Googlers love Twitter

It's that time again, when a new Android version is due and the rumors, speculation, and poetic ramblings inevitably start.  An old rumor that has been hashed over far too much is on the rise again -- Gingerbread will require a minimum 1GHz CPU.  That's one you can safely ignore, and feel free to enable vaporize mode on your fast-as-hell 800 MHz G2 at the next person who says it. [via @romainguy]


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Minimum CPU speed for Gingerbread? Googlers say no


Maybe not. In the other article, it stated there was a rumor that the evo might get gb before christmas. Sprint and htc are amazing with updates so I wouldn't put it past them.

Thanks for putting that rumor to death. I'm still hoping my original Droid might see Gingerbread, but I swear I recall Moto saying that Froyo would be the last update to the Droid 1. Care to smite that one, too? I sure would appreciate it. :D

i dont see why peeps still have a origanal droid. u HAD to of went through a upgrade cycle or two sinceya had it,,lol. it is pimp n all but ighz been standard a while yo. idk.

Yo, kflex, I ain't made of bling. Iz still rockin' my original Droid cuz dats da best I can haz 4nowz. Dude, it be only a year. WORD! [Street meets and greets lolcat] :D

Translation He said:

I don't see why people still have a original Droid. You had to of went through a upgrade cycle or two since you had It is nice and all but its been standard a while you know...I don't know.

This comment reminds of that episode of Family Guy where Peter opens Chris' rap CD and it has the "white" translation in it :)

The droid just past a year in age like last month. Most upgrade cycles are two years. As far as cpu speed is concerned, my droid og is at 1.25ghz...

I've already installed KaosGingerbread V3 on my Droid Eris and swiping the homescreen is like watching a slide show. LOL. I have hope. Its early still.

According to @eldarmurtazin over on twitter 1 Ghz, 512 Mb etc is not a minimal requirement but recommended one.

Kind of like when you buy a video game that doesn't run very well if your computer doesn't meet recommended hardware. It runs, just not very well.

LG has already stated via Facebook that the Optimus line of handsets will not support Gingerbread because it don't meet the recommended hardware.

According to another Google engineer gingerbread should run better than FroYo on "less" hardware. From Dan Morrill's twitter feed:

@dnaltews ignoring mythical "requirements", Gingerbread is generally snappier -- if Froyo runs on a device, Gingerbread should run better

Just a hope that Galaxy 5 for europe and asia has GB upgrades even though none of the official build of froyo avail. yet

I don't see why there should be a min requirement, but I can bet you those current 600MHz (or even 720MHz) devices would struggle a little with Gingerbread.