Win the Ultimate Android Prize Pack!

Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which makes it easy for any member of Android Central to also participate across our other sites. With Passport, you have one account and to rule them all!

In honor of the successful roll out of Passport and thanks to our awesome friends at Gogo, we're celebrating with an amazing cross site contest. Each of our sites is running a contest giving away an Ultimate Prize Pack for their platform. And thanks to Passport, you can easily enter for a shot at winning each prize pack on each site.

Thanks Gogo!

How to Enter: 

Step 1: Login to Android Central and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate Android Central Prize Pack!

Register or Login using the links at the top right corner of this site (see where it says Passport Is Live)

Step 2: Also enter to Win the BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and webOS Wildcard Prize Packs:

Click on over to CrackBerryiMoreWindows Phone Central and webOS Nation (<-- on those links) to go straight to the respective contest post for that site. Simply login on each site -- which is painless thanks to Passport -- and leave a comment there, as you're doing here, and you'll be entered to win that prize pack. 

Step 3: Like Gogo on Facebook!

Our friends at Gogo -- the KINGS of Inflight Internet -- made it possible for us to run this Mobile Nations Contest. Gogo ROCKs. So be sure to click the button below and like them on Facebook. Your comment to this post is enough to be entered to win, but we'll love you, and Gogo will love you, if you like them (if the button doesn't work in your region, don't panic).

Beyond the Grand Prize, we have awesome runner up prizes as well. Keep reading for more info on the prizes and for the full contest details. Contest is open worldwide and ends at Noon PT on Monday, November 19th. Don't waste time... Enter now! Good Luck! 

Mobile Nations Passport Contest - Full Contest Details 

Prize Packs:

Click the Prize Pack links to jump over to that site to enter to win it! 

Runner Up:
- Nexus 7 Tablet (32GB) - 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)
- 5 Gogo passes

Runner Up:
- iPod Touch (32GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- JBL PowerUp Speaker
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- Take your pick of any of the Runner Up Prizes we're offering for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Contest Rules & Fine Print:

Nothing to hide here, but these are the things to know! 

  • Contest is being run by Mobile Nations
  • Only enter one comment per contest post on each site. If you enter additional comments, only your first comment will be counted towards entry of the contest.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be drawn and random and announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon after.
  • We will do our best to reach out to all contest winners. If a contest winner for whatever reason does not reply within a month of the winners announcement, Mobile Nations reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Individual prize winners are responsible for any taxes due on prize total if required by local laws.
  • If the prize is not available at the time of winners announcement (example - a BlackBerry 10 phone), the prize will be delivered soon after it becomes available on the market for purchase.

Any questions? Email 

There are 11707 comments

S_C_B says:

I should automatically win for being first!

Ozy says:

watz an android? I'll take one, with fries.

shadeofdawn says:

Pick me random number generator!

darkborne says:

Well I've got my fingers crossed

Chadissocool says:

That's because I broke them

XJDHDR says:

LOL You made my day.

vnangia says:


Morghur says:

If I only win one of the nexus.... :)_

bob hyde says:

Then I could work more effectively.

bob hyde says:

Then I could work more effectively.

bmanforev says:

Android all the way

Haha calm down chuck norris

GalaxyDEV says:

Is this the line to receive a Nexus?!

Seth Drury says:

I want a nexus!

andyhurley says:

Fingers and toes crossed here. The Nexus 7 would be sweet.

KaiserZer0 says:

No pick me!

Phuckguy says:

Jelly bean me please :)

themoose615 says:

You guys would fill my heart with joy if I won this! :)

codeda says:

I want one too!

Jiggy24 says:

i'm all in

reda115 says:

this is great!

natecress says:

Here's hoping for Nexi!

twowetsocks says:

well its not wp8 but free is always good

naruses says:

I would breathe Nexus with all of this.

mattyh_nz says:

woooo contests :D great prizes mobile nations! :D


christer1444 says:

lets win this!

WytKnight says:

Send the android grand prize please!

Sign me up.


danielfung81 says:


ntimbrell says:

Cmon you droidz

Ali729 says:

Hey, who will bring my fries.........?
Mom, Somebody stole my fries.................."snuffs".......

iamchoco says:

I want it !

UIW says:

Mayo and mustard plz!

lwa391 says:

Please let me win

dragonx6 says:

Would love this

dynomike1 says:

A Nexus 4, that's all i really want!

NinjaB says:

Well you can send the rest of the prize pack to my address when you win! LOL

But seriously, this is one of the best contests I've ever seen and I would LOVE to win this, but I'll be happy for whoever does :)

Very sound logic :)

captfbgnet says:


chris peri says:

Same hereeeee..!
Give us some love people!

