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It seems Google has reimposed the limits on device deauthorizations for Google Play Music that were originally put in place a couple of years ago, before being lifted shortly afterwards. The Play Music settings page — and Google's support docs — now inform users "you can deauthorize four devices per year"; go over that limit and it'll tell you "sorry, you've deauthorized too many devices." When that happens you'll need to wait, potentially up to a year, to remove devices from your account and stop them counting towards your 10 device limit. (Max out both limits and you're effectively prevented from streaming Play Music on any additional mobile devices.)

The change means you'll need to think more carefully about which devices you authorize, and how you spend those precious four deauths each year.

The deauthorization limit was unpopular in 2012, and it's sure to cause a few headaches this time around too. It makes life tricker for anyone using a lot of different devices to do their job, such as tech journalists who review phones, and many others working in the mobile industry. We've reached out to Google to find out what's going on, and we'll update this post with any new info as it arrives.


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Google Play Music now limits you to 4 mobile device deauthorizations per year


This is only a problem for phone bloggers. Who honestly needs to rotate between 14 devices a year?

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Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with different phones. ANYONE who uses custom ROMs will run into this limit within weeks.

Sprint is teaching Google how to run a company.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!! (PREPAID)

Now what does this have to do with Sprint, that is just stupid without explanation.
We are talking about Google and the person you responded to was talking about a verizon exclusive

Flashing a custom ROM doesn't seem to affect the count - unless you've got to move to a completely different ROM. I tested it out earlier and no extra device was added but I was still able to download music etc.

Full wipe too. Logged into Google account again and synced everything. All was good. Perhaps they are basing it off the IMEI?

That said, there is an LG G3 on my account which I no longer have. Sold it to my sister a few days ago. I'm unable to remove that device from my account.

No idea when when Google starts counting the year either. Is it calendar year, financial year, otherwise?

Most ridiculous policy change Google have made in a long time.

Yeah I would think it would use the IMEI or serial number to recognize a new device. If not that's completely ridiculous.

I reset my Nexus 7 2 times and it shows up 3 times in Google play on my PC, and that was just factory reset without unlocking and roms.

Suspect they have then.. I reflash my N5 regularly and it's still listed as a single device.

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Probably, yes. But for most people that's not done several times a month. For people who play with custom ROMs, it is.

I just checked mine and I have my device listed seven times. I have used play music since it started but I have the same phone. I have wiped it several times so I think it shows a new device even when you wipe and reinstall the app. I do remember the brewhah this caused way back when. Can't see why it will not happen again. I wonder what's going to happen when I get a new phone in a few weeks...I'll still have this phone linked three times for the next year.

That's what I thought, I have 4 HTC Ones on my account never used a custom ROM.

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That is stupid as hell. The device has an ID and Google Music should recognize that. Even Apple lets you de-authorize devices in itunes without issue. Google needs to rethink this big time.

When it comes to authorizing devices, sure. However, when it comes to authorizing computers, that's another story. Since iTunes and Play Music work differently, it's hard to compare.

Exactly. It even shows the same dam model and everything, however it doesn't bother looking at any of the ID's for that phone. Unless they magically worked out that bug in the last couple hours, the policy will change back in a few weeks just like last time. Google support does recognize when it's the same dam device and will clean things out for you. After enough times, they'll put the old policy back.

Just rooting does not do anything. You can root without changing anything to identify the phone in a different way. If you are talking about putting a ROM on, then that is different

Or days. I have 3 tablets 1 laptop, and 5 phones using my Google music. 5 of these devices I switch ROMs on. This policy change is a major inconvenience & means I need to change how I play music and upgrade phones. I am on Google's All Access service.

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You need to rethink that comment. I rotate through that many devices plus flashing roms. Google tv, tablets, and phones. Adds up quick!

Or for people who flash different roms on your phone. I have the same Nexus 5 6 times on my account right now, because I've tried several different I'm stuck. I change roms on my phone or my tablet and there will be no ability to stream music for me. THATS the biggest reason this sucks.

wipe your device and google music counts it as a new device authorization. I have 3 authorizations of my Galaxy Note 3 because of this. What a waste.

I can confirm factory resetting your device does cause it to show up as a new device (at least if the device in question is a Moto X.) I bought a Moto X last month...set it up and wiped it 4 days later after letting my wife try it out, then set it up again. I now have two "Motorola Motorola XT1060" entries. :(

Why are people constantly wiping their phones?? I have Cyanogenmod myself but I don't constantly wipe my device...

