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Now that we've got one of those new-fangled Google+ URLs, it's never been easier to follow Android Central on Google's social network. Hit up and follow us to keep on top of all the latest news, reviews, live coverage and community happenings!

Also, Phil apparently got one, too. Catch him at

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I used to follow Android Central, but I stopped. AC just seems to post links to every story from the news page, which by the time I check G+ I've already read the articles on AC. So it just clogs up my stream with stuff I've already read. (No offense.)

I do follow all the AC contributers though ... you guys rock

So how were you notified that you could register a custom URL? I've been keeping an eye out for some sort of notification, but I'm not sure where to look for it.

Google is currently only making this option available to people and businesses that it deems most important. If you want the vanity URL, keep checking your profile for an activation option. You should be getting an email soon.