HoneycombNot content with merely releasing the Android 3.0 SDK, Google's invited a smattering of press to its Mountain View campus on Feb. 2 for a closer look at Honeycomb. Didn't get your invite? That's OK, because the entire shindig's going to be streamed at YouTube.com/android.

The event starts at 1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST, and is expected to last about an hour and a half.

It should be interesting to see just how much more Google shows us of Honeycomb; they've slowly been lifting the veil since CES earlier this month. Will we see more for tablets? Honeycomb for phones? We'll find out Wednesday. [via Engadget]


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Google invites the entire world to a Honeycomb preview on Feb. 2



Don't get me wrong...I'm happy that Google is aggresnif with their release schedule but one wonders what the point of gingerbread is with honeycomb already so close to release. I wonder if its frustrating for the devs. Like, why dive into gingerbread if bigger and better things are already announced for honeycomb?

What so hot about gingerbread anyway when we have some of the updated apps from gingerbread already...The keyboard, maps, market, you tube etc. I know there's internal upgrades but they can skip gingerbread and give me honeycomb.

Ditto! Im excited about honeycomb, but I also wonder which devices will see it and how it is optimized for phones as compared to tablets. I watched the preview from the link and I have to say Im liking where the UI/ecosystem is evolving to. Very nice flow (at least on the demo video).

@BobGoogol Eastern Daylight Time, but since it's still winter it probably should have been EST.

(From Wikipedia) In the United States and Canada, this time zone is generally called Eastern Time (ET). Specifically, it is Eastern Standard Time (EST) when observing standard time (winter), and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) when observing daylight saving time (summer).

I knew what EDT and EST stand for, I was just a little confused as to why it Daylight Time was used. Thanks for the clarification.

Until I have Gingerbread on my OG Droid I couldn't care less about Honeycomb. And for those who ask why they should care about Gingerbread when some Gingerbread apps are already available, the answer is IMPROVED AUDIO. Froyo audio, especially audio recording, SUCKS compared to iPhone - even compared to Palm Classic! Gingerbread is supposed to fix that.

Man, everyones got and event next month...Google, Apple, Dell, Sprint, hp/Palm, Samsung,, MWC...wtf...who's next? To top it off the Verizon Iphone launch.

Hmmmm........iPhone is being released Feb 3 isn't it, I wonder if they are trying to steal the thunder!!......lol