Intuit's popular personal finance app Mint has been updated with a few new features, along with some security enhancements. You can now add transactions from your device, as well as view your available and current balances for each of your accounts. Mint also now supports Google Maps to change the location of your transaction, and Google Places to find a merchant when adding a transaction. You can grab the update from the Android Market after the break. 


Reader comments Personal Finance app updated with new features


The back end of mints software is the same as every bank uses online. So in reality, if mint wanted to do something bad with your data, they already have it. :)

I'm not talking about Mint. I'm talking about if they get hacked... its one thing If I have info in 3 seaprate banks... but when all my info is folded into one... theres a higher risk on my end

I've been using Mint for a couple of months now, and I absolutely love it. The app makes it a whole lot easier to figure out what I'm doing with my money. I haven't really looked at the new features in the this update, but they've made a lot of good improvements so far along the way.

Love it! Been a use of Mint for 4 years now and haven't looked back. I just don't understand what the hold up is to create a Tablet version of this app. FFS!

I've been using Mint for about a year, and they still haven't fixed the most irritating problem many users have.... It basically treats your home equity line of credit as a 'credit card', thus making your credit debt skyrocket when viewing the widget info.

The categorization stinks and some accounts simply won't work with Mint. Other than that, it's a handy little app when you need to view account info on the go.

Yeah I used Mint for about 14 months. Then they changed how they log in to your linked accounts and they made it so Bank of America customers had to make their accounts less secure to use the service. No idea if this has been fixed, but I now just do this all on my own. Little bit more work, but I have a nice database that keeps track of imported data.

I used Mint for over a year. I had to finally leave when I found that they were missing transactions from my bank (i.e. there would be one or more transactions that it didn't suck in from my transaction list). This happened two different times.

Many others had this problem in the Forums. Mint's answer was always the same...nothing. Or sometimes they would suggest deleting all your info and starting over again.

I eventually switched to a local version of Quicken and am much happier now. It gives me much more control over my budget there.

The shame is that I'd prefer a hosted solution, but not a the cost of bad data.

I am trying to install Mint on my Samsung Galaxy s5 but it says that the app is incompatible. 1. Why does it say that? 2. Is there any way around it?