Froyo on the Samsung Transform  Froyo on the Samsung Transform

Android hackers have done it again, and the Samsung Transform now has a stable Froyo port.  The front facing camera and rear camera flash isn't working, but that's a fair trade off to have a working version of Android 2.2.1, especially since Sprint themselves seem to have no clue about the upgrade path of the Transform.

The installation looks really straightforward and while slightly technical, the instructions are easy to read.  Follow them closely and you should have no problems getting things up and running.  Hit the source link to get started. [SDK Developers via @jibustillo]


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Froyo ported to Samsung Transform


Google really needs to start working with manufacturers to have phones all on the same OS at the same time. This is one weakness might be their downfall in the future. Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, this is becoming crazy. Iphone, Microsoft, WebOS you hear me? I'm on the fence

I agree. But I think it's the manufacturers lack of commitment to the devices. They just want money & then on to the next new phone

The folks over at SDX Developers have also managed to get 2.2 ported to the Samsung Moment as of this weekend.

Jerry I Was just going to email android central about this. Looks like someone beat me to it. Anyways, anyone else should also know there is no bluetooth and the most recent release (rc2) have wifi problems that can be fixed via command. Anyway glad to see some froyo and that it is probably a better version than sprint or samsung could ever release. Im rocking Rc1 which seems to be the most stable cause rc2 wouldnt support wireless tether for some reason.