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A giant question mark hanging fairly quietly over the head of Android (and maybe moreso Google) has been Google Wallet. That's the service that lets you pay for things with a credit card account simply by tapping your phone on a payment terminal.

But Google Wallet remains a Sprint (and Citi Mastercard) exclusive, only on the Sprint Nexus S 4G. It's not officially on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's not officially on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That's not to say we don't have it on other devices -- it's just not official. And that's furrowed a lot of brows.

Google gave a brief non-update today in the Q&A portion of its Q4 earnings call. Google senior vice president Susan Wojcicki gave us the following: 

"We want to focus on products that people use every day -- products at our core. And all of us use our wallet every day. And we think it's a big opportunity for us. We are continuing to invest in our wallet business. And we see a lot of opportunity. For example, there might be opportunitites in the future how online and offline are linked together. And better opportunities with the way different parts of our business wind up working.

"So we are very excited about Wallet, and we will continue to invest in it."

Good to hear, but tell that to everybody not on the Sprint Nexus S 4G.


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Google: We will continue to invest in Google Wallet


Yep, just used it this morning on my galaxy nexus at 7-Eleven using the unofficial apk. The guy there got pretty upset at me actually, I think he thought I was hacking his register or something.

The GSM version, definitely. Can't speak for the CDMA/LTE version. But the set of people who have both a Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus, plus a Citibank Mastercard, plus are big enough nerds to care about any of this has to be pretty small.

Using it on Verizon currently and it works fine. Rather than link my MC to it I went with the pre-paid card for security at least for the time being. Between Wallet, the Starbucks app to hold my card and the keyring app for all the junk cards I have I almost don't have to carry anything aside from my driver's license anymore.

this is why Google should have gotten the G-Nex to Sprint early. Sprint is a lone supporter of Google Wallet (as opposed to ISIS). Sprint supports Google Wallet whereas the other carriers do not. Sprint can help Google make Google Wallet the de facto mobile standard for mobile commerce.

It's still going to be an uphill battle. I own a Sprint Nexus S 4G. I have google wallet. I've used it one time because honestly there really aren't a lot of places with paypass terminals. Sure I can use it at McDonalds, jack in the box, 7 eleven, etc. But I'm trying to lose weight so there goes that idea. One day it'll be common place. But right now it's really just a novelty to most people (notice I said most).

I'm using it as much as possible. Every store I've been to are telling me the same thing. "you're the first person who is using our paypass with a phone".

But really, not much of a reason to use it vs credit card. However, I do find it very useful in some ways. Last week, I walked into a coffee shop and realized I only have $2 in my wallet. Rather than go to the atm and can't use credit card for a $5 transaction, I moved $20 from my amex card to my google wallet. Took all of 1 minute to do it.

Of course now I'm getting coffee discount offers on my google wallet. lol.

Probably wouldn't have pay much attention to it initially but since VZ made google remove it now I insist on using it as much as I can as a big f u to vz.

When I switched from a NS4G to the Gnex I was able to download Gwallet from the market. I thought that was so cool. But now, I think it probably thought I was using the Sprint Gnex.

Whatever happen to Visa joining Gwallet?

The landing page for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus says it will include Google Wallet, so while it may still be a Sprint (and Citi Mastercard) exclusive, it should be officially on two devices - Nexus S 4G and Galaxy Nexus (once/if the Galaxy Nexus launches for Sprint).

I know that's nothing big, but it shows that Sprint is supporting Google Wallet at least.

Of course Google will continue to invest in Google Wallet...It's the missing piece. They know what you look at online, they know where you go (via GPS tracking in Android). They missing piece is to know how you actually spend your money. The next step for Google is going to be to offer direct deposit.....

GGG, good grief google. That statement was pathetic, said nothing. No info on any other partners, rollout rate, other mfr's putting it in phones. What are they going to say, "we think we're going to let this die on the vine"? May as well have, no more info than that blather has in it. I hope it flies, but that corp-speak doesn't convince me of much, based on their past willingness to throw things out there to sink or swim. I don't disagree with that model, by the way, just sayin'...

"Good to hear, but tell that to everybody not on the Sprint Nexus S 4G."

All it takes to install Google Wallet on a non-rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus is downloading the easy-to-find .apk installer file... Works perfectly.

But if you've installed the .apk before then uninstalled it or had to factory reset your phone it won't work anymore. It happened to me. Now I'm thinking about rooting my GNex so I can get wallet back on my phone.

This stupid CITI mastercard exclusivity is horrible. Why cant i just link my regular mastercard to my wallet, the way it is online. I can make purchases online with google wallet using my regular credit card, but to use NFC i have to open a new credit card, or transfer money to a prepaid card....STUPID. Id like to know the idiot at Google that thought of this concept

You can use it anywhere you see the paypass logo. It kinda looks like the symbol for wifi. I hear alot of people using it at McDonalds, 7-11, Best Buy, etc. When I had wallet I used it at vending machines and Jamba Juice too.