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We knew it was going to happen, right? Apple has ditched Google Maps for iOS, rolling its own in-house cartographic solution, including turn-by-turn navigation, which has never been as good on the fruit phone as it has on Android.

What's that mean for us? Not a whole hell of a lot, and it's not like Google's been resting on its mapping laurels. It was just last week that El Goog announced some major 3D renovations, which will be coming to Android along with offline access. We'll be just fine, thank you very much.

Also: iMore's WWDC coverage


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Apple ditches Google Maps for its own solution


Been following their stuff. So far, everything announced has already been done on Android. Maps, Facebook integration....Facetime finally works over the cellular network (but still only to iDevices).

Was hoping for something new, but it's all catch-up so far.

Agreed, so far I am not seeing anything that makes me think twice about dropping the iPhone 4 for the S3. Frankly they could have just played the tape from last year. I really don't see how anything is "new and revolutionary". Supposedly the iOS 6 will come with over 200 new features! They said last year and the only thing new was Siri, that I can think of.
Still same boring interface.

When has it ever not been anything but catch-up? They really should just come clean and call iOS 6 by it's real name: Android.

You got that backwards.....Android wouldn't look like it does today if the iPhone never came out. Google would be copying RIMM and Blackberries. So since Android is a copy of iOS and borrows heavily from iOS whats wrong with Apple borrowing from Android then? Somewhat playing catchup in the maps area, turn by turn navigation, etc. Android users can't use that now as an advantage over iOS.

But from what I heard about the Maps conference Google held a week ago it looked like a rushed product to make an announcement before Apple did because all the app did was crash while demoing it. Google must be scared of possibly loosing iOS users from using Google Maps!!

Its funny over there. People are loving the FB integration, but not much else. Most are pissed that support for the og iPad is gone but the 3GS is supported. And no Widgets, a UI refresh, file system, podcast refresh and on and on.

Ah, yes. Facebook integration. The biggest smartphone backmarker partners with the biggest IPO meltdown in ages, and the iDiots go nuts.

I'm hoping Google will sue to block the implementation of IOS6. There are clear patent infringements by Crapple when it comes to the maps, turn by turn, and etc they are offering.

Tit for Tat Crapple. You stole Samsungs idea in 2006 for the first real smart phone and in 2007 labeled it the Iphoney.. Tisk Tisk.. Weird that FCC filings in 2006 indicate similar dimensions and etc for the Samsung smartphone but that Crapple came out with.. But hey, Crapple has done everything first.

Crapple is not innovative. They are stifflers of competition.. They are just now coming out with a 4 inch screen on iphoney 4.1, not going to be the Iphoney 5.. I have a 4.5" screen on my Infuse.. And the entire iphoney rests inside the screen lol.

Icrapple are thiefs, hacks and weasels..

I haven't see the video demo of IOS maps, so I don't know what "maps, turn by turn" patents of Google you think they are using. Not sure if you know, but Apple is using Tom Tom for map data, and Google wasn't the 1st company to do navigation on a phone/portable device.

But it's new to iOS. Not sure if google didn't want to make the good google maps for apple or apple wouldnt let them

Dirty secret department:

Google didn't write maps for iPhone. Apple did. That's why its so far behind.
Apple was very proud and boastfull about this fact.

What really happened is, by an arrangement with google, the query language was emulated by IOS (way back before they called it IOS), and google simply sent down image files which allows clickable areas within the image(html ismap format).

Its sort of like they screen-scraped google maps (which I understand they originally did, but realized it would never work without Google's cooperation).

Anything Google could filter into the map images, like traffic, IOS automatically gained. Anything that required client-side smarts, IOS couldn't do.

Thats why maps on the iphone are so limited.

That's only partly true. Google was actively denying iOS things like turn-by-turn and other features that the Android version has. That's part of the reason Apple is ditching google.

it will likely be an update to the current google maps once iOS6 comes out. Therefore, it will indeed just replace the current Maps app for iOS that current uses Google Maps. I think the Apple one is pretty good, especially because of the Turn-by-turn direction support with Siri that looks pretty good, and one thing I missed from Android...

Looking good and working well are mutually exclusive. Siri is half baked now, don't see it adding much to their navigation abilities.

Apple released Siri with a beta tag......Just about everything Google releases is released with a beta tag and keeps it for months if not years. Siri works fine for me.....had better results than on my Android powered phones.

Given your rampant ifanboyism, anything you say is taken with a grain of salt. I've had better results with Vlingo over a friends 4s, not to mention the built in voice stuff. Guess it's a draw, huh?

