This one's pretty simple, folks. If you like stars, space, spaceships, or Star Trek and/or Star Wars, I've got the live wallpaper for you. It goes by the name of Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper, and it's about as straightforward as they come.

Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper has a settings of menu of only give choices: Stars, Speed, Background, Battery, and Reverse. Stars and Speed are fairly obvious: adjust the slider to determine how many stars are on the screen at once and how fast you're blazing by in your ship (X-Wing? Starship Enterprise?).

Background is a simple check box, and enabling it adds a static image of about six galaxies that are far, far away. It kind of detracts from the overall slickness of a solid black background, but if realism is your thing, the option is there.

Battery is quite possibly my favorite choice, as it makes your default flying speed tied to your battery level. Have a charged battery, zoom right along. Have an almost dead battery, though, and expect to drag along in deep space, just waiting for a Klingon Star Destroyer ambush. Reverse is just that: the stars all go the opposite way, as thought your boosters were pushing you in reverse.

There's also the excellent double-tap reaction of going into warp speed, and I dig it. It reminds me of the Millennium Falcon scene in Star Wars when they're on the run. Nerdy, sure, but at least it's there!

Scrolling is smooth, with no performance problems on my end. Perhaps it's the newness of the EVO 3D, but with the popularity this wallpaper has already seen, I'm almost positive it runs on everything pretty well.

At the whopping price of free, there's nothing in your way to keep you from downloading this stellar wallpaper. Well, maybe trying to get a girlfriend, but if you're reading about Android, that ship has probably sailed. May the Force be with you/live long and prosper, friends.

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Android Quick App: Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper


I had this on my Samsung Moment and it even ran great on it.

Pretty low resource utilization and not a huge impact to battery life.

I've used this live wallpaper before and really like it. What I don't like is that on the EVO 3D the stars don't move in direction with the change of screens left or right like on other non-carousal Android devices, which was pretty cool. That's not the apps fault though. ;)

OMG Klingon's don't fly Star Destroyers!

Star Trek: Klingon Bird of Prey

Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer

Joshua lost all his geek cred right there, and then some. He's negative geek cred points now.

Oh c'mon, I was DEFINITELY mixing and matching. Work with me here! EDIT: I totally see why you think they're one idea. I put a break in the strikethrough to try and convey two separate ideas. Whoops!

App looks great, gonna try it out right now... What I want to know is what calendar app is that in the video!?!