Google Now

Google Now just got even more useful, adding a number of new things it can keep an eye out for through your Gmail account. That includes flights (you can see my hop out of NYC was canceled), restaurant reservations, hotel confirmations, events and packages. Basically, it's getting really close to mimicking a lot of what apps like Tripit and Slice can do.

Also in the update are some new cards, such as nearby attractions and photo spots, movie openings, concerts and more, Google says. Plus, there are new voice actions for launching apps, scheduling meetings and checking on upcoming appointments.

This is all part of the Android 4.2 improvements, as well. Have a look in Google Play and get your upgrade on!


Reader comments

Google Now adds a slew of new trackable features


Wish this was released last week... getting flight information to stick to Google Now this weekend was a hassle. Will help with Thanksgiving travels at least though!

Don't you love it when a new version of android and device gets announced, we start receiving all these updates for apps:)))

Launching apps will be a nice feature for in the car while driving. Still won't post to social media, but I don't really need that feature.

I do love new products that always means new app updates!

Wish we can get that camera update asap.

Now it can also open apps, create calendar events, set reminders for a longer time... :D So fun it becomes a better assistant

Can it pull in NCAA football or basketball scores yet?

And can I send a text message completely hands free without having to click to confirm?

Yay! I look forward to seeing half of this functionality arriving in Sweden late this century! :)