Yeah and Apple and Google worked "together" on Google Maps for iOS. Doesn't mean the crappy Apple app was better. It was worse. You logic is...flawed.

Actually your analogy is's the classic apples and oranges.

To help your analogy out using the "apples to apples" concept, try "Yeah and Apple and Google worked "together" on Google Maps for iOS. So the maps in the Google maps app on iOS contained the same information as the maps on Android's Google maps app. They both tell me the hospital is on the northwest corner of 12th and Grand".

If the maps had the hospital in two different locations and that was your argument, then your analogy would carry weight.

However, like the Google maps apps, these apps get their metaphorical water from the same well.

Siri? LMAO what a joke of a crappy app, that you can't use with anything else. Sorry Crapples videos of "how things work" are faked.

Siri is often wrong, incomplete or doesn't understand English clearly..

Crapple stole Siri and thinks its the best thing since IOS5. Crapple stole the idea for the true smart phone from Samsung in 2006

this biggest implication of this announcement is that far, far fewer people will be using google maps on their mobile. How will this affect Google's revenue I wonder? And will Google submit their own map app?

Not "far fewer" as android has over 50% of the market. If Google makes a stand alone app for their maps and let's iOS users know about it .. it then just becomes an arms race for features and stability for the iOS version. This will lead to better products on both sides.

Yes, far fewer. There will be more than 100 million devices that Google maps will no longer have access to.

There's also a problem with your assertion about a standalone Google App: If Apple's version has the features people want (it does) and has some that the Google version won't (like turn by turn), people won't even bother with Google.

This is a big, big loss for Google, and everyone except the Fandroids understands that.

I'm sure if your paycheck was cut by 30% (ios market size) you wouldn't call it a small cut. not to mention that ios makes up like half of Google's mobile profit. So it's going to hurt, one way or another. And I would predict that ios market share continues to grow. Android captured a large share of the market because android came on phones that were cheap or "free" on contract. The 3gs only recently dropped to 0 on contract, and Apple is just beginning to break into the prepaid business. Like it or not, Apple is considered a premium product. People like the idea of getting premium products, even if it means going with an older model.

Google better hope ios doesn't go with bing as the default search engine or something.

Exactly.. Block the implementation of IOS6.. They are blocking virtually every Android phone coming into the US, or trying to.. They are trying to block the SGS3 which will destroy the Iphoney which is due soon..

SGS3 will sell 10 mill devices by the end of August

I thought they always did the front end themselves and have just replaced the data back end with data from their own acquisitions and other third party partners. Seems to be something iOS needed to stay relevant but there was nothing revolutionary there. I have no doubt that if it was the other way around, there would be a lot of whining about copying. Seems like a perfect example of 'about time' for iOS. Otherwise, there was nothing particularly amazing announced, that wasn't feature mirroring or iterative improvement.

You are correct, Apple wrote the front end, and merely received images from Google.

They probably had very little work to do on the phone-side client. All they had to do is write the server side image extraction and transmission. I seriously doubt the map data will be anywhere near as good.

They are using Tom Tom for map data. I've never used Tom Tom, so I don't know if their data is better pr worse. For Google, search is their strength. I found the business info to be useful.

No mentioning of downloadable maps. It would be interesting to how it performs in real life to the well established google maps.Alot of people were all hyped about maps coming to ios but I notice the presentation on apple maps was kind of brief. The whole presentation could have taken an hour but instead they showed videos of old stuff. I am glad google presented their 3d maps first and really showed what it takes to make a solid product like google maps so Apple cannot say we had it first, its the world's first 3d maps bla bla bla. Now its Google turn for I/O, hopefully Siri knows what google has been working on.

this is simply apple trying to make sure people dont notice all the new stuff google does with maps. before they catch up, and people realize there catch up, is still behind google. its a well played move for the isheep. they will be all over the internet that apple invented the map in no time

Watching that Keynote I could not help but see this guy from I-More named Seth commenting on their new Maps. What a joke, you would think they created something revolutionary. They copied Google maps but not nearly as good. Google maps has everything but so much more. I'm still laughing at this Seth character and his comments. Google maps was copied, very simple, they can twist into anything they want but it is a very poor copy of Google Maps.
Google fan for life no matter how you try no one can do what Google does. Very happy to be an Android owner.

Yeah, the one thing iMap does that Google Nav doesn't is reroute around traffic congestion. That is something I would like too see Google implement.

Google Maps does do this it gives you rerouting options with estimated travel times when you press the "arrival time". Sorry this is nothing new. It is actually better in Google because it gives you up to three options. It just doesn't reroute you.