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Yeah, I don't like this at all. I probably go through about 6 devices a year (I rotate phones and I usually go through a tablet or so) and I've ran into the 10 device limit a couple times now. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, every time you wipe a device and reauthorize it, it counts as a new device. Yep. Definitely don't like where this is going for a service that I otherwise have absolutely no complaints about.

There's talk that they're doing it by IMEI which we're still trying to confirm. If so that'd mean wiping a device or flashing a ROM wouldn't use up any extra auths.

That sounds reasonable. Still, I just checked and I currently have 7 devices authorized, three of which I don't own and now cannot deauthorize (I guess I already used my four). I usually sign in with my Google account and test the audio quality of new devices I'm interested in at retail stores, but I guess I won't be able to do that anymore. Is there any confirmation on when the year begins and ends? Is it a calendar year or a year from when you first subscribed to All Access?

Looks like that is the case. I wiped my phone and installed that new L preview image a few hours ago, and it still only lists my Nexus 5 once.

if they were i wouldn't have multiple entries for each of my phones that i've wiped or flashed a rom onto. if they don't change it, i guess i won't go back to play music from spotify, even though i hate their app at least i don't have to worry about this bullshit.

The bigger question is why is it even necessary? If it's an issue with the labels why not just set a cap on concurrent streams, seems far simpler.

Not great for developers either. I have 2 devices running L which will need to be wiped when it is officially released. I also need to flash Kit Kat back on one of the devices for testing. That's already 2-3 deauthorizations to use Google's development images. That doesn't count the Mac I no longer have that needs to be deauthorized, or the possibility that I get a new phone or tablet this year.

If you are developing on a preview, on a device, then you are really doing it wrong.

You have a ton of emulators, including android studio, and the basics to convert to the Material design (if you are just updating an existing app. From what I see, and I am not an android developer expert, upgrading from KK to L will not be that huge a process for apps.

Don't be so ignorant about the difficulty of developing apps. Those emulators you speak of either run like crap(even on expensive PC rigs), or run off x86 and so don't represent what ARM performance is like. Also, don't discount the massive behind the scenes changes in Android L. Even if an app runs fine without much work, if a Dev wants to take advantage of new features they obviously need a device running it to make sure it works.

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That is probably the most unreasonable, ridiculous statement I've read in a while. Do you tell your doctor how to do his job, too? Or do you save that type of unqualified nonsense for those times you're hidden behind a keyboard?

If I am a doctor I sure do tell him from experience.

Since I am a programmer and I have developed apps, yes I am talking from the experience.

You do not develop an app on a phone. You TEST on a phone/tablet, but you sure as hell do not develop on one.

You yourself said you're no expert in Android development, so you still have no room to criticize. Plus, whether he's developing or testing on the device, how does he do either without loading the developer preview on his device? Either way his point stands, and your comments don't hold water.

Better to stay quiet and let everyone think you a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.

No i am not an expert but I am not a novice either. Been there done it quite a bit.

You can do everything in an emulator. This there is no question of. "ohhh its slow".....BS.

You will waste more time in the long run, depending on the number of builds released, wiping and installing the newest build of android L.

You have all the tools available to build a material design, Android L application right now without having to put it on a device. IS that a true statement or not?

As long as they fix the issue where my phone keeps showing up as a new device every time I switch ROMs, I'm good. Apparently, I have 8 Note 3s.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the 10 device authorization limit. But for the life of me, I can't fathom why Google would care how many devices I deauthorize.

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It is probably in the terms of the deal Google made with the labels who appear on All Access. I am sure that the middle men would really like to see one device be one account. If there are many devices on one account they could be getting paid for each one and they probably want to draw a line somewhere. The middle man only has one objective and it isn't making music.

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Can someone explain what "deauthorize" means in this story? Is it like when you take Google Play Music away from a device?

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It doesn't even have to be ROMs. I do a fresh wipe with just about every Android update on my Nexus devices (I have 3). They've done 6 updates in the last year so the math is pretty easy to do...

I do the same (plus bouncing between KitKat and L) and have exactly one entry for the phone.

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My Nexus 4 shows up 4 times under devices... So it isn't yet obvious that they have standardized to a device idea.

