Users experiencing messaging bugs hopefully get their fix

Big G has pushed out a small update for the Hangouts app today, and while the change log is short, it looks to be exactly what more than a few have been waiting for.

What's New (2.0.3)

  • More fixes for sending/receiving MMS
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some from sending SMS longer than 160 characters

Behind the scenes fixes may not be glamorous, but if you're a user affected by the bugs that get fixed, they are the best kind. As usual, Google is doing their slow trollout of the app, so you may not see an update right away. Keep checking, or dig into the wilds of the Internet for that sideload.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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No problems ive found on my s3 best free message service ive used thanks .G.

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bearmacerick says:

I just want to know when they're going to integrate Google voice and Google hangouts.

brendilon says:

Ditto. I'm okay with them being separate, but I still pine for the unified messaging setup from my Palm Pre.

still1 says:

you can get google voice sms on hangouts now. its a setting in google voice web

brendilon says:

That works (sort of) for hangouts on the desktop. Not for Hangouts on your Android device.

PastorDroid says:

Would you be so kind as to telling me where to find that setting? I have google voice integrated with sprint so if I can get it to work only on the desktop client this would be PERFECT for me.

I wish they'd fix the bug that some of us experience where we can send messages in group contacts but we do not receive the responses until 10-20 minutes later.

mstrblueskys says:

From what it sounds like, this should fix that.

You could also look at upgrading your recipients as well. :P

I probably should have specified that I'm talking about Group Hangouts and not SMS or MMS.

Any word on an update to their iOS app. I would love to use Hangouts more, but compared to other messenger apps, it's pretty rough.

Connor Mason says:

I believe Google has two different teams for the iOS and Android versions. So it's unlikely you'll see parallel updates

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youngjediboy says:

I've had several instances of not receiving people's SMS messages and I ended up moving to Textra for SMS/MMS use. I've been happy with it since! I like that I can access someone's People profile directly from the app, don't know why Hangouts never had that option...

coraphise says:

I want to see them include functionality to mark messages read from notifications and reply with the overlay that the regular Messaging app has. I love those features. ^^

Peter Ward1 says:

Anybody know if they fixed the sending to 5 digit short code issue? I'm using 8sms instead and not changing back until that's fixed.

brendilon says:

How about you update it and find out. Thought I'd suggest something way outside the box.

bigtank says:

Im still waiting on my Sprint G2's ZV8 update which was also suppossed to address Hangouts

moises1204 says:

can you send attachment now?

still1 says:

i have been attaching way before this update and it is working for me.

for mms to work you need to enable carrier data. maybe that was the issue u r facing

I really hope this fixes my MMS issues. I've been missing a lot of group messages from friends.

BB_Bmore says:

When I connect this app to retrieve SMS it kills my visual voicemail app. I need this fixed, until then SMS is separate from hangouts.


PastorDroid says:

Only problem I had as a sprint user was getting cut off at 160. I can verify now that it's working fine. I'll give it a go for a few days to see if I miss evolve sms.

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asaini007 says:

I'm so glad this is fixed, was my biggest gripe with hangouts. Also on Sprint.

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jkayakj says:

Biggest fix.. Can now split messages on sprint

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BB_Bmore says:

Does it break/intercept your visual voicemail app?


elrey75 says:

I would also like to know this. Visual voice mail was getting intercepted by Hangouts, Manning style...

NoNexus says:

Eli or Peyton?

Regular season Peyton or super bowl Peyton?

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

jkayakj says:

Are they ever going to merge the convo into a single stream per person ( similar to webos), right now it's a pain to have sms and gchat for the same people not in the same stream..

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jtshaw says:

Does it support Voice yet? Of course not....

briankurtz79 says:

I just want to attach a slide show or a contact card.

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HailStorm26 says:

Yes! Finally!!! I was not having issues with sending SMS messages ever on Hangouts. I was not even having issues with sending MMS (pictures) when most other people were with version 2.0 and 2.0.1. Then when they released 2.0.2 to "fix" the MMS message problems people were having mine STOPPED working. So I switched to Textra. I will switch back to Hangouts a couple days decide if I want to stay with Hangouts or Textra.

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Warrenisit says:

Oh, hell yeah! Great news! I'll have to try it again.

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choclab1 says:

On sprint this will be great. Anybody have the apk download link?

fitted230 says:

Does anyone else have the problem when your viewing a picture in hangouts and it will switch to another photo or an older photo?
And if so did this update fix this issue?

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Zachylee says:

I had that problem with my nexus 5. I checked and it seems to be ok now, time will tell though.

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Zachylee says:

The only other issue I have noticed is a significant lag when scrolling through the emoticons list (while using SwiftKey). I have found that if you wait about 5-6 seconds before you scroll it doesn't do it. But I have to wait that time in each category. Also, the lag seems to be non-existent with the Google keyboard. Anyone else notice this? I'm using the N5.

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