This is true and it's a feature I wish more people knew about because it's sort of hidden in the options down at the bottom. The only thing Apple's maps does better now is it pops up with the option to reroute if it finds a faster route, whereas in Google Maps you have to manually check the other routes to see if a faster one has become available. A minor quibble to be sure though, but Google Maps has been doing this for a long time, with 3 options as you mentioned.

But Apples Nav automatically tells you. So if I am driving and a better route pops up, the iPhone will tell me. It's neat but probably not all that useful in real world situations. If you are driving somewhere like 20 minutes away, most likely the traffic isn't going to change that much from when you started to warrant a reroute. However, for longer distances, it could be nice.

Rerouting is a trap. You think you are the only one knowing about the re-route, but everybody else knows it as well, and they all get re-routed at the same time to the same alternate route.

If you know how far ahead the traffic delay is, you can make a better judgement than the reroute engine most of the time.

Maybe I'm late to the discussion but I know first hand everytime I've used Maps on my Android it has rerouted itself anytime I changed direction without me doing anything. Even if I had the traffic overlay turned on & took a slightly altered route the app always auto updates the directions almost instantly. I've never had to tweak settings or anything of the like.

They actually do if an area of congestion is going to take longer to get through and that is the reason it will not take that route.

That is something that would be really welcome in Google maps. It feels like it's probably already there, but I don't know how to do it, perhaps?

Actually Google Maps does reroute automatically according to traffic, it just doesnt tell you with a pop notification.

yeah I agree, Seth seems like a real Apple guy...I for one don't care what phone I have (currently have an iPhone 4s was looking at the GSIII if I was to upgrade in the fall, but probably will wait). I really can't stand the bias on iMore when it relates anything to iOS vs Android...I really wish the site wasn't that biased...I can't stand reading it...I read it only for the informational news...not the iOS vs Android debates...

In regards to the iMaps features. I like it, its something that I missed when I had the Evo 4g with its turn by turn direction that I couldn't find without paying extra for it on the iPhone...Apple at least is working on getting Siri working on a lot more things and I can't wait for the upgrade.

Lived in both worlds and been using an Android for the past 3 or 4 years and finally was able to get an iPhone in March this year and the experience has been so much better. No lag, able to get latest updates, GUI easier on the eyes, more stable, etc, etc, etc. Wait for iPhone 5 and upgrade to that when it comes out, hopefully October or around that time frame.

Easier on the eyes?? What were you using? Good lord I can hardly see text on that tiny Iphone screen. You lost me at that.

Yes we got it you moved on to Apple. Good for you. Yet you keep hanging around telling all of us that we are so misinformed or missing out the great iOS. Get a clue we are here by choice just like you left by choice. Now go enjoy your iPhone & iMore please.

Because Google presented it first and has been working on it for years. If left to Apple they would have claim they did it first and then sue for any who does the same. Look at Retina display, there are companies like Samsung, experts in display manufacturing that have that already made yet Apple likes to claim they invented.

Copy of Google Maps, Reply with message, multi-device browser sync?
It's about time for Google to sink to Apple's litigious level.
Who's stealing now?

I wish Google can start doing some side by side comparison then they do Google I/O as Apple is noted for always making Android look like its the worse OS.

Thats not Google's style....Apple likes calling there stuff, "the best" and using simple unsupported graphs to try to prove. It is really annoying.

You know, I hate to bring politics into this but, Apple is totally the Fox News of the tech world. They lie about inventions and repeat false mantras over and over and over again until the uninformed masses (read iDevice users) start repeating and believing it.

It's ridiculous that people buy into Apple's BS just because Apple said so, a 2 second Google search (yeah Google it Apple people!) shows that Google/Android implemented like 99% of these features a year or more ago.

Yeah absolutely agreed. You need to look at the demographics & customer bases of FOX News & Apple a little closer. Apple is much more akin to MSNBC with a small, devoted cult following that believes itself to be far superior to anything else out there. Only difference is Apple makes a bunch of money & MSNBC is heavily subsidized by Microsoft/NBC/Comcast.

Agree they said Safari was the world's most popular browser which is untrue cause Chrome is now the worlds most popular browser.

If Safari was said they probably meant webkit which is what Safari is using along why the stock browser in iOS, etc. Chrome is the most popular browser in PC land right now and I believe over passed Firefox for 2nd place. In mobile I believe webkit is number one as it was used in alot of mobile OS's like iPhone, Andorid, WebOS, (some) Blackberry's, etc.