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I would be happy to deauthorize my phone's Google Play Music. I have it disabled. Since I've used Android, I have never bought music from Google, EVER. I did on iTunes awhile back, but other than CDs, I don't spend money on music.

Agreed. I buy MAYBE 6 Amazon MP3s per year. Otherwise I still buy CDs when I want an album and then I can rip my own music and control format and bitrate and not worry about this DRM foolishness.

Thats not what this article is about. Also, play music is a content organizer application not just a store front. I have about 48Gb of music uploaded to my play music. I have not bought music in a while either but the idea that sometime this year I could be locked out of that by having a lot of devices that I own connected to my play music account. If I remove four of the seven entries that are my only phone I would still be stuck with three entries of this device until next year. If I buy a new phone and tablet I could be blocked from accessing the music I own because I have hit this 10 device limit google has set up with no way to remove the three entries of a device I don't even use any longer.

Thats what we are saying, no one is worried about buying music. Its having access to our personal music.

And here I was, excited that the update I received this afternoon fixed the Album Art issue created by yesterday's update. This ruined that.

I flash my devices constantly and it always thinks it's a new device. Come on Google, I really didn't want to switch to a different service.

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I'm just guessing, but I imagine 99% of Google Play Music users don't even know what a ROM is. I use Cyanogenmod and just recently flashed the newest nightly for my phone but I still only have one entry in GPM.

Posted from my Motorola Moto G.

There should be no limit on de-auth when it costs close to 10 dollars a month to use the service. Way to lose customers google music.

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This is just stupid beyond belief. I switch phones all the time. You have only 10 devices and I already have some old devices that I haven't bothered deauthorizing. Why the heck would they do this completely idiotic thing? I can understand limiting to 10 concurrent devices to prevent abuse, but what difference does it make which devices would be used?

This isn't really going to affect me, but I'd love to know the reasoning behind this..... It's not making sense to me.

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in a nut shell, they don't want you to be able to just play licensed music anytime you want anywhere you want on any device you want just by typing in your google password. Music industry probably would rather have the device limit set to 1 and only 1 removal a

Seriously why have Google done this? Google Play Music is by design online-only. You can only have one stream on your account to one device at any one time. So it's not like people are signing into their accounts so their girlfriend/mate/Dad/dog can play music in addition to you. It should be noted that a PC is listed as a device as well. So for example if you have a phone, tablet and computer you are up to three authorisations already. If you've been using other computers for playing your music ( and then logged out of your Google Account once done) it could quite easily have hit the 10 devices.

This seems to benefit absolutely nobody for no reason. Those that have All Access would do well just to switch to Spotify.

yeah I might have to lean more on services like this (and the SD card) much more. I change phones a lot because of work (I have a daily phone and usually a tester phone that rotates).

Another work around, that is not a good one at all, is multiple Gmail accounts for reviewers and people like me.

Your wrong there jackwagon, Goggle killed them 2-3 versions ago. I am not sure what the hell I was thinking :-)

We all know that the SD card is useless. /s

Yea man a lot of my friends use Google play music but I've been using Spotify for a couple years now and I am more than pleased. I can install it on as many devices as I want, so long as I'm only listening to it on one at a time. It's the bomb diggity.

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I have a few on my Note, been using milk since it came out which is essentially built on top of one of them (cannot remember which)

I don't understand why the content providers care how many times you change devices, or how many deauthorizations you do. If they don't remove this ridiculous limit, I'll simply cancel my Google Play music subscription and go back to Spotify. Ridiculous, short sighted, medieval attitude. Grow some balls Google and stand up to the content providers.

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I don't know if one is better or worse than another but Amazon is definitely the solution that works best for me.

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What possible difference could it make to them. Unless it's a attempt to stop people from flashing different roms. It's only going to hurt them in the end.

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This is not true, or at least it wasn't as of yesterday. I wiped a Nexus 4 and it appeared as a new device with a new date of yesterday. Previous wipe is listed as a Nexus 4 with a different date.

I'll second that. I am a recovering flashaholic, and ran into this problem when Google pulled this crap the first time. That is why I switched to Spotify.

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So you're saying I own 7 Nexus 5's and 2 oneplus one's? wish I could afford a habit like that. Sad part is that's AFTER I removed 4 devices already this year apparently

I apparently have 9 HTC One m8's and one PC. The sad part is I can't deauthorize any of them and I sold my HTC a week ago and I don't use that PC anymore either. Oh well, I'll just stick with Spotify.

