Instagram for Android

We've known for quite some time it was coming but the folks from Instagram never said when, exactly. Now, without any pre-warning Instagram for Android has turned up in the Google Play Store and is available for download, though -- we'd remiss if we didn't mention it does have a few things missing.


  • 100% free custom designed filters and borders
  • Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and brings out details in your photos you couldn't see before
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare (Flickr coming very soon)
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
  • Works with Android versions 2.2 and above that support OpenGL ES 2
  • Full front & back camera support

We'll get up close and personal with it here in a bit but in the meantime, you can jump past the break for the download link. Regarding the missing items, it looks as though  tilt shift and circle blur are unavailable.

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gamepete64 says:

Yay! I've been so anxious to see what the fuss is all about.

wonkman says:

That's what they call self-perpetuating hype.

RoccOn16v says:

I can't wait to take bad photos and over saturate them!

D4RkNIKON says:

I just found an amazing feature that I don't think iPhones can do! You can use your native camera app to take photos which gives you control over ISO, White balance, Exposure and much more. You can use it in instagram too instead of taking pics and importing them.

To do this you have to click on your profile button on the bottom right corner, then click on settings on the top right corner. . Then click on camera settings, uncheck "use instagrams advanced camera"

That's it. Now when you are in instagram and you pull up the camera function, it uses your ICS or gingerbread camera!

live2follow says:

It crashes every time I try to use the stock camera or gallery. This might have to do with running Cyanogen on my GNEX, rather than the app. Not sure, i'll have to restore to an OTA and try again.

balthuszar says:

no support for razr, or did it get pulled?

Seven2k says:

If you are having issue getting the APP through your phone...I recommend using the weblink that AC provides and signing in and installing it through the web over the air to your device. =) Worked for me!

miller7796 says:

This worked for me in getting it to appear in the Play Store as one of my apps, but when I touch Download I get "Error processing purchase." Umm, it's free?

balthuszar says:

i tried several different ways to get to this...looking it up in the playstore app on my phone on my own(nothing), scanned the qr code(nothing), looked it up at, went to another blog where they had a link that said simply "play link" on my computer(also, the link here works the same way), it linked to and it brought up instagram, i clicked install and it was on my phone until i just deleted it, because i didnt want to have another account for another site that i'll never use...i am not going to give any opinions on the app, or the picture quality. i was, but since i refuse to have another account i'll never use, i wont...and i'll stick with either the stock camera app, hdr camera+ or retro camera...

oyeyemi808rp says:

i downloaded it on razr maxx from "appbrain app market. always has stuff in market faster than google play store.

EvilMonkey says:

Just to clarify my preconceived notions about Instagram, if I'm not interested in the social network part of it, there's no reason to use it, right?

Like, if I just want to apply filters and share to Facebook or Twitter or Flikr or Picasa, I might as well just stick with other camera apps? I'm currently using Camera FX for taking a pic and applying a filter, and using Picsay Pro to edit existing photos.

Can someone verify that my thinking is correct?

I honestly always thought the appeal on iOS was because of the crappy sharing options iOS has and Instagram allowed sharing with Facebook and Flikr (for clarification, the only sharing options I have on my iPad 2 in my gallery are to Twitter and Email, whereas my Android phone has like 25 or 30 sharing options).

greyhd says:

You are correct. Instagram is another social web site, where you upload your photos and your followers can comment on them.

Shadowriver says:

It's like photo twitter and Instagram allows you to shere in many services at once what both systems won't let you do that

slideways says:

I don't see it in the "play store" either. Galaxy S2

Not listing in Google Play for Instagram.

I have an HTC EVO 3D.

I have an Evo 3D as well, and when I scanned the QR code it brought it up on my phone.

caddy197 says:

Either the link is dead or my HTC Thunderbolt is not supported.

I couldn't get it to show up in the Store on my phone, but the web link works, and shows it as being compatible with both my Galaxy Nexus and ThunderBolt.

wonkman says:

It may be just me, but the "Android Market" strikeout joke is getting a little old.

Just sayin'

It was sort of funny for the first day - bearable after the first week - now....

dcreed says:

I like it. Mainly because I find the new name stupid. Makes Android seem like a game platform rather than having serious applications.

