SwiftKey has already announced their new Flow keyboard and started sending off word that beta invite emails will be imminent, but aside from the original video released, we've not seen a whole lot of it in action. That changes today. Pay particular attention to the space bar here. That appears to be new. Swipe down through the space bar and just keep on going. You don't have to lift a finger. Full phrases in one fell swoop. Er, swipe.

We're still waiting on the actual beta to drop, but this video certainly makes it look like we'll see it soon.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, anon!


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'Flow through Space' video appears, offers a new look at SwiftKey Flow


I'd go batty if I had to peck-type everything. I love Swype. Not sure what the advantage is of Flow over Swype...or if they're just trying to catch up.

They are trying to catch up. The biggest advantage is there is no good Swype solution in the market today. You can only get Swype if your phone has it pre-installed.

FlexT9 was the best keyboard, even better than Swype, but when Nuance bought Swype they pulled FlexT9 off of the market.

Actually anyone can install Swype on their phone, just have to side load it which is pretty easy. Doesn't require root, but does require you to check a box and then you're golden. The drawback is that they have to label it as beta, since they technically have a full release version on phones other than the ones that come with it reloaded.

That is correct and I've sideloaded Swype in the past, but that is why i specifically said "in the market".

For some folks the convenience of having an app in the market makes a world of difference....I'm one of those folks.

Gotcha, thought you were referring to "the market" in general. Since it is now called the Play Store. My bad!

Major advantage is the ability to type multiple words without lifting your finger or having to go near the space bar. That's is super useful and I'm not sure by Swype hasn't thought of it.

Only down side I see is that we loose Dragon speech to text if we convert over to SKF.
Also, SKF doesn't have the dictionary syncing that Swype has incorporated recently. It's a god-sent especially if you are a crack flasher. Dragon speech to text actually recognizes things that I say that are specific to my everyday language (like nicknames I have for people that don't exist in the English language and non english words like "Sifu" and "Wing Chun"

The trace input method has me one over I was a skeptic at first but it is so much faster than typing. Having SwiftKey get swiping and it's text predictions is the best of both worlds.

Swyping is always faster and more accurate, but sometimes one does have to use the keyboard when using a lot of acronyms.

I LOVE swype, honestly have never used anything else since switching to Android from my near perfect BB keyboard.

I've heard nothing but great things about SwiftKey, but I'd miss my Swype. I'm really looking forward to trying Flow though.

"Swyping is always faster and more accurate..."

I can't really agree with you on this. The reason why many use SwiftKey over Swype is because it's much more accurate. The Predictive Text feature is probably the best I've ever used. I used to be a big Swype fan but ultimately chose SwiftKey. However, I admittedly sometimes miss the swiping feature. Coupling swiping with SwiftKey's predictive text, should be pretty amazing.

I tried Swype a couple of times in the past and after the novelty wore off in 20 minutes, I found myself returning to the downright psychic SwiftKey every time. The problem for me was that Swype would frequently decide that it knew better what word I was trying to input and any time I'd made up before would be lost as I erased, reswiped, erased, reswiped, erased, pecked out the damn word. If there was a question as to my intention, it should've popped a selection box, but nooooooooooo! Swype was gonna do what it wanted, so I did what I had to and went back to SwiftKey.

And who are these trolls sneering that they're copying and/or trying to catch up to Swype? It's like the Apple trolls who claim Google Now is a Siri ripoff.

I used to swear by Swype. It amazed my friends and was leaps and bounds ahead of the HTC stock keyboard. However, SwiftKey's accuracy trumped it by saving me even more time and effort! This sounds like the perfect combination of predictive perfection and Swypey-awesomeness.

Send me my Beta invite! :D

I have a NOTE 2 and noticed, "continuous input" on the keyboard setting changed to "swiftkey flow."

If it's the actual version then they have a lot of work to do. I was really excited for it, but after 5 minutes of practicing typing I went back to SWYPE. Anyone know if it's the legit version that's been popping up on the NOTE?

I have not tried Samsung keyboard I went straight to swype.
However, I did use their handwriting keyboard and it is pretty good... the stylus input was one thing I missed from my Window Phone 6 days.

This looks pretty awesome. I use swype all the time, but I'd love to be able to not lift my finger at all when typing in my text!

I must be the only person that thinks the new JB keyboard with built in swype is the bees knees! I've abandoned all other 3rd party keyboards and just use stock now.

I last 2 releases of Swype haven't worked well (taking forever to load unless you disable sync); so I'm excited to try Swiftkey Flow. I tried Swiftkey before but I was so used to Swype that I missed it too much. I'm excited to see how the 2 technologies come together; could be my new KB of choice.

I will also check out the stock KB in 4.2; but I don't have 4.2 yet on my GNEX.

Add a row for number keys ala the Note 2 keyboard and the option to use alternative input methods like the stylus handwriting input pad, and SwiftKey would be great for me.