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If you're a Google Voice user there's quite the update waiting for you in the Google Play store this afternoon. The newest version ( features tight integration with the Ice Cream Sandwich dialer, a new voicemail option, and the inclusion of labels (think folders) for your inbox. Here's the not-so-fun part -- unless you have a phone with Ice Cream Sandwich, you won't get to see most of it.

All phones will get the inbox labels, which is one thing many folks, myself included, have been waiting for. If you use your Google Voice inbox as a catch-all storage and never delete anything you can now attempt to keep things organized and access it all from your phone. This is the best change for me, but the others are nice as well.

Voicemails are now able to be played through the native Ice Cream Sandwich dialer, just like carrier voicemail. You can adjust the speed to play them faster or slower (handy when skipping to the good part). You enable this in the Google Voice settings, and it's a great way to manage two numbers if that's how you roll. That is how I roll, and it's really handy. Too bad it's ICS only. Hit the break for a couple screenshots of all this, and the download link if you need it.


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Google Voice updated, brings folders and dialer integration for ICS


Will it integrate with customized dialers (Sense, TouchWiz) in the same way or does it have to be the stock ICS dialer?

Must need the stock ICS dialer for full effect. It works mostly the same as it did before on my HTC Vivid with ICS 4.03 & Sense 3.6. The bottom row of 2 screenshots I don't see at all :( I do have folders and ICS look to GV, just no dialer integration.

*sighs* Still no MMS support. I'll never truly be able to ditch the phone number on my phone and go straight to Google voice simply because I still get and receive MMS picts. Thanks Google for yet ANOTHER halfway solution.

PS- And don't tell me to e-mail it to them. Not everyone gets e-mail on their phone.

If they can get/send MMS they can get/send email.

All you have to do is know their provider and then compose the message to their number for verizon for tmobile

The others are out on the web as well. Pretty straight forward.

And for them to send is just typing your email in the To field of the mms message.

Why would I want to ditch my regular number and go with only google voice? And if I wanted to, how can I do that? I still have to pay for my current number. When I setup google voice I used my normal number, how can I get back my google voice phone number?

Nice! I do wish they'd update the visual style just a bit. The list view and conversation views are way less attractive than the stock messaging app.

This is nice, but i wish it showed the transcription of the voice message as well as doing playback.

I'm pretty sure the labels/folders thing is not new. It may be for ICS phones but it's not for us still on the older desserts.

This didn't change anything on my tbolt. I thought it would look like the pics but it's the same old one. Any suggestions?

Hate that you have to manually delete every missed call, voicemail etc one by one.
Need to beable to select multiples and select all option.
Also a way to actualy empty the trash would be nice rather then having to wait 30 days for them to delete. Same with GMail........

Please make shortcuts to specific labels like in gmail so that I can make an icon to directly access voicemail.