Dyzplastics S03p06 preview

Well, Dyzplastic is still churning out their oh so lovable Android collectibles. Today they released the design of part 6 in their third series of collectibles.The latest collectible features a "cry-on" design which is obviously a play off of Krylon spray paint. If you missed out on parts 1-5 be sure to check them out in Dyzplastic's September archive.

Back to the "cry-on" design, it's more than just a pretty paint job. I know I let out a chuckle when I saw its hidden "feature." Check out the video after the break and see for yourself.

Series 3 should be available to purchase soon, with details on a release schedule being unveiled tomorrow.

source: Dyzplastic

Side note, who has some of these things? I've got two myself. Let's see some pics of yours in the comments!

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Dyzplastic previews Series 03 pt 6 of their Android collectibles


seeing as how its from the original series, I'm kind of attached to it. :P Send me a PM in the forums if you want to try to convince me, lol