Andy Rubin Android K version

Dunno how we all missed this during Google IO -- but we did. There in the demonstration of how you can resize widgets is either a fun little Easter egg, or a very excited Andy Rubin, who on May 6 apparently sent an e-mail with the following subject line:

K release — I've got the BEST name ever ...

Now all we have to do is figure out just what ol' Andy came up with. Any ideas?

Thanks, Brodie!

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fryhole says:

Koala Bear Milkshake


jordanetodd says:

Kettle Corn!

INK says:

I think this is what its going to be not alot of k's. Hey guys what about android version L?

Daptonic says:

Klondike Bar

BrianTufo says:

Damn you took my idea!

E_man says:


stellarforce says:

I bet it's Kiwi.

ibejack96 says:

it has to be in the form of a sweet

ibejack96 says:

it has to be in the form of a sweet

brodieduncan says:

I find it has to be Key Lime Pie like the J release has to be Jellybean

ZDriver says:


squiddy20 says:

Key Lime Pie!

Wookiee says:

When I read it, my first thought was, "What's so special about the name Andy Rubin? It's not THAT great..."

Come on, I couldn't have been the only one...

doncerda says:

hahah nope i thought the same thing... say the K release part but didn't pay it much mind

dchanson says:


Krispy Kreme (huge, mind blowing merger where Google purchases Krispy Kreme donuts...)

Krispy Treat (who doesn't love rice krispy treats)



Keilbasa Sausage...

albie1937 says:


is "K release" a reference to the next version of android?? did i miss "J" ?

"J" has not been announced but most people assume the obvious "Jello" just like the something to do with ice cream for "I"

icebike says:

Jello is a registered trademark. So it won't be that.

onixblack says:

Jell-O is copyrighted not Jello...

Dementius#AC says:

No, Jello is definitely copyrighted just ask anyone from the band Green Jello in the mid 90s who were forced to change their name to Green Jelly after numerous lawsuits. I don't see Bill Cosby doing Android commercials either..

ZoogieZork says:

"Jelly Beans" has been the first thing that comes to mind around here -- maybe my friends and I just don't eat enough Jello.

Mmm... jelly beans...

ajschenk says:

I'm guessing Jelly Donuts. Jello won't fly with a trade-mark name.

scuttlefield says:

My thought is that Jelly Donut would be too similar to the D-relaese "Donut". Maybe Jelly Danish, but I'm still going with Jellybean.

INK says:

Jelly doughnut is to much like doughnut and eclair

ajschenk says:

I forgot about the "D" release name. I'll change my answer to Jelly Roll. It will probably be Jelly Bean....I'm just not a fan of those nasty little things.

scuttlefield says:

I've heard a lot of rumors that "Jellybean" will be the J release.

Bendroid55 says:

Jelly Ring

albie1937 says:

Kit Kat!

Goran98 says:

Are you a wizard? o.o

d3m0li5h3r says:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner here..

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albie1937 says:


albie1937 says:

Its a small bitter orange.

albie1937 says:

Khronic! LOL!

icebike says:

It has got to be a desert item, so the sausage is out. It won't be a registered trademark, so brand names are out.

I like the Key Lime, as there aren't a lot of others that meet the restrictions.

w0rryw0rt says:


MitchRapp says:

I think it pretty much has to be Key Lime Pie, cuz Kit Kat is a brand and the rest of the K deserts are Indian.......

icebike says:

And attracting sales in India would be of no value to Google?

simhar04 says:

What about Kugel, seeing as Andy Rubin is Jewish and its sounds like google.

ajschenk says:

That would be an awesome name, but Kugel isn't always a dessert. It's commonly served in a less sweet version as a side dish.

Kool Menthol 100's!!!!!

albie1937 says:

Kit Kat seems more likely since every one knows it. I bet if its that Google and Kit Kat will work together. It would be really beneficial to Kit Kat to accept if this comes to fruition. Android Robot holding a Kit Kat bar.

icebike says:

Even if Kit Kat went along with trademark infringement, its not a desert. All the prior versions have been named after generic deserts or pastry treats.

Lexihel says:

Well... Looks like... right now... two years in the future and from sundar the man... This image gives the kitkat supporters some reason:

auzair says:

This guy, only this guy got it!

tvanden says:

Kool Aid

jackdw says:

I actually saw that! (I couldn't not read Andy Rubin's emails when I had the chance.) I really hope it's kumkwat.

ajschenk says:

Kolaches, Krumkake, or Kulich

HondaCop says:


Brilliant play, Google. Post an easter-egg and then scour comment threads of fans doing your work for you! Hive-marketing at its finest!

I'm goin with knuckle sandwich.


sakasune says:

lol yes I'm going with knuckle sandwich too :p


scuttlefield says:

I think that Key Lime Pie is good but too specific. All the other names have not been a flavor of a desert just the desert name (i.e. Pie, not Key Lime Pie). I think that "Kolacky" would be hilarious, but it's to regional and has too many different spellings. "Kit Kat" and "Klondike Bar" are brands, so...nope. Kiwi (or Kumquat)...maybe, but it's a fruit, not a desert per se. Kahlua...don't think they will go for the alcohol.

It was said all the way up at the top, but I think Kettle Corn is the best guess? It's sweet, it's not a brand, most people should know what it is...

doncerda says:

Since they are deserts then i would assume something like key lime or and j would definitely have to be something like jelly bean!! Jello isn't that great hahaha

weehooherod says:


HondaCop says:


crashybear says:

Krappy Kludge is not a dessert - so we don't have to worry about that :p - Kalahari might be a good twist in that is is a desert :)

HondaCop says:

Ku Klux Klan

HondaCop says:

Krotch Kock

pff1029 says:

KandyKake! I'd be a proud Philadelphian...

Week I actually think the j version would be named jello...? K might be kit kat our keesh.....? What yall think....?

SanGo says:

well, seeing as how "keesh" is spelled Quiche...I think that's out.

Cowchip says:


Cowchip says:


Beezzy says:



ro1224 says:

How about KRAPER like where this whole story belongs. I say Google should get the current OS fully implemented before it starts stirring up drama over future iterations - several levels deep. My EVO 4G still has Froyo but now we're discussing something like "Kool-Aid"? Hopefully not of the purple variety.

ResDog says:

I think J will be Jam.

K will most likely be Key Lime Pie, but I would like to see something different, as I am allergic to it.

lazymac says:

Klondike if dessert, Kryptonite if not a dessert.

Good one SanGo got my ass handed to me in my first comment post

thesconix says:

Wait, is the IO Android keynote online?

Joelski says:


Pmpj172 says:

K Y jelly- ooooooo

bdpjumbi says:

Kool-A-Koo! Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rfm2113 says:

How about Kefir? Kettle corn is a good one too.

w5cyc says:

I'm so glad Google is working on the K-name. The only thing that would make me happier is Sprint getting around to pushing the G-name to my Evo.

fiveojeb says:

kash just sayin..

fiveojeb says:

kash kow......anyone.???

MrJazz says:

TAPioca! Oops - not there yet!


MrJazz says:

Krispy Kreme.

Qoheleth says:

Kettle corn

mmiller777 says:

Kugel is definitely it. Type "Dessert K" into Google and let it do auto-complete and the first dessert that pops up is Kugel. And, as simhar04 pointed out, it sounds like Google.