SipperPhoto says:

I just checked... it's not there! Did they pull it?


someone please help me understand why... can't Android 4.0 take pictures, apply filters, share them to Facebook/twitter already????? Why do we need a 3rd party app to do this or maybe its just something I am missing?

EvilMonkey says:

My understanding is its own social network as well. If you're interested in yet another social network.

mechaphil says:

I'm running AOKP b28 on my DInc, and Instagram can't even load the pictures I take to edit them. At least it's free?

dadavises says:

Same here. I have a custom rom on my EVO 4G and this app is slow. Can't even get it to load to Instagram.

BrianTufo says:

AOKP B29 on Galaxy Nexus (4.0.4) and the app works great!

mechaphil says:

Good to know. I'll have to flash b29 and see if it works out. EDIT: If/when b29 is released for DInc.

robaldred says:

O joy, more people can apply a filter to their boring photos.

coldbluded says:

Thunderbolt not compatible???? I am rooted so that may make a difference? Anyone else having this issue, oh wait, I have a dslr for pictures.

Treknologist says:

I checked and it shows to be compatible with the TBolt. I have no interest in downloading this app, but checked since you're the second person to say this. I am running stock.

Pauley says:

I'm curious why we had to sign up to be the first to know via email:!/instagram/status/183664303017177088, then I find out first this way. Is this the first sign of a shitty company? It shows available in Google Play Store on my HTC Vivid with ICS.

My thoughts exactly. I actually feel duped that I signed up "to be the first to know!".

BTW - Nothing on Evo 4g. QR code doesn't work; searching doesn't work. Could this be yet another i-app ported to Android with little thought or effort?

Burner2K0 says:

Not on store on Vibrant with ICS ROM.

jeffreytz says:

Not showing up on my GSM Galaxy Nexus either.

buckshotzero says:

Just google it and it should link you to the google play link.

cblanton6 says:

FINALLY!! I was able to download from the play store website. So far so good.

Sploinkin says:

Why isn't there an follow from your Google+ contacts option?

mfriedman79 says:

Works fine on my GS2 running CM9. Now where is my Google+ integration? Not that it's actually needed since instant upload makes things so easy.

Lanhoj says:


KTMKTM says:

If you guys can't find it through your phone, follow the link on a PC and it should let you download it from the web. That's how I had to get it on my RAZR MAXX.

dwain77 says:

Awesome, I followed the Google Play URL above and was able to install it.

I didn't know if I hit install from the web it would automatically install the app on my phone. :) Another reason to love Android!

rlhammon says:

Not available on phone (Galaxy Nexus), but did find it via the weblink. Heck, I think 90% of what I've download I do from a computer because I can't find crap via the search on the phone. Ironic, that the search on a Google phone doesn't show up something on the Google site.

k2kool18 says:

can't move to SD card? Damn, my evo 4G has no room for it!

471405 says:

Instagram is kind of lame. I prefer Pixl-o-matic... seems to be more options.

Morjesta says:

yes it has.. too bad that most of iOS friends share their pics via Instagram... And have no idea what does Pixl-o-matic. Any way, its a good app.

greyhd says:


Morjesta says:

Downloaded in a breeze, via Play OTA. Wow, i havent seen my photos since i uploaded them on the good old iPhone4S (that i dont miss at ll, since i got my GSII).

GSII from AT&T

malicefox says:

Not compatable with any of my android devices. This sucks :(

turdbogls says:

unimpressed....never used it on iOS, but just figured it would be awesome since i have heard so much about it. Pixeler-o-matic has a lot more filters, and is easier to use IMO, plus you dont have to sign up for anything. and i can use pics i have already taken.

uninstalled withing 5 minutes.

471405 says:

I agree 100%.

mclifford82 says:

The big camera button right in the middle of the app lets you "Choose Existing" or "Take New Photo"

I guess you needed six minutes to figure that out.

severinj says:

Why does it seem like android fans are very insecure when it comes to this app? You guys pretend like it's the worst thing in the world and it's so stupid etc etc, but all of you quickly forget no one is downloading this app to use filters but to be a part of the biggest mobile picture sharing social network currently available.

Yeah, we get it, you don't want this "iOS crap" but please just keep it to yourselves. You look bitter, and you make the rest of us look bad. Thanks.

