Google+ Recommendations

A simple and unobtrusive way to suggest more relevant content to users

Website operators with mobile versions of their site can now simply and quickly include code that suggests additional content based on information from Google+. The suggestions will rise up as a small bar from the bottom of the site, and only when the user scrolls up -- similarly to the way interface elements hide and show in some of Google's Android apps. The small bar shows a Google+ logo and a recommendation, which will be based on Google+ activity such as +1's and shares, as well as content from the current page you're viewing. Tapping the bar will expand the recommendation to the full page, with a scrolling list of cards of different page recommendations. For example when browsing Android Central, a recommendation page will show other articles +1'd by people in your circles. You can then +1 those posts directly and tap them to read in a new tab.

Google+ Recommendations Google+ Recommendations

Any website with a Google+ page can easily enable Google+ recommendations with a single line of javascript on the mobile site, and additional tweaks can be made from the Google+ page dashboard. Once enabled, the recommendation bar will show for users running Android 2.3.3 and above, in both the stock Android Browser and of course Chrome.

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brendilon says:

This could be interesting. I'll be curious to see what it gives as recommendations. I could see a list of recommendations with the first one being Sponsored.

Metallinatus says:

Just tested on this site and really liked, I wonder how well this will get adopted by the other sites....

DWR_31 says:

Now this just looks nice.

Looks good now. Just curious when it becomes more common how many ads will be blasted in front of you compared to the sites that it will feed.

L00613 says:

This Really works! Google is amazing!!!!!

TheDu9du says:

Do you mean unobtrusive because it's on Google + and no one really checks that

Nice picture

I will truly appreciate it am able to login
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deadlock4400 says:

@Andrew Martonik

thanks for the cool information.

I think you'd be interested in Primal's blog post titled "You're recommending what? For who?? (Or how to fix your recommendation engine" which can be found here:

Feel free to let us know what you think!