0m1j says:

if I'd known that there would be a 32gb nexus 7, i would have waited to buy one... uh :/

Andrerox says:


Adamsville says:

I need that Android package in my life ASAP

i want one for not being first

xravishx says:

meeee eeeeeee!

1magine says:

I'm sorry. But me please.

Chris Scott1 says:

Those nexi are mine!

kimminer12 says:

thank you for this great contest!

Yes, thanks for a chance to win big.

NunoCosta says:

i too want one

winbot says:

I Like Turtles!

BigDinCA says:


GrizzlLow says:

I should automatically win for being slightly taller!

tine says:

Except that I should win, or something.

Woo-Hoo! Not First!

jagrlover says:

I need this.

JREED56 says:

Can I role need on this?

Azereal says:

I am going to roll need too.

Azereal says:

I am going to roll need too.

Prinny Mask says:


Nexus 4 and 10 please!

JQ_kitsune says:

entering myself in this game

ariashugo1 says:

Wow awesome contest!

vuluj says:

How could i miss that this is worldwide contest. I'll try my luck:D

the_sleuth says:

No cake for you! I never win but my luck is bound to change!

shahpratik19 says:

All-in on "RED" !!

Grandor says:

Pick me, man!!

lyonroad2 says:

No, Pick me! If I won this I have someone in mind I would gift it too to make it a Christmas they would remember. The person I have in mind would never be able to afford this on her own and the technology would change her and her childrens lives.

SpYd3r05 says:

I should win because I wasn't first!. :)

bobbyp5 says:

Oh man... This just serious. :) love it

terry3386 says:

Mmmmm bwainzzzzz Android goodies! Thanks in advance to GoGo & Android Central!

hksscom says:


JDanat84 says:

One please!

oldhotdog says:

Me please!

habergowd says:


wangkom says:

I wants!

Me wants!!! :O

jwmonroe08 says:

This is awesome!!!

ciprigeorgiu says:

Nice prizes. Really want one of them.

Ali Dbouk says:


jslackhouse says:

wow. what a great contest. good luck to everyone.

rango10 says:

Yeah. These are fantastic prizes.

Darkchild1 says:

I'm feeling lucky!!!!! No whammy, no whammy, no whammy!!!!

theodors says:

gimme gimme gimme !!!

okanobi says:

For the win!

dblohm says:

Scott said I am going to win

stormNL says:

let this nexus set please convince me to shift to Androis

Gken says:

YAH great site, been visiting for awhile looks to me like you are doing pretty well. COUNT ME IN!

AznRaven says:

this is so awesome!!! please pick me!!!

ricep says:

Wow nice prices!

SandyDientes says:


These prize packs are awesome!

asussex says:

Krrrrazy! I need a Nexus!

count me too

PapaDocta says:

I agree he should win as he was the first :-D [

kiriath says:

Sign me up! Im in!

hotelier says:


jerryeight says:

android is just amazing to use

rlruff says:

Good luck, But this my first comment every so I should be the winner.

daddy would like a new phone

i sold my IPHONE 5 for a NEXUS 4 that i couldnt add to my cart ! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

WFMike says:

Entered to win!

mwyarm says:

Looking forward to a new phone. What a great gift!

prowade says:

I can't believe these give always. Count me in!

GSDer says:

One of each would be fine - and thank you!

Ehsan Maleki says:

or I could win!

red20seven says:

Im in for a Nexus trifecta!

inittowinit says:

Sounds great. Thanks mobile nations.

Jforsyth1590 says:

I like free stuff..... :-)

I'd like to win too :)

somedude1911 says:

yo yo yo

masterclub says:

Wow what a prize,I wish I win!!!

pdeezy says:

Lottery luck! I want it!

madLyfe says:

wanna win the nexus package!

I wanna nexus 4

That is a real beauty of a prize! Good luck, all!

nollie says:

Fingers crossed

cyberspace says:

I hope I win ... /////// In the beginning there was a, Nexus 7, and then .......

jascospeed says:

coming first isn't always a good thing... just saying

jascospeed says:


good luck to you as well as me, one for you and one for me :-)

dbmgreen says:


kopte3 says:

Congrats to anyone who wins! :)

viraat94 says:


teslapod says:

comment post

AndreiCosta says:


Cypz says:


epdp14 says:

pick me!

