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If you’re a comic fan and you use an Android device, you’re definitely going to want to check out the DC Comics app. Now of course if you’re a Marvel-only guy/girl, this probably won’t be the app for you. But if you’re a fan of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, or any of the other characters from DC’s universe, I’d highly recommend this app.

The home screen displays three tabs up top that allow you to navigate through the app. The My Comics tab allows you to view all of the comics that you’ve purchased, see those that have been recently downloaded or viewed, and filtered by series and creator. The Featured tab is much like the featured apps in the Play Store; it displays a variety of titles, both free and paid, from different superheroes. In addition to the featured material, you can see the comics that were just added or narrow them down to free-only. The final tab, Store, allows you purchase any of the comics within the app. You can search for a particular title, browse by series, genre, creator, publisher, most popular or storyline and also browse the free section.

One thing that I like about the app is that when you are ready to purchase a comic, the transaction is handled through the Play Store, so you don’t have to give your credit card to the app. When you purchase a comic, it will download it straight to your device so that you can start reading. If you want to ensure that your space is sufficient, you can go into the settings, where there is an option to manage storage. That is the only place in the app where you can delete a comic from your device. I wish it was easier to delete content, maybe in a future update.

This is a great app if you’re a comic fan and obviously if you are favorable to the DC universe. It allows you to purchase and view comics right from your Android device. With The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters in about a month, this is a good time to get acquainted with the source materials that Christopher Nolan has drawn from.

DC Comics is a free app from the Google Play Store. We've got download links and screenshots after the break.

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DC Comics [Android App Review]


Since it is driven by Comixology, and both Marvel and DC, as well as MANY other publishers, are available through the general Comixology app, why, aside from branding, have multiple apps?

Yeah, why anyone would use the separate apps vs having them all in Comixology I've never understood.

I only read DC Comics and it is much easier finding purchased comics for download by using the DC only app. It only displays relevant featured comics too. Just like Android itself, it is VERY nice to have choices.

while digital comics are great and being able to have a bunch on one device is really convenient, don't forget to support your local comic book store.

This is purely for DC only fans. If you buy Marvel and other independent books, the comixology app is better.

I love the Comixology platform and I understand they're paid by DC to put this app out, but honestly it just causes confusion with casual users who don't understand the difference between the main Comixology app and these "branded" versions that filter the content to a specific publisher. I'm primarily a DC fanboy but I do also read other stuff, so what is the point of an app that filters everything else out? All you need to read these DC books is the Comixology Comics app, nothing else. You get the same pricing, the same sales, everything.