It needs to be. I'm sorry but Microsoft has been sideswiped by fraking Apple for years with the Mac vs. PC ads. Only once Microsoft started fighting back with the release of Windows 7 and their ad campaign did opinion start to turn that Windows really isn't that bad, and frankly it isn't. The Mac vs. PC ad campaign dropped seriously outrageous and frankly lawsuit worthy claims about Windows and MS just sat back.
If Google plays the same game they are going to get the crap kicked out of them in a i Tard smear campaign that will be further propagated by their fanbois. Because like it or not Apple fans are the worst fans when it comes to pure unadulterated FUD. I should know. I was all in, into the Apple ecosystem for 3 years with my Macbook Pro, iPod, .Mac, and a slathering of other Apple crap. I then came to my senses.
Google NEEDS to fight back.

In the marketing world, the #1 leader usually doesn't even want to mention their lower competitor in the ads.

Have you ever seen Coke ads attacking Pepsi? I seem to recall Jackie Chan kicking Coke cans in the superbowl.
Same with Microsoft. On the other side, "I'm a Mac vs PC" series of ads are quite popular.

Apple didn't use to do this back when they are the king of the market. In the last few years, they start calling names to android (year of the copycat anyone?).

google should pull a play out of rooten fruit's playbook and have all IOS6 devices stop from being sold since "iMaps" looks like google maps LOL

To be fair yes there were a ton of things I can say seem like catch up but I can point to some things that were showed off at today's keynote that I appreciate from a tech perspective. Firstly the accessibility features have always been way ahead on iOS as opposed to Android and Google really needs to fix that as apple took it a step further today, the passbook app is very cool and its something I would like to see come to Android, the integration with facebook (which will never come to Android) is a big selling point with a lot of people.
That said Google maps still seems ahead but they need to keep innovating. When I saw the pull down menu for sending messages when a call is coming in I wanted to scream "Samsung you guys didn't patent that?"

Integrating with facebook looks good for now but the long term problem is when facebook starts going down which of course will not happen overnight but its possible.If that happens that feature will be almost useless.

The accessibility stuff was nice. Nothing I personally care about, but I can see that being useful in various places and businesses.

I guess I don't get what was done with Facebook integration that I can't already do on Android. Looked like it was syncing contacts and calendar and letting you share to Facebook from apps. Already got all that. Did I miss something? I only read the summary stuff so far though.

While i really enjoy AC most of the time, these constant stealing or copying post are getting annoying. What has google invented? Search, Nope. email, Nope. Maps, nope. Mobile OS, Nope again.

Can't we all just agree that there are no new ideas. That every single thing Google or Apple does was borrwoed from someone else and they try to improve on it?

I totally agree that that there are very few "new" ideas. Most of the features that are branded as new are simply rehashed recyclables of someone else's bought or "borrowed" software.

What Google and Apple are are innovators not inventors. All of the deserved credit goes to the developers who listen and develop based on the needs of the community.

Sure we can agree that there is very little originality in tech anymore. But don't overlook the simple fact that Apple has a long history of outright theft of open source from UNIX/Linux that they then monetized & put patents on then claim some clever invention status & sued over. That is probably my single biggest issue with Apple. Anyone who truly uses open source & appreciates it (I use Linux daily on a dual boot Windows 7 machine) knows that Apple has ridden on those coattails a long time my friend.

Its tit for tat at this point. If you want to have every iFan sit down at the table along with every fandroid user and we can agree that everyone steals from everyone else then sure. Until then iFans will continue to claim insane FIRSTS! And Apple will continue to sue Android OEM's that they created the steering wheel first.

You can't reason with an insane company inhabited by zealots. And while both sides have their zealots and can tell you right now that there are more out and out batshit crazy ones on Apple's side.

Apple rant: How does everyone let Apple get away with blatant copying and then act like they are some kind of amazing innovators!? I'm so so angry! Turn-by-turn navigation? Syncing contacts with Facebook? Rejecting a phone call with a text? Android has had that for so long! And good luck with your new native Apple Maps in iOS 6 now that they are dumping Google Maps, they look like a child drew them. And 3D maps "flyover" is a direct copy of what Google announced just last week. Ugh, more reason to HATE Apple.

So you think in the week since Google announced flyover apple went and copied it? Or perhaps it was such a good idea both companies have been working on it for a while?

And do you think Google invented the rejecting a call with a text? Nope. Nokia had that as far back as 2007.

No, I know that they did not create this service in 5 days. But I hate when people act like Apple is somehow having amazing innovations.

