Andy Rubin Android K version

Dunno how we all missed this during Google IO -- but we did. There in the demonstration of how you can resize widgets is either a fun little Easter egg, or a very excited Andy Rubin, who on May 6 apparently sent an e-mail with the following subject line:

K release — I've got the BEST name ever ...

Now all we have to do is figure out just what ol' Andy came up with. Any ideas?

Thanks, Brodie!


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Catch Andy Rubin's tease during the Google IO keynote?


I think this is what its going to be not alot of k's. Hey guys what about android version L?

When I read it, my first thought was, "What's so special about the name Andy Rubin? It's not THAT great..."

Come on, I couldn't have been the only one...


Krispy Kreme (huge, mind blowing merger where Google purchases Krispy Kreme donuts...)

Krispy Treat (who doesn't love rice krispy treats)



Keilbasa Sausage...

No, Jello is definitely copyrighted just ask anyone from the band Green Jello in the mid 90s who were forced to change their name to Green Jelly after numerous lawsuits. I don't see Bill Cosby doing Android commercials either..

"Jelly Beans" has been the first thing that comes to mind around here -- maybe my friends and I just don't eat enough Jello.

Mmm... jelly beans...

My thought is that Jelly Donut would be too similar to the D-relaese "Donut". Maybe Jelly Danish, but I'm still going with Jellybean.

I forgot about the "D" release name. I'll change my answer to Jelly Roll. It will probably be Jelly Bean....I'm just not a fan of those nasty little things.

I think it pretty much has to be Key Lime Pie, cuz Kit Kat is a brand and the rest of the K deserts are Indian.......

That would be an awesome name, but Kugel isn't always a dessert. It's commonly served in a less sweet version as a side dish.

Kit Kat seems more likely since every one knows it. I bet if its that Google and Kit Kat will work together. It would be really beneficial to Kit Kat to accept if this comes to fruition. Android Robot holding a Kit Kat bar.

Even if Kit Kat went along with trademark infringement, its not a desert. All the prior versions have been named after generic deserts or pastry treats.

I actually saw that! (I couldn't not read Andy Rubin's emails when I had the chance.) I really hope it's kumkwat.

Brilliant play, Google. Post an easter-egg and then scour comment threads of fans doing your work for you! Hive-marketing at its finest!

I'm goin with knuckle sandwich.


I think that Key Lime Pie is good but too specific. All the other names have not been a flavor of a desert just the desert name (i.e. Pie, not Key Lime Pie). I think that "Kolacky" would be hilarious, but it's to regional and has too many different spellings. "Kit Kat" and "Klondike Bar" are brands, so...nope. Kiwi (or Kumquat)...maybe, but it's a fruit, not a desert per se. Kahlua...don't think they will go for the alcohol.

It was said all the way up at the top, but I think Kettle Corn is the best guess? It's sweet, it's not a brand, most people should know what it is...

Since they are deserts then i would assume something like key lime or and j would definitely have to be something like jelly bean!! Jello isn't that great hahaha

Krappy Kludge is not a dessert - so we don't have to worry about that :p - Kalahari might be a good twist in that is is a desert :)

How about KRAPER like where this whole story belongs. I say Google should get the current OS fully implemented before it starts stirring up drama over future iterations - several levels deep. My EVO 4G still has Froyo but now we're discussing something like "Kool-Aid"? Hopefully not of the purple variety.

I think J will be Jam.

K will most likely be Key Lime Pie, but I would like to see something different, as I am allergic to it.

I'm so glad Google is working on the K-name. The only thing that would make me happier is Sprint getting around to pushing the G-name to my Evo.

Kugel is definitely it. Type "Dessert K" into Google and let it do auto-complete and the first dessert that pops up is Kugel. And, as simhar04 pointed out, it sounds like Google.