Google Keyboard Prediction Settings

New feature is on by default, but just as easy to turn off as any other setting

The Google Keyboard was updated today with the same changelog as the last version, but one thing that's definitely new about the input method is personalization of suggestions from your Google account. After updating the Google Keyboard, the bar above your keyboard that usually shows predictions will now remind you that the predictions will be improved by data Google has related to your activity in other Google apps.

Predictions are already improved by your own dictionary of words and your contact list, but this takes things to a whole new level by looking at the way you type across other apps as well. This isn't anything new — it's one of the big features of SwiftKey — but it should improve the typing experience for anyone that wants to go with Google's keyboard option.

For anyone who doesn't want this enhanced prediction, the setting is easy to find and uncheck — the first time you see the notice after updating there's even a quick button to head into the settings and disable it. And if you're like me and turned off the predictions even prior to this update, you won't even see these word suggestions in the first place. If you're a Google Keyboard user you may want to give it a look before judging though — you can do so at the Play Store link above.


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Google Keyboard now improves suggestions by looking at your other Google services


I, as well as my family, love SwiftKey. We can't do without.

I think it's great Google is emulating SwiftKey. It'll make the Google keyboard much more efficient. I wonder if SwiftKey has Intellectual Property patents on their fantastic predictive capabilities as well as SwiftKey Flow.

I don't believe Flow is IP, as other companies (Swype, amongst others) have implemented similar functionality into their respective keyboards.

Oh, and yeah, I also love Swiftkey! Best. Software. Keyboard. EVAR!! One of the very first things I do, when setting up a new phone (or re-setting a phone after a factory reset) is installing Swiftkey. I've become so used to Swiftkey, that I couldn't possibly ever go back to using the stock Samsung keyboard.

Are you having an issue with your note and SwiftKey? When I shut my phone down it clears out SwiftKey as the default and goes back to Samsung

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I think my s3 used to do something similar though this was on 4.1.2 which the note 3 never saw.

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Are you referring to the tablet? Every time I shut down my Note tablet, the keyboard gets reset to the stick keyboard. I have heard that this is a problem, but I have not tried to figure out why. I have no issue on my Note 3.

I absolutely used to have that issue. But, it was more of an issue with a recent ( at the time) Swiftkey update vice the Note 3 itself. A subsequent update fixed that issue.

But, I won't lie, while I was having that issue, it would drive me crazy. Hell, the Samsung keyboard makes me want to punch holes in walls, lol.

Thanks everyone!

I am with ya merc, that stock keyboard stinks when you get SwiftKey.

As far as I can tell I am up to date with SwiftKey, I guess I will reinstall

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Absolutely think SwiftKey is the best. Occasionally, I like a change of pace and I'll use Swype or the Google keyboard. Inevitably, I always go back to SwiftKey.

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I don't think that Google is emulating Swiftkey as much as they both have similar features. Swiftkey never once mentioned it had copy rights to the virtual keyboard auto predict feature, how can they? Pretty much every virtual keyboard out there worth their grain of salt has an auto predict feature of some sort.

I noticed that it was suggesting the names of people in my Google+ circles a couple of days ago. Haven't really noticed anything else though...

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2

I noticed after I updated that the "popup on key press" animation is different. The animation is much, much smoother than before, and more noticeable. I think they slowed it down, so now it's less abrupt.

LG G2 with Kitkat. I checked Playstore and I have latest version of Google Keyboard V2.0.19133.927933a. Not seeing the "Personalized Suggestions" option.

Is this a "trollout?" Because I dont have the update. Guess I'll wait this out

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I've had too many auto-correct fails with Swiftkey recently. I've switched to Kii Keyboard, which has most Swiftkey features, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

The new SwiftKey beta has fixed most of those issues FYI.. I was getting frustrated too but their most recent beta has made me feel better about it

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I'm on Verizon with the note 3, but I don't see the personalization option in the settings for the Google keyboard. Anyone else having this problem. The app is showing as updated in the Play Store.

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Will the update improve when I type the letters d o n t, and auto correct to "don't"? It's been pissing me off that "don't" isn't even one of the 3 options. All I get is DONT, dont and Don't. I've tried Swype and SwiftKey in the past but I usually go back to stock because I prefer to peck each letter of the word.

And stop assuming I am trying to spell "amd" and juat".

Can somebody tell me what is the app name of the icon next to the facebook messenger one ? Thanks.

I don't know why everyone is so on Google's case? While I'm in total agreence with the fact that Google keyboard is no Swiftkey or Swype, I'll also say that Google isn't necessarily trying to be. What Google lacks in features it makes up for in other areas. One thing that Google keyboard can do that other keyboards cannot is phrase typing. Google keyboard can literally type out entire sentences without ever lifting your finger from the keyboard just from being programmed and saving phrases to the dictionary.