Innovations like the iPad, Mac Air, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Mac Pro, iPhoto, the list could go on and on. Apple reinvents a product like the iPad while no one else has done it. We had tablets in the 90s running Windows and they all sucked. iPad reinvented this market this is how Apple gets the news. Anyone can pick up an iPad and use it, its fast, reliable, etc. Then you have third parties come along and copy just like Google did with the Android OS, others copying the Macbook Air now with Ultrabooks, etc. All the data is there you just need to look at when stuff was released and who copied who. I follow this stuff closely and Apple gets the top marks......sorry!

If you follow this "stuff" closely than you would know how much every tech company(yes, specially including Apple) from the dawn of man kind has copied and innovated off each other.

I believe it was your new hero Steve Jobs who advocated & openly admitted to stealing from others.

Troll harder.

Pfff Whatever. iPhone -> iPod Touch -> iPad = all the same product. Mac Pro = glorified and overpriced workstation that any OEM makes. What you think no one else has RAID + multiple GPU's + dual Xeon's in their setup?

iPhoto. LOL. Lightroom. Enough said. Or even things like Windows Live Photo Gallery that had facial detection before Apple did.

Apple doesn't invent shit. They release beta products out into the market before they have fully gone through a solid QC check. Which results in questionable quality from any first gen product. THAT is how they get there first. Not because they are better. But because they still live by Steve Jobs mantra: "real artists ship" bugs and all. All Apple does is the same thing as that annoying person at the top of the forum thread: FIRST! And makes a grand deal over it. They also strip features out of their product so, again, they can be first to market. Remember that API that shipped with iOS 1.0 that used nothing but web technologies to enable developers. Oh and lacking cutting and pasting throughout the entire OS. Or or or. The list goes on and on. Meanwhile Android shipped. A little wet behind the ears with underpowered hardware on the G1. (I had it.) But it was a full on OS. With a SDK, cut and paste. Which was more then Apple had because they rushed things.

No Apple has three great claims to fame:
-they make their crap thin by sacrificing features.

-They reissue products with one or two new features and generally a few gimmicks and only once a decade take a real chance on a new product. Like I said the iPad is nothing but and overgrown iPhone.
-And finally they take mostly off the shelf parts and put it together in a pretty package. D
oes that equal innovation? Hell no. Apple use to be truly innovative in the 90's. When Steve Jobs had his bout of cancer they stopped innovating and started empire building. That was soon after you saw Apple announce the change over to Intel that I believe would have eventually happened, but his cancer accelerated the process. After that it was a moderate risk device, and then minor updates with little to no risk pushed by Steve Jobs and his RDF.

I stopped using Apple when they charged me for fraking 802.11N drivers and claimed they HAD to because of running afoul of the FTC. Which was a complete load of crap. It personified Apple's bahavior: nickle and dime you to death where ever they can. Thanks but no.

I'm using a Tablet PC(HP Elitebook 2730p) running windows 7 Ultimate and it's great. I'm using a Samsung Fascinate from 2 yrs back and it has every feature iPhones has now but better minus a front facing camera. I used to work on a MacBook Pro "17 and went through many iPods but I don't own one Apple product anymore. They get outdated fast since they don't release products with best hardware & features plus they're ridiculously priced. Apple does a good job throwing away customers by releasing new marketing phases. Don't get caught up in the phases and end up feeling like a fool from realizing how much you spent on them and their gimmicks.

Wow, let’s start; in Steve Jobs’ own words: “Good artists copy, great artists STEAL”; so Apple’s philosophy is based on exactly that, copying. Need more prove? Jobs’ own words again: “We have been ‘ShameLESS’ about stealing great ideas”, I wonder what he meant about it? So all companies copy, mainly Apple, deal with it. But let’s see some examples which you mention as innovation: ‘iPhone’, it is a copied name from a Linksys IP Phone that had to be settled with Cisco at the time and came from Infogear originally, which was a telephone with a web browser from 1998. iPad’s form factor, was according to Apple, copied in the Galaxy Tab, yet there is that Samsung’s 2006 photo frame that was copied by the iPad, need prove:

Shall we continue; exterior design, the form factor from original iPhone looks like that from 2006 LG Prada, not like the iPod at the moment, need prove:

Now with the Macbook Air, when it came out it was a thin laptop, yet it was .76” vs 0.77” full featured Toshiba Portégé from at least ten years before.

Quoting you, “The list can go on and on”…

The downside of any Apple announcement, even though there wasn't much new announced, is that it will be all over every newscast and internet for the next few weeks.

Apple will gloat and benefit from undeserved "free" advertising as we hear about the "new" IOS 6, until we just about want to shoot ourselves.

