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Google has started rolling out a new version of its mobile homepage, featuring an expandable menu on the left, which visitors can use to access a range of the company's mobile services. Similar to the official Google+ and YouTube apps for Android, the latest iteration of for mobile features looks to add more functionality without cluttering up the screen too much. The new menu can be activated by tapping the new button in the top left corner. From there you'll be presented with a list of all Google's mobile services, including Search, Images, Maps, YouTube and Google+, which gets a prominent placement up top.

In addition, there's a redesigned top bar with an area for Google+ notifications, and a shortcut to post to Google's social network. So it seems likely this is part of Google's continuing push to move traffic from Search and other services onto Google+.

The new homepage isn't showing up for everyone yet, and whether you see it or not may depend on the device you're running. For example, our Sony Xperia T running ICS shows the new homepage, but our Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean does not. We imagine Google will continue to roll out the new design to more users and devices in the days ahead.



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Google rolls out new mobile homepage


Got it on my gsm gnex. good to see the google areas collaborated in one area. now if only I could have 4.1.2.....

Nice I love the new mobile look of Google's homepage. It looks amazing on my SGS2 & SGT2! (on my iPod Touch slightly less ;-) ). And a smart step of Google, because they will also reach more users of other mobile OS's than the big Androidâ„¢ and learn how user-friendly Androidâ„¢ is.
I am a big fan of it.

In yet another example of the haphazard shotgun approach of updates to Android, I have the new homepage on my HTC Rezound for both stock & Chrome browsers, but not on my GS3? I'll never understand this silliness but whatever. Android Central says it's meant to be this way with Android so they must be right.

The new look looks brilliant and it has all the stuff import to you in one place.

All that is missing now Jelly Bean on my GS3

I had to do the same thing to my EVO 3D on Sprint. Once I cleared out the cache and history (I cleared my cookies too just for the hell of it), it showed up. I like the feel.

Edit: That worked for the Chrome browser but not for the stock browser. Weird!

shows up on my unlocked Verizon Gnex running stock JB. Well, it's on the stock browser anyway. Not Chrome, which is my browser of choice.

If you have Google Handwrite turned on, the update causes serious problems. You can't open the menu at the top left as well as other weird behavior.

What's really weird is that I was getting the old page but read your comment and decided to try handwrite, so I turned it on and now it's giving me the new page, but handwrite doesn't work so I turned it back off and I'm still on the new page.

Definitely not device specific.

Doesn't show up yet on stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus (JB).

I'm guessing this isn't device based.