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Above are two sets of branding standards, one old, one new. It's pretty obvious to tell which is which. On top, the now-defunct "Available in Android Market" badge you might have seen on any number of Android app developers' websites. Beneath is the new Google Play branding, which either denotes an "Android app on Google play" or tells you to "Get it on Google Play."

For the moment, we'll forgive the fact that Google Play and the branding apparently have decided to diverge when it comes to proper capitalization. (We're going to stick with Google Play, not Google play.)

And we're not going to weigh in on the new triangle logo. Either you love it or you don't. And all the polls in the world won't change anything -- Google Play and the triangle logo will still be there in the morning.

But we are a little concerned about how this new branding takes Android out of play, at least visually. The Android green (#A4C639, if you didn't know) certainly is recognizable after all these years. Same goes for the Bugdroid logo. Now we've got the new triangle logo, none of the Android green, and no happy Bugdroid showing you the way.

Is this an insurmountable problem for developers and marketing firms? Probably not. It's doubtful you'll see the Bugdroid or Android green disappear from boxes or signage anytime soon. But it is an interesting move by Google. And it begs this question:

Where will we see the triangle logo next? 

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Are you an Android developer? Or a Google Play developer?


I was just gonna point that out. I don't think the play logo will be seen anywhere but on play. The fact that the colors are different shades of the standard Google theme is odd, though.

The 4 colors correspond to the colored tabs for the different content formats in the market -- Books, Music, Movies and Apps.

I like the logo, it's nice, but is it very Android?
I like Google Play, but wasn't Android Marketplace more appropriate?
Wouldn't "Play Android" "Android Play" or something with Android would have been a better tag line/name?

These are questions I have but will eventually probably die away as things progress. Just hope Android isn't pushed to the side line completely in terms of branding.

Still we'll see how it all goes.

Finally, I live in the UK and every time I see Google Play I keep having a small thought of, an online retailer similar to Amazon.

It is a branding that goes beyond Android. I would not be surprised to see desktop apps make their way in there within a year.

I understand why they wanted to use the Google branding instead of Android. But "Google Market" would have been much better. ...Sigh Google.

agreed, if they're wanting things to be more associated with "Google" they should have kept "Market" :/

Right! I like the logo; the colors say Google, the play button is like a play on words with an icon, but the new name is terrible.

I hate this stupid name and icon. Adults do not relish the idea of getting their programs at a play store. I can't see men getting excited about this name. "Hey did you post your app to Google play today . . ? Yeck. How do they think the business world or programming world will look at this kiddy name?

What moron came up with this idea? Why in the world did it ever make it out of committee? Whose running this place anyway?

I declined this a handful of times and still haven't accepted it. I hope they do stats on that. Most people will probably decline it thinking it to be a game site.

I start looking for a new market. Appbrain? Someone will step up and still offer security.

I think removing Android from the name is kind of the point. Google wants non-Android users to use Google Play for their media needs.

Don't mind it, nice change. Google Play makes sense with movies,games,and music because you "play" those. With books it doesn't really fit in but oh well not a bad name.

Well they're still Android apps...just like if you got an Android app from the Amazon Market, it wasn't an Android Market From Amazon app...still an Android app.
I'm sure this is stating the obvious, and I'm sure it's been said in the comments on the other posts about the new convergence, but basically it's like iTunes, but without the bloated, crappy desktop software. When you're in iTunes, you can get all 4 things as well (apps, books, movies, music). I'm sure Google did what they did very carefully so as to not open themselves up to lawsuits from Apple (not that anything will stop Apple from trying, but I digress)
iBooks - Google Books
iTunes - Google Music/Movies
App Store - Android Market
By pulling them all under one banner, it's different enough (and the "play" name is par for the course for Google - think Buzz, G+, etc)

Does any of that make any sense whatsoever? I'm just rambling...I need to go home and bust out the's March...why am I on the computer?

Yep. Google Play *seriously* downgrades the Android brand visibility.

This isn't an accident. Google's brand needs to be bigger than Android, which was never especially tied in with Google as an identity. "Android" as a brand has been a total flop on TVs, is irrelevant on the desktop, and gets downplayed by the carriers on handsets.

So what's the next logical step here? Moving the Chrome brand up so it stands up alongside Android as an app platform. I suspect we'll see Chrome apps in the Google Play store before too long, and an option for developers to sell cross-platform (Android+Chrome) apps.

All this paves the way for a Google-branded tablet that may not run Android at all -- I suspect the next tablet push from Google will run ChromeOS, hit the $200 price point, and if we're very lucky, have a dual-mode backlit/reflective screen so it's good for both movies and books.

I think they might want to get away from Android. Not Android itself but the Android branding. The argument would be that people don't care about the OS....its the ecosystem they care about. Its hard to market Android because the OEM's all splinter it with their skins and such. They then market their device like the GSII or Moto RAZR and don't really say anything about Android. Well maybe Google could promote the content ecosystem where the OEMs could promote that its Google play compatible while making the OS their own. I'll be damned if I wasn't about to blog about something just like this.

"Where will we see the triangle logo next?"

On the Google Play 7.0 Asus-made, Google Nexus Tablet. It just makes sense. The tablet is going to try to kill content ecosystem leader Amazon and its Kindle Fire.

Yes, but that doesn't make it less true. I've been reading Slashdot for quite a few years now. A comment I've seen quite often following Linux articles and graphic design articles on Slashdot is how IT professionals do not really want to suggest to their superiors that the company use a photo and image manipulation program called "The GIMP". Names do matter to Exec's. They don't like sounding silly at their lunches with important people. Google Play doesn't exactly make me think of a leather-clad rapist from a Terrintino movie, but it is still not a professional name.

I'm sure Google has considered that though. That being the case, they must really want to push the idea that you can get movies and music from the market as well. I think if I were them, I'd give people with Android devices the ability to have just one Google Play market app icon on their devices, or people can have 4 app icons that open the Play market to each section (Get Apps, Get Books, Get Movies, Get Music). The latter should be the default. Without the word "Market", it is kind of confusing.

*edit* Oops. Just saw it is being called "Play Store". Nevermind on that last bit.


While the availability of the tools is still there, saying "Hey Mr. Suit, go to the Play store to get your VPN client" is, frankly, kinda stupid.

Don't you guys get it... its a play button not a triangle. Google wants you to Play Games, Play Music, Play Movies ... I guess Play Books and Play Apps sound kinda weird but that's kinda the simplicity I see it as.

I like the new branding. Its clear, strong and has more than one colour so will appeal to more than a few demographics.

Its a shame the music side is unavailable in the UK and many other markets.

I love Google but sometimes they seem to lose focus on what needs to be done and what can wait a while. :/

I don't like it, not one bit. Seriously I really was digging the last Android logo on my Android Market App Icon the icon has been around since the fall, yeah so? Now how am I going to tell all the normal people to get apps? "Oh go to the Play store and download such and such it will help you." NO! No I'm not!!! Guess nobody will be getting any app related Android help from me any longer lmao but I'm the top 5% ( the ones who use all the data/Android Nerds ) so I guess I don't matter in Google's grand scheme of things. #Hightimes

It's because Google is pushing the use of Google Play even for people that don't have Android devices. Books, Music, and Movies all work perfectly well from a computer with no need for a mobile device.

I don't like the name but I understand the rebranding. Yeah, you can read books, listen to music, and watch movies on more than just Android but they are Android apps. You can't use them anywhere except Android.