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As far as the Internet goes, Google TV is pretty darn sweet. But when it comes to actually watching television, those of us who got our Logitech Revue over the weekend have found video quality to be wanting. Ask just about anyone who tried watching football over the weekend, and we'll all likely answer the same: Frame rate wasn't what it should have been.

The way it works is this: The cable (or satellite) source is pumped into the Revue, and then output to the television. I've got your basic high-def cable setup on a 50-inch plasma, and anything with fast motion was bad enough to be unwatchable -- the complete opposite of when the signal's going straight from the cable box to the TV via HDMI.

We've been discussing the issue in our Google TV forums, and there's a fat thread in Logitech's forums, too. And they're aware of the problem. This morning, Peter Evans, director of Logitech Revue customer care, sent in the following:

Thank you for your feedback about Logitech Revue causing the TV picture to skip frames and for sharing information about your home entertainment setup. With your help we have been able to confirm that in some cases Logitech Revue is dropping video frames, resulting in a staggered image.

With Logitech Revue, it is our priority to provide a high quality TV experience, and we recognize that this issue is affecting your enjoyment. Logitech and the Google TV team are working hard to find the root cause of this issue and to develop a solution, which we will share with you as soon as it is available. We will keep you updated on our progress through this forum thread.

We do apologize for your TV experience being less than perfect.

Let's hope they get this fixed as soon as possible. Because Google TV without the TV is, well, just the Internet. [Logitech, Android Central Forums]


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Logitech acknowledges frame rate issue with Revue video playback [Google TV]


So did Logitech forget to even test this thing before releasing it or were they in just to big a hurry to get in out in time for Xmas?

My thoughts exactly.

How did this get out of product development, let alone all the way through production with not one person actually plugging it in and watching some sports coverage?

Yikes! I don't like to hear this. My wife is already skeptical about the whole endeavor. Let's hope a fix comes quickly.

i got my google tv from best buy last thursday and have not experienced any issues with it it has been flawlewss,and i have it running on a 55 inch 3d samsung tv

Yes it is connected to my comcast box hd dvr, i have been watching movies, and football all weekend

Oh just the person i wanted to talk to. Which comcast box model do you have? They set it up when i wasnt around so i got an old @ss DCT6412 with DVI only out. Calling them up today to get it switched and want to know which model will def work

Gods damn it, they could've tested it at least [i]once[/i]. This is giving Google bad rep.

From the Engadget article:

"Essentially, the hardware here is on par with netbooks from fall 2008 (the Dell Mini 9 is accurately mentioned)"

Which is one year old hardware. So apparently they aren't too far off really, especially considering newer Atom Cpu's are hitting 1.83Ghz(Q2 2010). So kind of a bummer, but to keep the price point down, and performance seems ok from what I've seen what the heck!

Atom 1.2 Ghz processor / 1GB DDr3 ram.

Atom Z515 was released April 8th, 2009

I thought the picture quality had something to do with a potentially low quality hdmi cable. Hoping it is a software issue not hardware. That would suck. But other than that one big issue, it's pretty awesome.

I have comcast and I found that the comcast box can only do 720p/1080i but the Revue had my set up at 1080p. I found the frame rate to be lacking but once I changed the Revue settings to match my comcast box, Everything seemed to work fine.