Google Maps updates to v5.6.0

Another quick update for Google Maps has rolled out today putting it at v5.6.0. The latest update just simply adds the option to rate a restaurant as "Best ever" plus, adds restaurant awards to their Places page if they have one set up. Nothing major -- but least now if you really dig that burger joint down the road you can proudly proclaim it as the best ever! Download link after the break, folks.

Thanks, Shayne!


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Google Maps updates to v5.6.0


Seemed like a pretty useless update to me.

I can't imagine this little "best ever" feature was worth the bandwidth to google, and I suspect there were some other bug fixes slipped in there somewhere.

Best ever?

I get ticked off when people use that term. Surely there was something that was the "best ever" before that existed and there will be something that is the "best ever" in the future

Hopefully it will basically be a way to give a 5 star review to just one restaurant at a time. I dunno if you noticed, but the restaurant reviews have no median curve; they are very heavy on the top end. In my area, almost every restaurant, even the downright average ones, get 4+ stars. It takes a HORRIBLE restaurant to get a 3 or below. This will (I hope) help review-seekers to find the actual creme of the crop when browsing on Google. That, or it's just a ploy to start tying more social features in to the Google suite of personal data retention.

Edit: Yes, the "best ever" is like giving a place a "6 star" review, with the caveat that you are allowed to have just 10 "best ever" reviews outstanding at any given time.

Thanks Chris
I think this one loads the maps faster, with WiFi as well as without WiFi... Best Ever is just a term for the simple minded to get excited about and makes the WANT the product, research or actually using the product is what the smart ones do before they comment on a product weather it is the "Best Ever" of its just crap...

I hope there are some bugfixes, performance improvements, or other new features in this update other than a useless "best ever!" rating. I don't even use the Places feature of Maps.

I wish they would remove "Places" & "Latitude" from the Google Maps app & just give them their own app so we don't have to have it forced down our throats if we don't want them.

A slimmer Maps app would be nice...along with it not constantly running in the background because of these useless location services.

Is there a way to prevent Google Maps from updating automatically

Every time i enable the "3G connection" or Wi-Fi , it starts updating , even if i disabled the "BackGround data" & i can't get to the details of it in the market , always "App not found"

Its annoying for "Google Maps" to force it way to my phone
I don't want the update (Im good with the version i have , even though i barely use it) & i don't have the 10MB that the update wants , not without getting that unbelievably annoying "Low Storage"

The new traffic widget is very nice, came in handy today as I drove to a meeting. Why El Goog did not make mention of it is beyond me.