, nor do I hear calls if my surroundings are even remotely loud. I'm pretty sure that's fixed with a direct vibration from a ring application like this.

Like all things, everyone has their own flavor; this meets mine.

If the price is right, i'd jump on this. It would be quite handy to see notifications without having to look at my phone.

I kind of like this idea for times when I want to wear a regular watch instead of my smartwatch.

Most of these people saying no probably haven't tried a smartwatch yet and been able to realize the convenience of wearables. not pulling your phone out for every notification is a godsend and an amazing way to preserve your battery.
but occasionally i'm in a setting where i like to wear my more stylish regular watches instead of my smartwatch. in those instances, this would be a neat thing to have, or something similar.

Come on now. This is getting out of hand.
Smart phone
Smart watch
Smart ring
Smart toe ring
Smart ankle bracelet
Personally, I'm waiting for the smart condom. Tells you when to pull out (just in case).

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Still debating smart watch. This is a little much, it doesn't really do enough fer me to wear that thing. Plus it doesn't look that good. I would rather have an NFC ring, that looks really good and can unlock my front door or phone or whatever. Basically it doesn't look that great, and that's what a smart watch is for.

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34 comments and not one mention of battery life.

Having to charge yet another damn thing every couple days is enough for me not to want a "smart ring", or a smart watch for that matter. Get back to me when these things can be charged wirelessly at long distances and/or can last MONTHS without needing a charge.

All the smart watches have been way to big, might be interested in this though! And if i could make it a trusted bluetooth, i will definitely buy one.

We have smart watches for this, but consider women might not like to wear one... This ring is perfect for them... Since they also tuck the phone in their purse and miss calls and texts... Just ask my wife.... Now their ring will vibrate and they'll know

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So what does it do, scroll messages one character at a time? That sounds easy to follow. And what's the battery life, about 45 minutes?

Sounds awesome! The big question is: Is it waterproof? I doubt anyone would want to have to take it off every time they washer their hands.

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I always wanted a ring that would unlock my phone with either bluetooth or NFC. if it could do that it might be worth it.

Sounds good. Smartwatches would be too inconvenient for me to wear, but this sounds like something I'd want, if the price was right. I wonder what the battery life is on this. Another big question is, is it waterproof? I wouldn't want to take it off every time I wash my hands.

Really, though, if some people here think this is ridiculous, the should consider that others may find it useful. When the smartphone was first released, some people said that they only needed a cell phone to make calls, so it wasn't wanted. Some people still say that. Before them, there were people who thought cell phones were ridiculous, but look where they are now. The point is, we should embrace new technology, not dismiss it before we give it a chance.

Depends on the price. If its super cheap which I doubt it will be then I might think about getting one. I've been thinking of getting a smartwatch but they all look crap to me. This could change up that market

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A secret decoder ring! Awesome.

Seriously, it may be a nice alternative for those who don't want to wear a watch or who think that they are too big. I would need to know more before considering buying such a thing. And I'd also like it to have some more fashionable options.

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If they can output a ring that is just for bluetooth unlocking in different styles for people, then I can see a nice potential. Specifically in the dream realm. If this could happen entirely invisible within my wedding ring as an unlock mechanism...golden.