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One issue I have with this is I'm a rom flasher-aholic. Currently I have an S4 with tmobile, but I've noticed if I flash a GPE or international rom it shows up as a different device on google music. I'll have to learn how to control my flash addiction...

or you can just use a service (spotify) that doesn't have this stupid limitation and tell google to piss off!

If it follows the current system of counting then that sucks. If it goes by IMEI number then it'll be a lot better of a system.

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guess I better stop changing phones so often or use western digital my cloud for music

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I'm posting hoping someone from Google reads this. This is stupid. As a custom Romer this limit may even be reached in a day for some. Is that why you are doing this? Cause that is who it is mostly punishing. If that is the case than I can just stop using Google music. On my 64 gb micro sd I have over 11,000 songs, (which I have the choice of doing because I didn't buy a phone that you have too much control of, i.e. the nexus line, which you believe is ok at 16 gb of internal space and that's it. On Google music I have 16,000 songs. But I can just eliminate the use of that with a 128 gb card. I'd rather have access to everything all the time than suck up more battery streaming anyways. 100% cloud being shoved down our throat. That seems more of an dick move Apple would do. I haven't used Google music that much in the past yr. Why? Cause poweramp is better I'm every way except you can't stream music. The sound is much better, the layout and options. And the Google music I do use(rarely at that) is an old version, before the cheap looking whiteness layout.

I'm thinking that this isn't some arbitrary limit that Google thought up to screw over their users. I'd bet the record and publishing weasels are requiring this clause.

I'm glad I don't flash stuff all the time anymore but I could easily run into this limit, just the occasional times I still play with Roms. Guess no using Google music when I just play with a ROM and make sure to always back up my stock rom installation. This is very unfortunate

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I just checked I had two old nexus 5 devices I had to de authorize just from playing with Roms, they need to find a way to make it per imei or something.

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How many people come to this site 10K, 100k? out of the thousands of visitors how many of them does it effect?
For the vast and I mean vast number of Google music users this has no impact on them what so ever.
You guys need to grow up and accept the fact that you can't always have things your way. This sense of entitlement is amazing around here.

But I can have things my way...but since you're so worried about entitlements, maybe you should go to

you might enjoy bending over for companies when they try to give you less, or impose nonsensical limitations, but some people don't.

How are you getting less? Did you guys ever think that the record companies are coming at them about this? Do think they are not going to look at Amazon also?

"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."

If I get locked out of adding a new device to my account bevause I deauthorized too many (which is such a rediculous thing to track) then I am getting less while still being a paying customer.

I use Spotify which doesn't have this limitation, I wanted to go back to play all access, but with this new policy I'll keep my Spotify membership.

Wouldn't the record companies want you to deactivate as many devices as possible so you have to buy their CD in the store and pay retail price?

1. Growing up means that one does not have to accept bad service!

2. Using Play Music is not an entitlement. it's an option that they offer, Google "sells" to us.
This change touches on customer service; and Google's not getting it right on this one.

3. Sure, it's not really a big deal since we have other choices. However...that doesn't change the fact that it's bad customer service by Google.

4. Even compared with Amazon, and the Amazon music players, which also have some limits, the approach is different. For Amazon, if you can't get a device authorized, or it says you've already authorized it/or too many authorizations/all problems of that type, then you can easily call Amazon's help number (actually you go online and ask them to call you!); and they call and they work through the authorization issue v-e-r-y helpfully. . .All very easy --I've done it.

5. So, who cares if the "vast numbers" don't have an issue with this? Service is an objective standard, not determined by subjective conjecture about what "the hordes" will tolerate. Its service, period!

6. Google won't deliver it; but we already know that Google is not known for particularly good customer support anyway.

Then change your music service if this policy is going to cause you so much distress.

"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."

@markbc Funny how this a.w. can only say "change your service"... But I agree, no one cares about vast numbers, they care about the 7.99 or 9.99 (USD) they pay every month and how this type of situation could have some bearing on what you listen to your music on. I use Google Music on my 2 devices and my work computer so I'm goo for now.

Google just created grydlok in the music world. We shouldn't have to manage devices we already sold, or don't use. They should automatically purge after 6 months not count. Imo

I assume you mean 6 months of inactive.

That would be a great way to go. I take back my crazy idea comment from upthread

Like I said this is only going to effect a small percentage of people, if it's going to cause you problems switch to another service.

