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It seems forever ago that BlueStacks was announced as coming soon but no -- it's finally here. In case you don't remember, BlueStacks is for now, a Windows application that allows you to run Android apps directly on your computer and easily switch between say Windows and Android.

The BlueStacks Android Player was released in Alpha form last night and to go along with that came of course, the Android app syncer as well. The App Syncer application allows you to sync any Android app on your device with the BlueStacks cloud service. When synced, the apps will then become available for use on your PC.

After having given it a go, I have to say it is pretty impressive. Most of the apps I synced worked quite well. Some apps did lag, and some apps for whatever reason refused to sync but that's to be expected as it is still Alpha testing. If you give it a go, make sure you send the BlueStacks team some feedback as that will help their offersings progress. You can hit the source link for more info plus, a demo video can be found after the break.

Note: You do need a Facebook account in order to have access. Other methods are on their way but for now, Facebook it is.

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BlueStacks now available, brings Android apps to your PC in style


You should mention that in order to sync apps you have to login with your Facebook account and give them permission to rape your Facebook account.

I was really excited until I saw the Facebook requirement.

Yup. Which kinda sucks because I don't want to make a FB just for this. Ah well. Good way for me to try out apps. Maybe I'll just make a fake one.

Same here, read the article, downloaded and installed the app then went to sign in. Facebook? Really? WTF I need a freakin facebook account to sign in? Crap........ Start/Control Panel/Programs and Features/Uninstall/BlueStacks (alpha)Total fail on BlueStacks part, I'm out.

They are in beta? What more do you want for them. If you don't want to sign in through facebook, just wait for the official launch and they will have more sign-in choices. Everybody is becoming a tech-snob and its starting to make me sick.

I like the idea of the app, but am not comfortable at all with logging in with my Facebook account to use it.

Here are some of the permissions this app wants:

Access my basic information
Name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, friends list, and any other information I've made public.
Send me email
Bluestacks Channels may email me directly at
Post to Facebook on my behalf
Bluestacks Channels may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos on my behalf
Access my data any time
Bluestacks Channels may access my data when I'm not using the application
Access my custom friend lists.

The app developer says other login methods are on the way. Until that happens, I'm keeping this one on ice.

I would agree that is a lot of permissions to ask for. But wouldn't you think the term rape is a little over kill to describe the permission request? I mean are they holding you down while prodding you against your will? Raping you? C'mon, get a little more creative than that.

Downloaded the 171 MB app onto my computer. After downloading and installing it, I receive an error message while attempting to run the app. After reading others posts from their forum site, it seems that it does not support Windows Vista. What a waste of time. Time to uninstall.

Would be more interested in a Linux application to run Android apps. And that SHOULD be a lot easier to create than an MS-Windows one was...

Facebook? Blech!

I was a die-hard Pulse fanboy until I started using Taptu... they are the same visually and functionally but Taptu has two things that edged out Pulse for me:

1. can show up to 100 streams (Pulse only did 20 last time I checked)
2. you can combine/merge slow moving streams together - no sense wasting a line on a slow mover.

Oh, what does this have to do with BlueStacks? Nothing, I like the concept and would have paid for what they are giving away but I don't have a Facebook account. (If I did have an account, however, the BlueStacks permissions look a bit...robust for my liking.)

The Myriad Group came out with the "Myriad Alien Dalvik" for the MeeGo platform earlier this year. Word is it should be easy to port over to Ubuntu. I havent paid attention to it lately, looks like it is time for some Googling ;-)

This is based on the android emulator.
Check adb devices.
The files are in C:\Program Data\BlueStacks\Android\
If you adb shell you will have root.

Downloaded to my PC, no problem. Downloaded app to my phone but when I open it, it immediately asks for my PIN. What PIN??? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help out there!

what? people still put stuff they actuall care about on facebook and then complain when people read it?

*sigh* smh one can only hope this trend of "oh i need 007-level privacy" goes away very quickly. Heaven forbid somebody knows what you look like...(as though you dont pass at least 300 people in the street every day)

You my friend, are missing the point...

Yes we potentially pass by nearly 100 people every day when we're out and about, but that is completely different than a facebook. When we're roaming around the town, no one KNOWS us. They see our face, and that's it, chances are they couldn't remember anything significant if someone were to come up and ask "oh hey, what does the guy who just passed you look like?"...

With facebook however, your picture is always there for everyone to see, any time they please. same for your info (if you've made it public). Facebook has the ability to allow people to pretty much "stalk" you and learn nearly everything there is about you, thus allowing someone to easily know when you are away from your house so they can come in and steal everything you own. Or, they can learn your habits, learn where you hang out at, and boom! next thing you know you're waking up in a hospital because someone drugged you and either raped you, or cut out your kidney.

Privacy is something people NEED, whether to make themselves feel safe, or to legitimately BE safe. Sure the chances of these things happening are slim, but they have happened countless times already.

And sure, the info this company is 'taking' from you when you log in isn't going to be used in any of those ways, but the fact that they for whatever reason need it, is ridiculous and obscene. They don't need to know what their users look like, who their friends are, what kind of posts they make, what school you went to/are going to, who your family members are, or other bullshit things like that. All they should need, is a name to go with the account, a username for the account, and a password for the account. No need to be phishing information about people so that they can sell it to other companies. If they want money, just charge for the application, don't sell our lives to some corporation. We're not fucking "test subjects" and we're not here for their "studies"; we are human beings, who deserve respect and privacy during our every day lives.

Your right, that is why you can lock down your facebook account to where you are pretty much the only one can view it. Facebook is as safe as you make it. I agree about the overkill on permissions, but you sound like you are fearing for your like every time you log into facebook.

As a developer, I am worried seeing my apps being transferred to a PC and can be copied from there. I can easily locate the sync'ed apps on the hard drive. Is this inviting piracy?

Face it, piracy is out there and will always be out there. While there are some things you can do to mitigate it, for the most part you are relying on the honesty of your users, as is the case for almost any other producers of any other forms of media.

With a free download from the market I can copy apps right on my phone, so the worries about them being more vulnerable on the PC is kinda moot, isn't it?

It is not just for free apps. The paid apps are copied as well. This is definitely not cool. Seeing my paid apps so easily showing up on a computer is a big alarm for me. Even for free apps, it is not ok to copy them to another machine without authors' permissions.

To add to the discussion, no sellers of software or other media shall rely on the honesty of their users for their businesses. We will be bankrupt if we do that. This is why there are music copyright laws and DMCA. In my experience, many users will exhaust all the ways of not paying before even considering opening their wallets. They only pay when the cost of not paying exceeds the price.

Create a BS email account and a facebook account for situations like this.

Its free and it can send away the junk from your important accounts.

Bluestacks looked promising until the subscription service, or downloading some "so-called sponsored" apps. uninstalled.