Samsung Transform Ultra

Are you a Sprint customer looking for a new device but would rather not kill your savings on it? Well meet the Samsung Transform Ultra, a nice mid range sliding QWERTY device that is available for only $70 after rebate. Recently we have seen a huge amount of Samsung devices launch into the market, each of them rating rather well, and the Samsung Transform Ultra should not be left out of the positive recognition.

Touting a 3.5-inch display it may not be the largest in the fleet, but it size isn't everything, is it? The 1GHz processor does a great job powering this Gingerbread powered device, and included is 512MB of RAM and 2GB of internal memory, more than enough for most users. The back features a 3MP camera accompanied by a front facing VGA camera, all of which is powered by a 1500mAh battery which should give about 7 hours of continuous talk time. If you are in the market for a new mid-range QWERTY slider, be sure to hit the break and check out a hands-on video and some more images.


Samsung Transform Ultra  Samsung Transform Ultra

Samsung Transform Ultra  Samsung Transform Ultra

Samsung Transform Ultra  Samsung Transform Ultra


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Hands-on with the Samsung Transform Ultra


Ugly? Hardly.

This might be my next phone. Here is what matters to me, in order:

1. Size ... small! (3.5" screen is good)

2. Hardware buttons (I HATE "soft" buttons)

3. Sprint (they've been great by me, for over a decade now)

And that's about it. Latest Android? Nice to have, don't need it. Slide out keyboard? Meh, don't need it, hope it doesn't make the phone too heavy.

I have an HTC Hero now and it's pretty much perfect. Well, it's slow. But it fits in all my pockets and I can sit down without worry.

Not everyone wants a big a$$ slab of a phone.

Might as well get a conquer if you don't want the slide out, it has hardware buttons and a Wimax radio. Besides its free tomorrow at Radioshack ;)

I had the original Transform, Kinda go baited into buying it. LOL but anyways, I kinda didn't like in the end. I switched to AT&T because I work for them and better deals. I wouldn't buy another version for a while, til they have been tested out

I've seen a lot of complaints on the message boards about screen sensitivity when dragging and swiping. Did you see any of that?

I work at a sprint store and sold this phone today for the first time and I can honestly say that issue does exist lol it wouldn't let me delete the Widgets that are on the phone when you first turn it on. Also the hard buttons under thr screen dont work that well. I'm not gonna sell it anymore :( I thought it had potential too as a mid range device oh well.

Trust me I've screwed over alot less customers than any other Rep has haha there's reps that are ok with selling the damn echo and the epic even though everyone knows they have issues or the damn evo even though its already end of life. I at least try to stay away from the crappy phones I just thought that maybe the ultra would be really good but I was disappointed.for the record I only sell TWO phones the nexus and the epic touch 4g. No returns :)

We've had the issue with the screen sensitivity. The solution that we've been able to come up with is use the flat of the finger, not just the tip. It only really seems to matter when moving widgets / icons around the homescreen.

As for the hard buttons, I think they work great. They require a distinct effort to make them click, and that is the point. Very different than the touch soft buttons we've mostly been using lately on the slab phones.

The gal got the original Transform and by god it was the crappiest and slowest phone that I have ever touched. I am so glad that she is stuck with that crappy phone and not me lol.. No development for the phone either...

Actually, the touch isn't sensitive enough. Baring a hardware issue, it should be as easy as adjusting the sensitivity settings within the touch screen driver. It would be nice if someone in the know could adjust this for us (I have the phone on Boost). As I think its possible with root (as the phone has). I know they almost have CW Recovery working as well.

I just got this phone about 3 weeks ago through sprint and i must say i'm quite impressed. The touchscreen is very responsive and it works well for my needs. Love the slide out qwerty keyboard as well. i got away from smart phones for a while because I wasn't having a lot of luck with them. Lets just say my last experience was real bad and leave it at that lol.... I like Samsung because of their reputation of building great phones and it looks like I'll be sticking with them when i get another upgrade :)