Major update delivers new features and support for new animations, notifications, bug fixes 

Ingress, everyone's favorite sci-fi virtual reality simulation game, got a major update this afternoon. Everything you love about the game is still there, with less bugs, but a couple very nice features were added.

  • Portal health and faction control info on Portal Keys in the Inventory carousel.
  • Android Notifications for "Portal under attack," "Portal neutralized," and "@<codename>" messages.
  • Support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects.
  • New Recharge visual animation.

The new notification system will get all the attention, but the new information displayed about your Portal keys in inventory is probably the change people will use the most. The Jarvis Virus is something new started earlier this month, and it will flip an infected Portal to the opposing faction. 

You can get today's update from the Google Play link above, and learn more about Ingress (and try to score an invite) in the Ingress forums.

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Reader comments

Ingress app gets a major update


Nothing huge. Mostly graphical updates, key level and strength displays for the portal... STILL WAITING ON L9+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget L9+, how about batch item drops, key sorting that doesn't suck and changing the Power Cubes from showing as "Very Common" which they're not, to something more accurate (or actually making them drop as Very Common).

Agree with all of those. Still want the higher levels more than anything though. Why take so long? What's the hang up? Have a lot of guys getting to 8 and "getting bored"....

I get the feeling that L9 isn't really going to mean much, beyond being L9 (probably Higher XM stores), most of the folks in our area are just chasing AP in general or not sweating it and focusing on other elements of the game (defending/claiming territory, farming, statewide dominance, large fields, plot, etc.).

Well I'm close to "L10" and would like to see increased XM stores, as well as the cap raised accordingly. I don't usually have XMPS under 7 and obviously try and keep a balanced inventory for resonators/cubes/keys. All of those game play aspects you speak of is practiced daily by our more aggressive players. I assist with moderator duties of a group of over 200 active players. Still try and grab as much AP when I can though.

If agents are getting bored after reaching L8, they're not playing it right. The game isn't about leveling up. Probably best for the community if those players quit anyways.

Oh, and a new "recycle" animation that is cool looking but now when I burn 20 L7 resos for fuel, it takes longer than before because of the animation, but it does display the +XM number for the recycled amount.

I STILL DON'T HAVE MY ACTIVATION CODE!!!!! I requested one when it was first released... God damn it. I want to play so badly!!!

I shared two codes in the ingress forum on this site...

And I still don't get the appeal of the are pretty but that's about it for me :-P

I can't see someone getting a sense of community, and competition with the opposing faction in 5 minutes (most of which would be the tutorial simulation?). So yeah, without the community, there is no appeal.

I am having a hard time getting into it to. Not sure if I am not going to busy enough places our what. Just wish I could get into this more.

The appeal is this game REQUIRES time to learn (not a horrible amount, but time, yes.) and it requires your willingness to GET OUT and go places and see things!
You are going to have to be willing to MEET NEW PEOPLE to help you learn the game.
It is an amazing amount of fun! The thing is, you have to give it a chance!

I'm so sorry to read thia comment.

But yes, its better be like that, this game is not for everyone.. its just for people who are willing to learn something new.

I had wipe my GNex and keep it bare bones to get it to run well. Since I started playing in January, it's gotten so bad that it was unplayable. Looking forward to the S4.

I stopped playing a few weeks ago, and don't intend to go back unless some serious issues are fixed.

The increased decay rate (10% -> 15%) really screwed with the game mechanics. Maintaining farms means multiple trips per day just to keep the portal energy high enough. If I could maintain portals above 70% the other faction didn't attack because they weren't strong enough to take it down.

The lack of bulk drop / pickup of items makes sharing inventory with lower level players very difficult. Three taps on the phone per dropped item (two to pick it up), and sharing 400-500 items on a weekly basis means hours sitting somewhere dropping / picking up items, which just takes away from time to play.

Key inventory management got screwed up with the last sorting update to show keys by distance. That's when I tossed in the towel. I had over 500 keys to over 200 portals, and it was impossible to find the keys I was looking for to share with team mates, because each time you met up to drop keys, the key you are looking for is in a different spot in inventory.

Perhaps they will fix things... but I doubt I'll go back to playing.

How long until we get our 1st Ingress fist fight? With the Portal Under Attack feature, I could see two Ingress Geeks getting into it.