Free swag is always nice, especially if it comes to you unexpectedly. Jason, one of our readers -- was taken by surprise by some free swag sent to him in the mail from Google. Being an avid Google Books user someone at Google felt Jason could likely make use of some bookmarks for any of the hard copies he may have in his collection. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyone else receive some of these after purchasing some Google Books? Thanks, Jason for sending these into us!


Reader comments

Google randomly mailing swag to book buyers?


Lol that's pretty cool. But I honestly can't remember ever needing to give the Goog my address for anything? .... why would they have his address to randomly send him things?

I got some of these too, but probably won't use them.

I forgot but I believe you enter your address when you use google checkout for the first time.

Yeah, I got too. I thought it was a nice gesture. I'll most definitely use them. It is amazing though how much of my day-to-day is becoming "googlized"...

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If anybody doesn't want theirs, i'll be happy to have them! I rarely buy books from Google. I live near a B&N.

I got them Monday as well. It was a cute surprise, but I wasn't sure of the point. Bookmarks because I'm buying digital books? Still, not gonna' argue with the gesture.

I have bought one digital book from Google. So it's not about being a major customer or anything. I hope it's to emphasize them making more of a push in the market.

Putting one to use and framing the other three that I got... I have about 800 ebooks and about 600 real books out of the ebooks about 20 are from Google the rest are from my Kindle