"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."

I disagree. This will affect anyone who has to factory reset their devices. As I noted elsewhere in these comments, I only have one Nexus 7, but it is currently showing 3 distinct authorizations on my account, and my now sold GS4 has two authorizations, and my now sold Nexus 4 is showing 2 authorizations. Theoretically I would love to deauthorize 6 of those devices, since 4 of them are phantoms and 2 of those devices I no longer own, but I am afraid to if there are only 4 deauthorizations per year. My fear is if I like the new Nexus 6 and want to sell my G3 and move on to that I will need to delete something and I don't want to risk having no available slot should I factory reset my tablet again or one of my other devices.

ALSO, they should tell you how many deauthorizations you have left before you actually try to make one.

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especially when a "normal" user takes their phone for support, they don't do much before suggesting resetting the device. couple times of that and bam, you're at your limit of deauthorizations for the year.

Why bother using Google Music at all, they won't let you remove devices you no longer use or have on the Android Device Manager and now this crap is back. Who do they think they are . . . Google.

I didn't like that rule before. As many devices that I own that use Google Music, I definitely don't like it now.

Posted from my Nexus via the cooler than cool Android Central App

I probably run into this limit within 10 days. Good thing I buy physical cds. I don't lease cars or my phone (full price unlock). No need to lease music (yes I understand there is copyright).

Y'know, I love Google Music and I signed up right away for the discount. But between the let-down service (seriously, Radio a song and it plays the same song several times over the course of a road trip.. that's a ripper) that permits only one device to play at a time (Pandora allows more) and now add in more restrictions. I mean I love Google and I drink the kool-aid in every other part of my life. But at this point it's not such a salient deal. This sort of stuff better result in some ground breaking add-in since they're appeasing the content providers, otherwise it's splitsville sooner than later for their lame music service.

I can see your point but I personally would consider Spotify versus Pandora. My Pandora stations years ago wouldn't even play the genre I set them for... They would go completely off... I personally hate Pandora.

Good Article, thanks.
"The change means you'll need to think more carefully about which devices you authorize, and
how you spend those precious four deauths each year."

Sad, like others said, this is stupid! This new approach is not a consumer-focused policy at all. :-(

For me, however, the change means little. After reading this, I just won't start use Google Music.

I've been leery of committing to it anyway (only bought one or two songs from Play Music in several years) and I am happy I don't use it. Amazon, iTunes, or even direct-from-artist purchases have met my needs.

All custom rom users, especially those who hop among many roms in the course of months (or even weeks), are likely to hit this limit/wall. For them (us!) TIBU can usually restore the old rom's unique Android ID number while restoring programs and program data after any custom install, but that might not suffice or stand up to a Play-Music check. (That's the question).

Just another reason to tread lightly with using Google offerings. . .

If it becomes an issue I will just deactivate my sub. End of story. I won't be heart broken of they don't want my money. :-)

Sent From My Nexus 7

What is the point of limiting DEauthorizations? I can see why Goolge would limit the number of device authorizations. But users should be able to deauthorize any device at any time.

Bad move, Google.

It is simple. If they won't let me add my new phone I am buying through them, then I don't need the service and certainly won't continue paying for it. This could easily make the service useless for many users.

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Talked to customer support to no avail, they stated that they will not help with this effort at all, draconian rules will not be tolerated now a days, I will take my money somewhere else if they don't back track on this one.

So I need to look for a new music service. I feel like All Access subscribers should at least have more deauthorizations or something. Ugh. I have at least five devices on it now.

The labels are clearly behind this. $7.99/$9.99 per month for up to 10 devices? Hmm, beats charges $9.99 for ONE device and $14.99 for up to a family of 5. The labels are deffo involved here. And always, it's all about the mighty dollar.

Well if you believe that to be the case then what is next is the number of authorized devices. If that comes I will be right there with you on that assumption

it's 10 devices, but only one is allowed to stream at a time right? (i haven't really tried to use multiple devices at the same time as far as playback) where the beats deal allows 5 users to stream concurrently...if so, it's not really the same thing

Not so fast.... I tried to de-auth one this morning and couldn't - presumably because I de-auth'd a load a few months ago. This new limit appears to apply retrospectively.

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OK. Easy decision. Was saving 2 bucks a month to get a crappy, confusing service. Now I can use something decent. Already at my limit and I haven't done anything for months.