Well as I see it Apple better figure out away to allow people to save locations in some sort of web based mapping application. Google maps is successful because people can save their locations on the web and pull them from their mobile device.

I was waiting for the cloud connection, but it just didn't happen. I'm sure all the fan boys will be saying it blows Google Maps out the water, but meh, not really. Its nice that Apple fans finally have a decent "looking" mapping app, lets just see how functional it is, and if Apple lets a Google Maps app into their ecosystem.

I like how Apple Maps will give you a bubble notification of upcoming traffic and a possible route around.

Google Maps currently does not do this. When you initiate the Map it will find the quickest route depending on traffic, but it won't inform you that it is doing this. When enroute, it will not reroute you unless you specifically touch the arrival time to see alternate routes. This forces you to constantly watch the little light next to the arrival time and look for alternates if it changes to red. This is to much distraction.

I've always thought Google implemented this half-assed, and it appears Apple has implemented it the right the right way.

Apple has innovated once again. The Siri interrogation with vechiles hasn't been done before. The iOS maps with navigation has never been done before. Facebook interrogation has never been done before. Apple is a strong competitor and it's only a matter of time until Google has to copy them and play catch up which will result in a justified lawsuit. Thank Apple for separating the oranges and lemons.

So.. you're saying that Apple is ripping off Microsoft's Sync Technology and the Genius button functions on the T-mobile MyTouch series, both of which were years old, and that's innovative? Wow, that was stupid.

And what's with Siri interrogating things? Can't it just INTEGRATE with my car, instead of asking it where it was the night of January 4th?

Did you mean to type "integration?" I know apple is closed and intrusive, but interrogations? That's just too much...

"Our new iPhone 6 will allow you to call people anywhere in the world... from anywhere!"

"New innovative power switch allows this device to function in the on position, and to be turned off when not needed to reserve battery power."

Good for Apple. Now Google can focus mainly on map support for Android.

Everybody in here complaining about Apple needs to stop.

Let Apple do whatever it wants, let Apple call it what ever it wants. If you let a multi billion dollar company (who gives a shit about YOU) get under your skin, than your life is as useless as Facetime over 3G.

Your not even using an Apple product, and most if not all comments in here are from devoted Android users and PC owners. Why do you care so much on who did it first? Just be happy with what Google is doing for us on Android and what the future will show in the upcoming I/O conference.

Troll? Hardly. You guys should stop replying with your heart, and use your damn head. Why is the 100+ comments of people crying about it? Just be happy that Google was the first and continues to be the best to do it, for us Android heads.

But when the comments are filled with so much that is inaccurate I feel the need to try and educate and correct that which is wrong. I hate seeing AC filled with so many comments that are based on their love of all that is android and have no basis in reality.

Better to be a troll then a blind fanboy as my grandpa used to say.

So your grandpa is say around 45-50 in age? He'd have to be to be familiar with tech talk like troll & fanboy. That must make you in your early teens if I'm guessing right. Thereby confirming the use of a modern type of dialect by your grandpa? Gotcha.

"Why do you care so much on who did it first?"

When we start missing simple features from our devices and phones are being delayed because they're locked up in customs, then we start to care who did what first.

The money-grubbing lawyers of Cupertino are building their cases like popularity contests (recent quote from judge Posner), and herds of isheep are starting online petitions to prevent justice from reaching their overlords (like in the case vs Apple and 5 publishers accused of collusion and price fixing of e-books).

but we are not missing simple features. I have an HTC One X and it still can do everything my Evo 4G can do + more. Im not missing any features from that phone or countless previous others.

Let the lawyers do there job, let the isheep believe and petition what they want. Google has lawyers, they dont need YOU to help them. Google isnt paying you to petition for them, nor does Google car what YOU are doing for them. They pay people to do that for them.

Serious question: If Apple can sue samsung for "rounded corners" and rectangular shape devices, does this mean google can sue them for sliding up while receiving calls to send text?

Sure what is the google patent number? Oh they don't have one because google 'stole' the idea from Nokia who was doing this back in 2007.

Well not that slide up thing, but the reply with a text thing.

well, my point is that if apple can sue over such a mundane 'feature', surely same thing can be done over reply with text or slide up and then reply, whether it be google or nokia

You need to learn the difference between trade dress/design patents (rounded corners) and software patents. They're two different things, and have different burdens of proof and standards for filing suit.

Not to mention the fact that Apple's version of 'respond with a text' is totally different than Google's implementation.

I have a friend at the USPTO and she says they are currently cooking up something to stop these ridiculous patent being granted especially to Apple.

