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Bradley Horowitz, the man pulling the strings behind Google+, has been speaking today at the LeWeb 12 conference in London. Several partners were announced for the social platform, including Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver and Vitrue, who are all now "trusted partners." Perhaps more interesting though, is the addition of Flipboard to that list. 

Opening up the Google+ API to Flipboard will mean a proper integration of the two platforms. Users of Flipboard will soon be able to comment on, and +1 Flipboard articles, as well as sending Flipboard content to their Google+ circles. 

It's pretty big news, especially considering that it somewhat steps on the toes of Google's own news application, Google Currents -- in which Android Central has over 380,000 subscribers, so thank you! Obviously, being a Google application, Currents already has a leg up in this area, todays news just means that Flipboard will be on a more level playing field when it comes to Google+. It's a smart move though, Flipboard is going to be huge, and why would we want to share on Facebook and not Google+?

The other question this raises, is whether or not Google are getting closer to releasing the Google+ API publicly. This has to be a step in the right direction, and who knows, maybe something will be announced at Google IO next week? 

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Google+ opening its API to Flipboard, integration coming soon


Seriously, this is exactly why I'm such a big google products enthusiast. Despite the fact that flipboard is a competing product, they still do what's good for business and us, the end user. You have to respect that.
Unlike Apple, which is so competitor unfriendly, and so stuck up, that its stick up its ass, has its own stick up its ass, so deep in, that no common sense and user concern is ever any priority.

Oh holy hell no. Google is so anti competitor that it borders on the ridiculous. Tell me how easy is it to share pictures with others from Picasa web album. The only real way to do it is if the others are on G+. What about integration with twitter? Nope. What about Facebook? Nope. Everything Google does is designed to push G+, period. Now I have no problems with this from the standpoint they are trying to compete with Facebook. OK fine. That's great. They are a business. That is what they do. But from a consumer standpoint it isolates how we integrate with other social network other then G+.
Meanwhile lets take a look at Microsoft who doesn't have a social network and as such is all over cross social network compatibility. The worst I've seen from them is forcing people to use skydrive for a Windows 8 account.

But Google? This is why I'm 100% opposed to some of the markets they have gone into. there is a massive conflict of interest here.

Meh, sharing from Picassa was hard before G+ existed. And if you really want to share you CAN get a link to a photo (or album) and share it, albeit manually.

What's so hard about sharing a picture on Picasa Web Albums?
Shoot picture, upload to web album from gallery, still in gallery select that web album, tap picture, tap share, and send the URL via what ever means.

Seriously, its drop dead simple, and NO, I have never signed up for google plus.

This sounds like Google hate, layered with disinformation, sprinkled with nonsense, and half-baked in searing rage.

Meanwhile we still have to use the craptastic Google Voice app because Google is being a dick about putting out an API for voice. I've come to the conclusion that voice is bordering on abandonware. There is zero progress on it, meanwhile you have G+ getting all kinds of attention, all kinds of updates, all kinds of nifty features.

Any chance you'll start publishing android central content to flipboard? Like Engadget and The Verge

EDIT: It looks like you can only publish to Flipboard Pages if they let you, for now.

About a week ago on my G+ account I posted and Suggested that Google Acquire Flipboad and now I see this... Looking good. I would love to see Google Acquire more companies