Posted via Android Central App

Unless the ROM you flash changes the ID of the phone, it does not count as a different device. This "limitation" could have existed and they never made a post about it, and no one would have ever noticed.

That is the real question!
Maybe both of you are right! (although I am not sure. . .)
-- For example, if you factory reset, you'll reinstall apps and they will see same machine but a new DL/install on the machine and that might trigger it.
-- However, what if you flash the "latest and best" Rom and restore --and let TIBU restore your Android ID, and then let IBU restore your previous installation (including) Play music.. . Google might not even know.

So *maybe* flashing a new Rom, restoring the android ID, and then restoring the TIBU version of play from your SD Backup will sidestep this problem. Maybe Google will not know or be alerted about a change in the phone.
This might not work, but it sounds possible ;-) Anyway, anyone who has a Play Music subscription try this flash-restore ID-restore Play music approach and see if it trips the auth/de-auth counter yet?

All that said, however, it does seem kind of silly to have to go through all this just to keep GPlay music running on one's phone/tablet after flashing a new rom. . .This isn't being done for the benefit of we phone users. . . :-(

Stupid decision.. Changed 4 phones in couple of months. What kind of decision is this?

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This will absolutely drive me away from all access. I just checked my account and although I only have one Nexus 7 it shows that decode 3 times, each coordinating with a factory reset of the device, going back to August 2013. So at least fr9m what I am seeing a reset does count as a new authorization.

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Is it possible they changed it, because when I click the link this is all I see, "Google Play Music All Access subscribers can listen to unlimited music on up to four mobile devices."

Does not mention only 4 deactivations

To android central editors, saw Andrew M comment on G+ that this doesn't affect custom ROMs. Yes it does, every time you wipe and flash a new ROM it's a new authorization. Agreed flashing around 10 times or something I currently have to deauthorize previous auths.

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I just deauthorized 5 of my 9. However, they were very old devices that showed up as not being used for several months to over a year (I've had a few replacement Moto X's). Currently my phone, 2 computers and an old phone are authorized. I cannot seem to get rid of the old phone, but it was last used around 2.5 months ago (old Moto X) so perhaps Google is more concerned with currently authorized devices frequently in use?

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Ridiculous, particularly as Google have incorrectly created new devices for me when I have factory reset them and logged back into Google Services. There are 3 of these in my 9 devices now. Pretty simple solution though should they ever block me on a new device from gaining access to a service I pay for: Cancel subscription and stop using services from the company wherever possible.

They need to stop this nonsense.

I just removed a bunch of duplicate devices (mostly my Nexus 5) and didn't get any errors. Perhaps they know it was the same device and it let me remove them all

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Sorry I don't know if somebody already commented this but if you back the Play Music app with titaniumbackup and after the flash restore it you should be fine. Probably won't work for reviewers and such though :/

I went in and checked my authorized devices and had my Nexus 5 on the list 3 times. It seemed liked when I updated to L and I from when i did factory resets on the phone it counted each one as a new device.

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Kiss my purchases goodbye, Google. Draconian at best. Trying to stop people from flashing their phones with custom ROMs I bet.

So, this year i've used: phone, tablet, sonos, pc, other pc, work pc, wife's phone, wifes tablet, warranty replacement phone, warranty replacement phone again. You get into any upgrades, and I can see this limit being a real issue even for non-bloggers, non-flashers (hehe).

Simple solution would be to call up customer service when you reach your limit and tell them you are unable to use the service you're paying for. I'm sure they will either refund you your money or reset your limit.

Worst case you can just create a new account and use that until you reach your limit. I've never used this Google Play Music before but it doesn't sound terribly complicated. And there seems to be no justification to a device change limit other than to maybe keep people from hacking the planet?

Huh. And I was just thinking about switching to all access. This makes that decision a whole lot easier. Guess I'll stay on Spotify after all.

edit: and I do own music on google play. I'll have to make sure not to buy any more. I'll stick to Amazon I guess if I want to buy a song/album.

Guess what will be the android central podcast response - It's only tech reporter problem, normal people don't change phones.

Wrong - there are small percent of tech enthusiasts who change phones more often than you, and there is more larger crowd flashing custom roms. So don't be supporting Google on this.

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The limit seems to be retro-active.I haven't removed any devices for a couple of months but if I try to remove any device that has a Last Used date I get told "Sorry, you've deauthorized too many devices.".