Problem is that the whole Patent of rounded corners is completely wrong; Apple did not do it first, have you never seen Samsung 2006 photo frame’s form factor…

Or how much the exterior design from the original iPhone looks like that from 2006 LG Prada, not like the iPod at the moment…

Actually, it's just been announced that TomTom is their global data provider for Maps.

TomTom is also working on its own version of Streetview.

"We'll but just fine, thank you very much."=We'll be just fine, thank you very much.


interesting to see the deeper Siri integration. it's slowly not becoming a novelty now, and i'm really hoping Google pulls out Majel at the IO conference.

"interesting to see the deeper Siri integration. it's slowly not becoming a novelty now, and i'm really hoping Google pulls out Majel at the IO conference."= Interesting to see the deeper Siri integration. It's slowly not becoming a novelty now, and I'm really hoping Google pulls out Majel at the IO conference.


The Apple fanboys will begin raving about how great their turn-by-turn navigation is because many will think this is new and innovative... they have no clue that Android users have had this for years. But it will be another reason why iPhones are the greatest thing evah!

It's about time! Having the 4s and using navigon is totally weak. Work provided the phone. Of course my Gnex is wanting for nothing. Using Google Maps on the 4s is very 2000 & late. Apple is lucky that they have the app store. Just saying. And most of this new Siri stuff is a novelty. Not being able to turn on wifi or BT is kinda ridiculous. "I don't understand." LOL

I really hope that Google has been patenting some of the methods that they are using to provide turn by turn directions. While I'm NOT a fan of delaying any products or the whole patent BS in general, I would laugh my butt off if iPhones were held back a month because of patent injunction over their map solution. The i Tards would go absolutely ape shit.

I can't wait until iPhone owners use turn by turn while streaming audio over Bluetooth. Nothing quite drains a battery faster than that.

And Apple clearly held back any significant UI design changes. It'll wait for iPhone 5 to announce those.

Their little ICS versus iOS 5 installed base comparison was actually encouraging. Instead of comparing sales or activations, they compared software versions. When you need to spin it like that, something's up.

ios 6 is what will be on the iphone 5. And no need to fix what ain't broke.

Android is on more phones, but there is also a McDonald's on every corner. Doesn't mean they are any good.

Don't get me wrong, I use a galaxy nexus and I like it. I think more people might be drawn to android if the galaxy nexus was truly the standard. But the experience on android varies widely.

dear apple, your so lame. stop spending so much time in the courtrooms and start spending time on creativity and tech. Actually, dont, simply die:) naw competition is good, not that competition is what apple has been bringing as of late

Apple's maps competition apparently has been plenty, going by Google's hastily put together press conference for their new Maps features last week, when half of them weren't even ready to be shown yet.


1.) iMaps will basically be "google maps lite", a simplified version with a few features missing.
2.) Apple will advertise heavily with melodramatic commercials and buzz words that tout how "revolutionary" and "intuitive" it is.
3.) Self righteously complacent iPhone users will go crazy for it and think it's awesome because that's what the TV says.

4. Who cares.

Im pretty sure you don't own an iPhone. We own Androids, lets worry about features and services for OUR phone, not what Apple is doing.

I have HTC One X and Evo 4G, I could careless what Apple does with there maps app or services, all I care about is what Google map app does for MY phones and so should YOU.

What everyone here is forgetting is that you saw Apples hand. Google is still coming out with Jellybean in the fall. Apple will be playing catch up again next year. We'll see all the stuff Android will bring this Fall don't worry. Let IOS have there moment in the sun.

That's great. If we get updates.

My Galaxy Nexus is on 4.0.1. Actually, all Galaxy Nexus in Canada are on 4.0.1 because we're all yakjuxw. You'll say root. But my question is why should anybody have to root to get routine updates?

Now if that's the update situation on a Google Experience device, what's the hope for the rest of the Android universe?

The pathetically low update rate is what will sink Android. People who get fed up from seeing better iOS features on their friends' phones will defect to iPhones on their next hardware upgrade.

The situation is particularly bad at the moment. Half a year after launch, only 7% on ICS. Pathetic.

I'll agree with you on that. Google has to do something about there update system. They need to start putting their foot down like Apple and start dictating the process. At least with updates.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the impact. Nearly half the mobile maps users are iOS users. That's a ton of data that Google gets back on searches, traffic, etc. Without a doubt, the loss of this data, will impact the performance of Google maps.

I was wondering about that.

Two questions: would this ultimately impact the accuracy of Google Maps because of less data (if at all, not sure how Google gets data for Maps), and with less people having to pull Maps data from Google servers, would Android users see Maps become faster?