SirWeezle says:

I would love to win this! My 16GB Nexus 10 arrives today, but would totally give this one to my Girlfriend for Christmas.

honorbound1 says:

Comment, comment, and wishes...!!

lloydjr95 says:

I should win. I never win!

I want that prize

Wrong. Only I want it.

Here goes nothing!

kf4mbn says:


dparker47 says:

1:10431 chance

ghprice1952 says:

Me too

51aw says:

better give me because I need it to install webOS ;)

klevente says:

Sorry for replying to your comment, I just couldn't add a new one :(. I just wanted to say, that I'm entering the giveaway, and I wanted to share my thoughts about it:
1. I think it' a great one
2. I really really want to win, because I have never had a Nexus device, but I think they are the best, but I don't have money for them :(
3. I am developing an app right now for my school. It is used to check the timetable (because we have our timetable on the web) and your marks. The Nexus tablets would really come in handy for designing the tablet UI.
4. Also, my family would happily use it, because it would be a fast way of showing things on the internet with a bigger screen that is not a smartphone.
5. I would gave the smartphone to my father, because he is the best father in the world, and he would deserve it. I was thinking about buying it for him for Christmas, but having no money is not good to buy a phone :/
6. I think the Nexus 7 would be a great way of reading books (I love reading) and also surf the web on a beautiful Android device. It would also help me with learning, because I can look up things in the internet without much effort.

Thank you for listening to me, and good luck for everybody :)
Levi from Hungary

kbp08tls says:

TL;DR Pick me!

david.karr says:


usiphi203 says:

Oh oh, pick me

c_urbanek says:

mmm Android!

Ecut93 says:

Woo, great contest!

hickhamt says:

god i so need this!! my G2X and my TF101 were stolen from my house while my family slept!! could really use this... please!

GazooAz says:


mr_imaging says:

Nothing to lose, so much to gain

mjdupuis says:

Please and thank you.

Jing Du says:

Chance for everyone

if only, there werent 10,000 other comments..

bcorb720 says:

Can I has?

iamc says:

Don't pick me.

elnoor says:

ill pray tonight hopefully i win something please

I wanna win!!

kixxiesiete says:

my name is Kixxie Siete of the Yacht Klub and i should win this nexus package!

RIDGE292909 says:

Android rulzzzzzz plzz win

fredowied says:

There is always a chance to win!

Panther6834 says:

The "I should automatically win, because I commented first" comment should automatically disqualify you. I should win for pointing out your "disqualifying"

Sai Datla says:

Me please I would love a nexus pack.:-)

Saad Khan says:

I can haz droid ? Pretty Please ?

Pick me

I love Android !

areichart says:

Pick me, I'm waiting.

grimace62 says:

Good luck with that

alphasix says:

^-- webOS fanboy

Akhil Jose says:

man this prize is mine inshah allah

gyroslice says:

Excellent! Huge Fan of both AC and WebOSNation!

Revord says:

Count me in!!!

krslira says:

A Nexus 4, 7 and 10?! Count me in! :)

jhotmann says:


weiny says:

already getting a nexus 4 but ill take 2 :)

dorelse says:

I'm in!

Me to!

aslowe says:

Perhaps a death match for the prize packs is in order.

morrison0880 says:

Gimme. Please. =)

Jordan jones says:

no whammy

nasi goreng says:

I'm here too :)

cellobrian says:

Yes, please.

stpark6985 says:

I would love the android package. The nexus 4, 7 and 10 looks so amazing!

chin36 says:

Yes everything!!!!

erzhik says:

let me win plz...

AllGood says:

Ohh this would be nice, Please AC

chuckkdaduck says:


Fnord says:

yes please!

sdax2 says:

Need Christmas presents. Thanks!

am4bilbo says:

I have the best avatar so I should win.

Gotta say, this would be a pretty sweet prize pack!

I'll take two please :)

Major_Owned says:

Count me in

Jabroni24601 says:

Great Contest Idea!

mambelli says:


ChesterZZ says:

Hope I'll win! :)

shemaree09 says:

I wanna win!!!!

Suntan says:

I would like to win this.


mstrblueskys says:

This would be awesome! :)

Jaybap says:

I need to win this

ajonesma says:

Awesome! Hope I Win!!!!

a2Squard says:

I will take any of the prizes!

Dagolara says:

So many gadgets, drool

dsba says:

Please Count me in, I would love a L920.

Partyman says:

This would be an awesome package to have.

Sweet contest!

dsba says:

Please Count me in, I would love a L920.

ctfrommn says:

Excellent prizes....count me in please!

ltyarbro42 says:

AHHH Lemme Win!!!!

