Gingerbread to AOSP soon

While we still don't have a definite date, Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru lets us know that we'll be seeing Gingerbread in the AOSP tree soon after the Nexus S ships.  My geeky side is all tingly, as this means we can expect it on our Nexus One at any time after.  Oh and that means these guys you might have heard of, that work on this thing called CyanogenMod, can get their groove on.  Say it with me guys ... giggity. [@jbqueru via @morrildl]

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ShaneOryan says:

CM7 on my OG Droid > grape fruit rollups

Droid hungry says:

What exactly is AOSP???

Android Open Source Project

KwietStorm says:

Really dont understand why the Nexus One has to wait, and I really hope its not something contractual with Samsung. The N1 is already available and the update is coming straight from Google to their own platform. I call shenanigans.

EvanJ18 says:

New google phone needs to be the first to ship with the new android os. it cant be the the second.

tgrant1975 says:

Just let me know when it ready for my evo. All this talk about it is just getting aggravating.

I want it now on my X!! C'mon Google.....

jaeisber says:

I've lost interest in gingerbread. I want honeycomb!

fractalbit says:

haha so true :D (but i still want gingerbread :D)

briankurtz79 says:

Honeycomb wont be on cellphones

jaeisber says:

You are misinformed, because it will be on cellphones. Honeycomb is *optimized* for tablets but still runs on phones. Think iOS4 with the iPhone and the iPad. Same OS running on 2 different form factors.

When Rubin showed off the new Motorola Tablet with Honeycomb, it was said clearly in there that Honeycomb has multiple APIs built in that will allow for applications to be viewed differently between a phone and a tablet. The old rumors that it was only for tablets has long been discredited.

Here is AC's post on Rubin's keynote for reference:

Asterisk says:

Nexus S is boring, Gingerbread is boring, Honeycomb is boring. Give me BETTER GAMES, APPS and RECEPTION!.

KwietStorm says:

Yea let's stop with OS updates and just release games. Have you tried a gaming console?

dwt10 says:

Gosh, now where is Kahula Mousse Brownies v 5.8