Man thats alot of hate !!!
Why can't Android & iOS Co-exist ? Is that too much to ask for?

Also, does it really matter if Apple decided to go with their own maps ? Google is doing it, so as Microsoft, why can't they do it too?

Personally, I don't use Google Maps that much (or any map app) , but I've also used Bing Maps & Nokia Maps (before they become one) . I gotta say though Bing Maps is more accurate & "have a more frequently updated imagery" than Google's ... at least in my area.

each service have it own Advantages & disadvantages

Just to let you all know, it's been confirmed that turn-by-turn and 3D is only available to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and higher.

Once again, the Apple Tax at work.

And all the apple fans will still say, at least updates are pushed to all the iOS devices. But won't say that they all won't get the same features, like one mobile os. :)

At least 3GS gets and update after 3 years of service, Android phone update service dies after one year.... if you lucky.... so whats the diffrence?

Not just maps. Google should be worried about Passbook. Straight up. This is what Google Wallet should have been. Apple's solution is so much more useful in a day-to-day scenario, and elegant. And once Apple puts on NFC on the next iPhone, they might take this thing.

Google really, really dropped the ball by not making Google Wallet universally available. Whereas, they may well be 200 million iOS devices with Passbook in the Fall. Guess which solution businesses will cater to?

Here's my take on the whole Apple Maps thing:

So Why did Apple do it? First and foremost, Apple doesn't like having to rely on any other company for any part of its functionality. (To put it mildly) That's why Apple created their own browser, their own productivity suite, and so forth. Couple that with the fact that Google is the company in question and the real wonder is why Apple didn't do this sooner. Bringing map software "in-house" allows Apple to do it's very-closely-coupled thing with other software as well. Apple doesn't insist that it's own applications follow the API rules that IOS imposes on other software. The end result is that you can expect that Apple Maps will be very tightly integrated with SIRI, Address Book, and other Apple apps.

On the flip-side, Apple is essentially creating a map program from the ground up. There's an awful lot of data that Google has gathered into Google Maps. Apple will have to create some and gather for themselves other similar data. Apple has a lot of work to do. Also, Google has had half a decade to figure out what works and what doesn't. Regardless of how much effort Apple puts into it, you can expect Apple Maps to have some bugs. I expect at least one spectacular one and at least a few other irritation-level issues.

So what if Apple doesn't create from the ground up? Therein lies a potential for all manner of mischeif. With Apple and Google already in the throes of patent litigation, you can almost count on their being suits and counter-suits on mapping functionality, especially if Apple "borrows" elements of Google's GUI or mimics the way Google Maps does things currently.

If you'll pardon an aside here, having watched the law-suit circus for some time now I hope that, if Google does decide to sue Apple over Apple Maps, that it is over a method, technology, or hardware or software technique and not over some "look and feel" issue. Patents are supposed to protect _how_ you do something. If you can find a way to do something that doesn't involve borrowing processes or worse, code, then it shouldn't be considered patent infringement. I know that's not how it works in the real world, but I sure wish it did. [Stepping off soap-box now]

There is another repercussion, simply because Apple is Apple. If someone else tried to reinvent map software, it's likely that they would be ignored. Apple can't be ignored. What will happen instead is that, where we had one nearly universally used standard, we'll end up with two.

This will be huge. Where before, a company could reasonably put a link to Google Maps to show their location(s) on their web-site, a good web-programmer will have to fork the link to use Google Maps and Apple Maps (likely based on whether you're using Safari as the browser). All kinds of location-based services, sites, and apps will have to re-tool how they work just to keep all the iPeople happy... but they'll do it, because they have to in order to remain competitive.

If you'll pardon another aside, the time to have done this was a long time ago, before Google became such a defacto standard. Doing this now throws a Sasquatch-sized sabot into so many things that are currently working, there's no way to calculate how much Apple is costing web-site, business, and application developers, all so Apple can bring yet another bit into their core functionality (pun intended).

There's really nothing to do for it. Apple will have it's way and, for the foreseeable future, getting map-based information on your smart-device will have another level of complexity. How long that lasts is uncertain. With Google's greater experience, it's possible that Apple Maps will be a historical speed-bump. It's also possible that it might drag on for several years at least. It all depends of how quickly Apple can ramp up functionality, whether they can find some map functionality that Google doesn't have yet and beat them to it, and even a bit on the fan-boy effect that drives some of the success of most Apple products. We'll see.

Is the Google maps APP still going to be available on the APP STORE? Will users be able to use which ever they like?