Looks as though they have changed how they count a device. Before, whenever I would wipe a device it would show up as a new device. Today it did not.

I had to factory reset my Nexus 10 a few days ago when the auto-rotate stopped working. I can confirm that it changed the device ID. Thankfully, I can also confirm that Titanium Backup worked to restore the device ID, and also after I restored my apps + data, including Google Play music, I was able to continue using Google Play Music without reauthorizing.

If enough people complain about this I'm sure they will notice.
I went to the SEND FEEDBACK option in Play Music app and left a stern complaint.

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Three of the devices on my account are the same exact device...Google Asus Nexus 7! If I deactivate two of those, then I only have two left. Oh wait, I had an LG G2 get run over by a car and changed to a I'm down to 1. STUPID!

M: Hi Google
G: Hi M
M: I have a problem with my phone, I cannot connect to google services... I'm unable to send or receive any email, google now is not working and play store does not show my apps. I have tried to wipe cache and reinstall the apps... nothing....
G: I sorry to hear you have issues with our product. I will try to assist you to resolve this problem.
G: In order to regain access to your google apps you will need to factory reset your phone as it would seem that PlayServices app has been corrupted and it will not allow to connect to our servers...
M: OK I will try this and let you know.

The next day:
M: Hi I have done everything as per your instructions and it has resolved my issues
G: Thats great.
M: However, now I'm unable to play any music via PlayMusic App. It says I need to deauthorise a device but I cant do anything
G: Ohh, it appears you have reached your yearly limit of 4 deauthorisations after your previous Factory Reset.
M: How do I get this sorted out?
G: You cannot,

The day I am told I cannot add another device to my authorized devices, I'm heading straight to Play Store to cancel my subscription and then to Spotify to get a subscription.

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Whaaaat!?!? A consumer product has limitation that won't affect 95% of their customers!?!? No way!!!

On a side note. I understand the argument against this but it only affects phone bloggers and people that flash roms constantly. You want this service to work? Use the phone you purchased as intended by Google and the OEM and stop screwing with sh!t.

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Nonsense. Many have more than one Android device and many have to reset them from time to time. Add on Chromebooks and laptops (mine appear in my list) and it is easy to run out of available devices.

Google promote their services as cross platform and encourage users to use them at their convenience on any available device (the benefit of cloud services). This undermines that completely and removes the frictionless nature of their services, undermining trust in them. This is not a 5℅ problem.

Anybody know of a good Google Music to Spotify playlist transfer utility? I left Spotify for Chromecast support, but now it looks like I'm going back.

That's weird I'm only showing 4 authorized devices now. Could of sworn I had more when I checked yesterday.

Usually when u flash a ROM or wipe your device shows up multiple times but since they have done this I flashed 6 ROMs and my device has shown up only once without me deactivating anything so I guess they changed the way google music reads your phone. But still I swap phones out alot and I have all my music production uploaded to Google so I can listen whenever. I hope they change this soon or I'll just create my own Cloud Drive from Western digital. I hope I don't have to do that lol

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I was just able to remove a couple of devices, whereas yesterday I could not as I was at my limit. Perhaps they have seen sense or perhaps just reset everyone to 4 deactivations. Who knows? With no comment from Google we are in the dark.

Yeah I have 3 entries for my G2....
I'm selling it as soon as T-Mo pays Sprint for my ETF. It's stupid that I'll have to use 3 of 4 the de-authorizations on one device. And I didn't even ROM the G2 as much as my S2. Every week I'd have to de-authorize S2s from my GPM to use my newest ROM.

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Just upgraded my rhapsody unradio to premier and loving it so far. Looking forward to music freedom on t-mobile. Will be cancelling by 7.99 subscription to Google music. Have you guys also noted how much background data Google music uses????!????

Is there a place we can go to register our complaints? That's really stupid. I'll burn through that in no time.

Guess I won't reflash my phone after all.

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This is retarded. It even keeps any PCs you've reinstalled Windows on as one of the devices. I had so many ghost PCs listed. I thought I could remove them all then got the 4 limit locked. So stupid.

Youi can call google play support here, Tell them you have had your devices replaced and repaired multiple times and you need all your devices on the authorization list cleared

Took me 10 minutes (855) 836-3987, call them give them your info, tell them you have been dealing with alot of phone problems/tablet problems and the authorizations need to be reset so you can authorize your new replacement devices.