I'd like to win all of the contests please.

Now that's a lot of prizes, count me in!

calvinnbs says:

Christmas in November!

rodrtho says:


richie97 says:

How awesome is this? Win all three Nexii at once. That'd be amazing!

Ryan Dake says:

I feel like in this case Nexus should be the plural.

Cherenkov says:

Cry havoc and let loose the comments!

miller7796 says:

Holy crap, I'm in!

acey_zero says:


speedtouch says:

Heck yes! Thank you, MN.

forsytsp says:

Count Me In!

dalyapp says:

This would be a great win. Thanks!

bikerbob1789 says:


Throwing my name in.

jenskristian says:

Amazing prizes. Hoping for Christmas in November!

Quan Pham says:


Spongers8X says:

Love the Nexus line, would love to have these products!

tsherman30 says:

Please pick me!!!


This is an awesome prize package!

BB-04 says:

Awesome prize pack. Thank you mobile nation


This is an awesome prize package!

for3nsicguy says:

Outstanding prizes! Count me in!!!

DaHui623 says:

What?! So much awesome is going on right here. Count me in!

brent86 says:

Wow, this is an INSANE giveaway!!!

jwescampbell says:

You guys are crazy for doing this.. but hey... who said crazy was always bad??

sfringer says:

Consider this my post... would love some new Android gear!

i want all of it, but ill settle for like a tablet

Eldwafio says:

I'm in! Now off to the other sites...

robamacaf says:

Oh man! I want to win!

sjraman79 says:

I am in

noahbloom says:

Triple Threat Nexus Family!!

dmbfire says:

Please and thank you

greenie25 says:

May the best, win the nexus.

zz1anderzz says:

Woohoo! let me win baby!

mgbmusic says:

commenting. Entering them all!

PMurfs says:

Love the whole AC crew. Great personalities for a great site!

BaMaDuDe87 says:

Oh my my my................Merry Christmas to me?

Watcher07 says:

Proud nexus owner, can't imagine anything greater than this pack!

DurnDurnDurn says:

Prize Pack!

Gigantuouse says:


This would be awesome to win the prize pack. I'm already on T-mobile prepaid so the Nexus 4 would be ripe for switching out my current sim.

judasmachine says:

Holy $#!7, yes please!

thenelson says:

Winning this would be the happiest day of my life!

user311 says:

Pick me!

nelsonpml says:

I want to WIN!!!

omahawk says:

I would love to add all three to our collection of Android devices in our family.

blu8503 says:


rexxenex says:

BOOM!!! Pick Me!

Very cool. Would love to win this giveaway !!!!

bkthiess says:

One Please!


copystring says:

I never won anything :D

Forfaden says:


84guy says:


JonaYO says:

iOS to Android! here we go!

oldmanflair says:


khelek says:

i'm in!

ccaballero says:

Contests and more contests.. It does not get better than this..

Ebaneeezor says:

woot! Prizes

yugnip says:

Winning comment right here!

Matpastor says:

Want :D

erny5796 says:


nickf126 says:

Count me in.

This would be an awesome birthday present!!!!

dianimator says:

Amazing! Hope I win!

jharbis2 says:


jbizzlefosho says:


/cheer for androidcentral

Rence says:

This would be awesome to keep me from spending so much of my own money soon

HAAS599 says:

WOW! Hope I win!

ceriem says:

I'd like one please.

jontalk says:

Wow, cool!! Pick me!!!

howarmat says:

I want to win :)

TCuneo says:

that is an ultimate prize back.

LR7 says:

Word! I want, NO I need these devices! Hook me up!!!

gutt3 says:

I agree. Hook me up!

leonfortej says:

Oh, YES YES YES!!!!!

kaokien says:

This guys deserves the nexus 7 :-)

mlgoon says:

Please and thank you!

jw82 says:

Pick me, please!

me likey

Jerry_K says:

YEAH crazy contest!

jonduran86 says:

I wanna win this! =)

Jawbone220 says:

Wooot! Nice contest, great prizes!! Definitely in.

paral3ellum says:

want, want now

Paintedeyes says:

omg i would love to winn!

MazoMark says:

Incredible prize package. Hats off to AC and Mobile Nations!

bestofrhcp says:

This is an awesome contest! Good luck to everyone !!

This ultimate android prize pack looks sick! Hope I win.

nickster08 says:

As good as mine... no shock here.

deltascrew says:


trojans says:

Would love to win.

Drewidian says:

Impressive.... Most Impressive.

nate1dawgg says:

These would be awesome prizes to win, thanks for the giveaways!