(dbl post)

xeroslash says:

From the reviews, it looks to be very buggy. Lots of force closes being reported and uploading errors.


Other than it being yet another social media to keep track of I really don't see what the hype is about. I can already (and always have on my EVO4G ) upload and share pictures to any of the social media sites. Seems like a good app but, the ios feel turned me off to it right away.

There's nothing new in this app that would make me want to keep it installed on my device. At 18mb its off my device. There's no real need for it.

After hearing all the hype I thought it was a great camera app that brought something new to the table. I should have known better.

trees247 says:

It dont work with Camera ZOOMFX it says pic is to small but works with stock camera..

supsoc says:

Not compatible with my devices :-(

dboftlp says:

Try and contain your iOS envy. This seems to be a lock-in app that won't let you retrieve your photos, manipulate them or share them outside of their walled garden, as the new SGII owner mentioned above, he hadn't seen his photos since he was still on his iPhone (sound familiar?). Why would I want to lock my photos into god knows whose terms of service, when we have tons of apps that already do a better job of this and since we're all android users here and run a modern OS, any app can go get your photos and share them that you tell to! BTW, has anyone read the ToS on the Pixlr-o-matic? It's gorgeous! I literally gave them 5 stars in the market, just on their ToS. Plain @$$ English, my eyes widened as I read it. I was like, wait I'm not a lawyer, but, but... but I understand this! Yesss! I understaaaannnddd. And the app rocks!
Anyway, sounds jenky to me and my needs for photo manipulation are already met with an app that to me is outstanding and doesn't lock me in to any wannabe social network.
iNstaMac? No thanks, I'll pass, go have fun, I'll catch up.

Chewieez says:

Try not to jump to conclusions here. You can find all the photos taken with Instagram for Android on your SD card in a folder labeled "Instagram", just like any other 3rd party Android camera app. They show up on my EVO in the HTC Gallery and in Quickpic with no user action required. Pics are stored here: /mnt/sdcard/pictures/instagram unprotected. Even the photos that I snap, but then decide not to post to Instagram are stored in the Camera folder on my SD card.

I'm on an EVO 4G running MikG3.11 and have experienced no lag, or force closes with Instagram. My issue is the front camera is showing up sideways which is a bummer.

(EDIT: ok, I found a force-close. When I try to "share" a photo into Instagram from the Gallery/Quick Pic app, Instagram force closes. Hopefully they'll release a bug update soon.)

Sure there are other options out there on Android. However, if you have many friends already using Instagram and you'd like access to their photo streams, this is the best way to date. All other "insta-x" app have been crap since they never released their full API.

If you don't like it, move on. Other people are quite excited. There are loads of Andoid app (and iOS apps) that I dislike.

Shadowriver says:

It's not like iOS can't do that too ;p

trixnrice says:

i just did over the air download to my galaxy nexus through the weblink. instagram downloaded and working! nice.

Chewieez says:

I had to download it via the web link. It did not show up in the market for my EVO 4G, but on the web store it said it was compatible.

It works well for me. No lag on my EVO running MikG3.11 rom. My issue is that front camera is sideways. Bummer.

Time to erase "Instagallery" from my phone, good riddance, that app sucked, yet was the best I found at the time.

AABAAF says:

Also for those saying why did I bother to enter my e-mail. I just got my e-mail telling me I could download it like 20 minutes ago. I don't think the e-mails was meant for those of use that frequent sites like this hourly. I believe it was more meant, to tell those that have Android phones, but were told it was to become available by their best friend, or Aunt Mable........

So... Can't choose from gallery or it crashes? Gay

MystroBiggz says:

Well, honestly, I just don't get it. I have had numerous people come up to me and say, "oh my gosh, when your Android gets Instagram, you have to get it, it is the best photo app ever"! So, I took the plunge, downloaded it and tried it. And for me, I absolutely hated it. All it is........Twitter for pics. Only a few effects. Just not at all what it was built up to be. Android photo geeks, such as myself, I suggest Pixlr-O-Matic. TONS more effects, frames, and just all around better app and I can still share all photos to where I want. Instagram was an instauninstall!!!

