Amazon Kindle app for Android

The Android Amazon Kindle app: Coming this summer. The Android Amazon Kindle hands-on video: Coming right now, after the break. It's not a bad little app. Download and read ebooks right on your phone, change the font size and background color, and all the usual bells and whistles you'd expect. Check it out.


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Hands-on with the Android Kindle app [#io2010]


While waiting for that app, check out the Wordplayer app, which will actually read your books out loud to you. It can handle purchases from some sources (fictionwise, etc). A fairly nice reader.

There is also the E-Reader app from, but in spite of the Barnes and Noble Nook running Android, there is no Android B&N Reader, although one is being worked on according to an Administrator posting on Barnes and Noble's site.

Still, reading on a phone is a pain in the neck. I suspect these developers are going to really kick this segment into gear when a few android tablets start hitting the market.

I noticed a screen brightness slider in the screen where you can pick the font size and color.
Big win! Can't do that on the iPhone Kindle app.

I LOVE the Kindle app!

I have a Kindle but I prefer to use my netbook or iPod Touch. I had a Blackberry but recently switched to the Incredible and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS APP TO HIT THE ANDROID MARKET.

Any way I can get in on a beta for this?????

OMG, I want this app NOW!!! Saaa-weeeet! Yeah, reading on a phone might not be the best way to do it, but it would be great for those times you forget or can't take your e-book reader with you and have some time to spare.

Is it just me that thinks that video was almost looking like it was speeded up at some points?! That mans hand was really flying until he slowed down to scroll.

Either I'm too relaxed or he needs to ease off the caffine.

Hmmm... Trying to drop PRC files into my "kindle" directory on the SD card. But it's crashing when I launch the app afterwards. I have a lot of PRC files from Mobipocket that I have created, and several I have bought via Mobipocket. Anyone have any idea whether (and how) they can be viewed on the Kindle app for Android? I see that when I download a book from Amazon via WhisperSync, it stores two files in the SD card's kindle directory -- a PRC file and a smaller MBP file.

Anyone? Just using Amazon's interface to download books is less than ideal, because there are a lot of books I already own downloaded to my laptop, and unlike Aldiko, there doesn't seem to be an "import" functionality.

I have now tried copying files to the SD card ("kindle" directory) three different ways:

1. I copied just the PRC file I had for a Mobipocket format e-book
2. I copied the PRC file and the related MBP file
3. I copies those two files *and* made a copy of one of the cover files from the Kindle\Covers directory on the SD card, renaming the cover file to match the root name of the files I put in the kindle directory (in this case, ArtofWar.prc and ArtofWar.mbp)

In all cases, the Kindle app on the Droid crashed once it found the rogue e-book files. When I removed the files, the Kindle app worked normally with those files I had downloaded via Amazon's interface.

So... anyone figure out yet how to add your own titles in PRC format, so that the Kindle app won't crash but will read them? I can do it on the Kindle app for the PC without a problem, but it is a different story on the Android platform, apparently.