Mes3 says:

A lot of artists I know don't post their work on FB anymore. They all migrated over to instagram for some reason (even though it can post to your wall). So, this is actually nice to have.

lithium98 says:

The customization for the filters is very limited. Makes sense why this became so popular on the iPhone. I prefer apps like picsaypro that let you apply a filter and tweak it as much as you want. From there I can apply other filters, text, and share with every social network known to man. So much flexibility, I don't think I can use instagram on a regular basis. Plus, there's no point in posting your photos there if you already share with the same people through other outlets like Facebook or tumblr. I think for the majority of android users, instagram is obsolete. But, there is a market out there for it, and although I was expecting more (which I probably shouldn't have seeing as how this came from iOS), people are still gonna use this. You can't beat the hype. No matter how much better all the other apps are. The app works though, gotta give them that at least.

mclifford82 says:

But hey, at least it gave you another reason to bag on iOS and their users for a while, huh? That's gotta be worth something.

Not like you fucks around here need a reason to bash them.

lithium98 says:

It's pointless and unintelligent responses like this that give us a reason to bag on iOS and its users.

Try again, but this time, throw in a couple IQ points into the mix. Someone might actually take you seriously then.

juicer731 says:

I got to the app from the email they sent me but says my device isn't compatible. I have a gsm nexus s 2.3.6. This sucks.

Hypnotic says:

I almost broke the computer screen with my dated Samsung Transform. Its update to 2.2 but I cant use this app :(. I know the norm for Android is to update, update, update. But there is no reason I shouldn't be able to use this app if I'm running 2.2 software. My upgrade isn't until January 2013.

area223 says:

Maybe if I just wanted those quick edits on cell phone pictures I'd use it because I wouldn't open up PS on my PC and throw in a 5 megapixel cell phone picture of me to edit. The app is nicely done though.

srosencrans says:

Tried it on my myTouch 4G, worked fine for me. I don't really see what the big deal is though. If you already use Twitter, Facebook, or G+ you already have an easy way to share photos and my camera already has tons of filters built in. I guess I'm not that bored to need this app.

swishy250 says:

I got it on my optimus s

severinj says:

Why does it seem like android fans are very insecure when it comes to this app? You guys pretend like it's the worst thing in the world and it's so stupid etc etc, but all of you quickly forget no one is downloading this app to use filters but to be a part of the biggest mobile picture sharing social network currently available.

Yeah, we get it, you don't want this "iOS crap" but please just keep it to yourselves. You look bitter, and you make the rest of us look bad. Thanks.

phillysdon04 says:

Setting up right now

phillysdon04 says:

It's missing many things that the Iphone version has, smh.

mdotsteele says:

Keep getting "Package File Invalid" when trying to install.

Any solutions?


steveduncan says:

I am shocked shocked shocked it's compatible with my Samsung Replenish.

I know the Replenish is like a 4 cylinder car in a Nascar race but the app installed fine,and no crashes.

Pleased to say the least.

3rdpig says:

Works fine on my Bionic, I'll probably end up deleting it, I've got no real need or desire to upload pictures of my daily life to a social networking site, but I do like playing with camera apps.

ulnek says:

so underwhelming. so many other apps have better filter and photo editing and this stupid app won't upload those better photos because they don't match their "square" format. they don't even have all the features of the iphone version. good start but needs a lot of work to catch up to the capabilities of other apps. only thing this has going for it is that more people are using it to share photos. if that's it's only advantage, it's not really worth it.

Galileo1633 says:

qr link worked on my sgsII 4g epic touch with red laser, downloaded and installed just fine. that being said social networking is so your friends can keep in touch, know what you're doing, and see your pictures. i don't have any friends, i don't want them to know what i'm doing, and i don't want them to look at my pictures. what's the point??

Check out this blog for some more tips and how-tos for Instagram on Android!

mrjetpacks says:

Ultimately...gripes...iOS Users being upset that IG is on Android...people complaining about signing up for the "Instagram Is Here" e-mail notification that came late...and the expected bugs that will be ironed out sooner rather than later (I've already had an update to IG on my device)...aside from ALL this...IG on DDRROOIIDD: 'tis a good thing.

mrjetpacks says:

**Side Note: follow me on IG - mrjetpacks